DRIVEN: Lukas Verzbicas (Trailer)


Imagine you're one of America's promising young athletes. You've barely started your career but have already made a name for yourself. There's so much promise, so much hope. The sky's the limit. Then, one day, everything changes. You're once world-class body has been mangled and destroyed. Seven hours of surgery is required for your severe spinal fracture. The doctors have doubts that you'll ever walk again. You've gone from the the highest of the highs to the most unimaginable low. Would you call it quits? Could you recover physically, emotionally? Lukas Verzbicas wasn't wondering "if" he'd come back from injury, he was wondering "when." A story that exemplifies the indomitable human spirit, Verzbicas has made the journey from world's best, to the hospital bed, and back. There's still a lot of work to be done. It won't be an easy road back. But he's Lukas... he's Driven.