Wallace Spearmon calls out Chris johnson


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Recently Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans said on Twitter "Boy they need to let me kno what's gonna happen with this NFL lockout cause if they do ima join the us track team." Wallace Spearmon responded to this message and the two exchanged some tweets. Here's the last exchange: "Beat bolt then holla at me RT @PrinceSpearmon: @KillaCam8 @ChrisJohnson28 Man football speed isn't really the same as track speed. He's quick but Im fast. Entirely different world my dude" Wallace has responded and is not scared to face Johnson, he even goes as far as to say if Chris Johnson could run professional track that he could play in the NFL! Oh I would love to see this! Video of Wallace Spearmon Texas Relays 4x100 | 19.65 200m | 19.79 200m Video of Walter Dix running 3.7 40yd dash Video of Chris Johnson running 4.24 40yd