2017 Sun Angel Classic
Tempe, AZ
Apr 6-8, 2017
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Girl's 3200 Relay HS Prelim
Boy's 3200 Relay HS Prelim
Girl's 100 Hurdles HS Prelim
Boy's 110 Hurdles HS Prelim
Girl's 100 Dash HS Prelim
Boy's 100 Dash HS Prelim
Girl's 1600 Run HS Prelim
Boy's 1600 Run HS Prelim
Girl's 400 Relay HS Prelim
Boy's 400 Relay HS Prelim
Girl's 400 Dash HS Prelim
Boy's 400 Dash HS Prelim
Girl's 300 Hurdles HS
Boy's 300 Hurdles HS
Girl's 800 Run HS Prelim
Boy's 800 Run HS Prelim
Girl's 200 Dash HS Prelim
Boy's 200 Dash HS Prelim
Girl's 3200 Run HS
Boy's 3200 Run HS
Girl's 1600 Relay HS Prelim
Boy's 1600 Relay HS Prelim
Boy's Discus Throw HS
Girl's Shot Put HS
Boy's Long Jump HS
Girl's Long Jump HS
ScoredGirl's Pole Vault HS
Boy's High Jump HS
Girl's High Jump HS
Girl's Discus Throw HS
Boy's Shot Put HS
Boy's Triple Jump HS
Girl's Triple Jump HS
Boy's Pole Vault HS


Women's Hammer Throw PREMIERE
Women's Hammer Throw
Men's Hammer Throw PREMIERE
Men's Hammer Throw
Men's Pole Vault
Women's Pole Vault
Boy's Javelin Throw HS
Girl's Javelin Throw HS


Boy's 110 Hurdles HS Final
Girl's 100 Hurdles HS Final
Women's 100 Hurdles
Men's 400 Relay
Women's 400 Relay
Boy's 3200 Relay HS Final
Girl's 3200 Relay HS Final
Men's 400 Dash
Women's 400 Dash
Men's 100 Dash
Women's 100 Dash
Men's 400 Hurdles
Women's 400 Hurdles
Men's 200 Dash
Women's 200 Dash
Men's 800 Run
Women's 800 Run
Men's 1500 Run
Women's 1500 Run
Men's High Jump
Women's High Jump
Men's Long Jump
Women's Long Jump
Men's Triple Jump
Women's Triple Jump
Men's Discus Throw
Women's Discus Throw
Men's Javelin Throw
Women's Javelin Throw
Men's Shot Put
Women's Shot Put


Boy's 400 Relay HS Final
Girl's 400 Relay HS Final
Men's 400 Relay PREMIERE
Women's 400 Relay PREMIERE
Boy's 400 Dash Ages 11-12
Girl's 400 Dash Ages 11-12
Boy's 400 Dash HS Final
Girl's 400 Dash HS Final
Men's 400 Dash PREMIERE
Women's 400 Dash PREMIERE
Boy's 100 Das hAges 8 and up
Girl's 100 Dash Ages 8 and up
Boy's 100 Dash HS Final
Girl's 100 Dash HS Final
Men's 100 Dash PREMIERE
Women's 100 Dash PREMIERE
Boy's 800 Run HS Final
Girl's 800 Run HS Final
Men's 800 Run PREMIERE
Women's 800 Run PREMIERE
Boy's 200 Dash HS Final
Girl's 200 Dash HS Final
Men's 200 Dash PREMIERE
Women's 200 Dash PREMIERE
Boy's 1600 Run HS Final
Girl's 1600 Run HS Final
Men's 1 Mile Run PREMIERE
Women's 1500 Run PREMIERE
Boy's 1600 Relay HS Final
Girl's 1600 Relay HS Final
Men's 1600 Relay
Women's 1600 Relay
Men's Pole Vault PREMIERE
Men's Discus Throw PREMIERE
Women's Pole Vault PREMIERE
Men's Shot Put PREMIERE
Women's Discus Throw PREMIERE
Women's Shot Put PREMIERE