picture of 2020 Don Kirby Elite Invitational

Completed, Feb 13 - 14

FloTrack will provide LIVE coverage (track events only) of the 2020 Don Kirby Elite Invitational in Albuquerque, NM.

Results provided by Flash Results

DayStart TimeThursday Running EventsRndStart ListResult
Thursday2:30 PMMen 400 M UnseededFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday3:00 PMWomen 400 M UnseededFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday3:40 PMMen 3000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday3:52 PMWomen 3000 MFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday4:30 PMMen 600 MFinalStart ListResult
Thursday4:35 PMWomen 600 MFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday4:45 PMMen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday5:30 PMWomen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
DayStart TimeThursday Field EventsRndStart ListResult
Thursday1:00 PMWomen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday1:00 PMMen Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday1:00 PMWomen Pole VaultFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday1:00 PMWomen WeightFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday1:30 PMWomen High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday2:00 PMMen High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday2:00 PMMen Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Thursday4:00 PMMen WeightFinalsStart ListResult
DayStart TimeFriday Running EventsRndStart ListResult
Friday9:30 AMWomen 60 M Hurdles QualifyingPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday10:00 AMMen 60 M Hurdles QualifyingPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday10:10 AMWomen 60 M QualifyingPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday10:45 AMMen 60 M QualifyingPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday11:10 AMCity of Albuquerque 4x200 M RelayFinalStart ListResult
Friday11:15 AMMen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday11:30 AMWomen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday11:40 AMMen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday11:50 AMWomen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
Friday12:00 PMMen 1 MileFinalsStart ListResult
Friday12:15 PMWomen 1 MileFinalsStart ListResult
Friday12:40 PMMen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Friday12:50 PMWomen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
Friday1:00 PMMen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday1:15 PMWomen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday1:30 PMMen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday1:35 PMWomen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
Friday1:45 PMMen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday1:55 PMWomen 800 MFinalsStart ListResult
Friday2:10 PMMen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
Friday2:30 PMWomen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
DayStart TimeFriday Field EventsRndStart ListResult
Friday8:30 AMWomen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Friday8:30 AMMen Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
Friday9:00 AMMen Pole Vault SeededFinalsStart ListResult
Friday9:00 AMWomen Pole Vault SeededFinalsStart ListResult
Friday10:00 AMWomen Triple JumpFinalsStart ListResult
Friday10:00 AMMen Triple JumpFinalsStart ListResult