Jenny Barringer after NCAA Cross Country Championships


Jenny B talks to us about her experience at yesterday's NCAA Cross Country Championship. Jenny Barringer collapsed after the 3k mark and ended up finishing 163rd in the race. To many of us out there, it was very hard to watch the best woman ever to come through the NCAA go down and fade back into the masses. There was a buildup of many pressures and emotions that all seem to hit mid-way through the race and we witnessed the result. Jenny is doing well though and has a great outlook on the future.

This interview is lengthy at 24 minutes, but Jenny talks about the week leading up to the race, the race itself, her coach, turning professional/signing with an agent, and the support she received during the race from the women in the field. Thanks for sharing with the community Jenny, everyone appreciates how open you are in good times and bad!

(We did this online as I am in Maine and Jenny was in Indy, so sorry the quality isn't top-notch and that the phone went off in the background!)