picture of Coast-to-Coast Battle in Beantown - BC XC Invite 2013

We will provide coverage on the 2013 Boston College XC Invite in Boston, Massachusetts. This meet is bringing up some competitive teams in the NCAA early on in the season.


NCAA Opening Weekend and Breaking Bad Predictions

Sep 25, 2013

Alex (Roy Griak Invitational) Men's Team - BYU Men's Individual - Tylor Thatcher Women's Team - Minnesota Women's Individual - Amber Henry Breaking Bad - Walt kills himself - Todd and Lydia die in the most gruesome way. - Brock, Badger, and Holly, end up in a bloody shootout with the Nazi gang - Someone dies before every commercial break - Walt Jr somehow puts on the Heinenberg hat at the end Ryan (Coast-to-Coast Battle in Beantown - BC XC Invite) Men's Team - Wisconsin Men's Individual - Parker Stinson Women's Team - Providence Women's Individual - Emily Sission Breaking Bad - Walt saves Jesse by mass killing the hit men with ricin - Gets money to his family through hank's wife, Marie. Mitch (Oklahoma State Brooks Cowboy Jamboree) Men's Team - OSU Men's Individual - Kennedy Kithuka (Texas Tech) Women's Team - OSU Women's Individual - Cally Macumber (Kentucky) Breaking Bad - Walt launders the money through Gray Matter - The ricin is for Lydia - Walt kills all of the neo-Nazis - Jesse kills Walt - Holly is actually Heisenberg