NCAA Opening Weekend and Breaking Bad Predictions


Alex (Roy Griak Invitational) Men's Team - BYU Men's Individual - Tylor Thatcher Women's Team - Minnesota Women's Individual - Amber Henry Breaking Bad - Walt kills himself - Todd and Lydia die in the most gruesome way. - Brock, Badger, and Holly, end up in a bloody shootout with the Nazi gang - Someone dies before every commercial break - Walt Jr somehow puts on the Heinenberg hat at the end Ryan (Coast-to-Coast Battle in Beantown - BC XC Invite) Men's Team - Wisconsin Men's Individual - Parker Stinson Women's Team - Providence Women's Individual - Emily Sission Breaking Bad - Walt saves Jesse by mass killing the hit men with ricin - Gets money to his family through hank's wife, Marie. Mitch (Oklahoma State Brooks Cowboy Jamboree) Men's Team - OSU Men's Individual - Kennedy Kithuka (Texas Tech) Women's Team - OSU Women's Individual - Cally Macumber (Kentucky) Breaking Bad - Walt launders the money through Gray Matter - The ricin is for Lydia - Walt kills all of the neo-Nazis - Jesse kills Walt - Holly is actually Heisenberg