2022 East Coast Invitational

2022 East Coast Invitational

Feb 4-5, 2022

Friday,  February 4th 

  9:00am: Girls One Mile Run (with FAT 1600m splits)

  10:00am: Boys/Girls 300m Dash 

  11:30am: Boys One Mile Run (with FAT 1600m splits)

  1:00pm: Girls 200m Dash 

  2:00pm: Boys 200m Dash 

  3:00pm: Girls 800m Run

  3:30pm: Boys 800m Run 

  4:00pm: Boys/ Girls 500m Dash

  5:15pm: Girls 4x200m Prelims

  5:40pm: Boys 4x200m Prelims 

  6:15pm: Girls 60m Hurdle Prelims (Home stretch)

  6:45pm: Boys 60m Hurdle Prelims (Home stretch)

  7:15pm: Girls 60m Dash Prelims (Home stretch)

  7:40pm: Boys 60m Dash Prelims (Home stretch)

  8:00pm: Girls 400m Dash 

  8:30pm: Boys 400m Dash 

  9:00pm: Girls 4x400m Relay

  9:30pm: Boys 4x400m Relay


Saturday, February 5th 

8:00am - Girls Two Mile Run (with FAT 3200m Splits)

9:00am - Boys Two Mile Run (with FAT 3200m Splits)

10am-7pm - College Events 

11:20am - Boys/Girls 60mH Final 

1:45pm - Boys/Girls 60m Dash Final 

7:30pm - Girls Invitational 2K

7:50pm - Boys Invitational 2K

8:00pm - Girls 4x200m Relay Final

8:05pm - Boys 4x200m Relay Final 

Event Info
FloTrack will provide LIVE coverage of the 2022 East Coast Invitational in Virginia Beach, VA.