The Program: Colorado (Episode 1)


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When Mark Wetmore arrived at the University of Colorado as a volunteer assistant in 1992, the Buffaloes had never won a national title. Since taking over the program in 1995, Wetmore has been a part of six NCAA Championships and has established himself as one of the best coaches in the world. What transformed the Buffaloes into a dynasty? It was Wetmore's unrelenting work ethic, and his attention to detail, a trait that many have labeled as "The Wetmore Factor." In truth, there is no one special workout or type of training that fosters Colorado's success, but instead it is Wetmore's refusal to be satisfied with the past, and his ability to adapt with each new crop of athletes. In Episode 1, we go back to Wetmore's start in Boulder, and begin to see how the foundation was laid to build a championship level program.