Pre Classic (Eugene Diamond League) 2024

Three Takeaways From Jakob Ingebrigtsen's Epic Workout

Three Takeaways From Jakob Ingebrigtsen's Epic Workout

This Workout Wednesday was like no other, featuring Norwegian superstar Jakob Ingebrigtsen, the reigning Olympic 1,500m champion.

May 22, 2024 by Cory Mull

It's not often you are given a chance to film one of the world's best distance runners.

But that's exactly what FloTrack was able to accomplish recently in Arizona, as we filmed Norwegian superstar Jakob Ingebrigtsen during a workout ahead of the Prefontaine Classic. 

Ingebrigtsen is fast-becoming a legendary figure in the sport of track and field. 

The 23-year-old won an Olympic 1,500m title in 2021 and followed in 2022 and 2023 with World Championship wins at 5,000 meters. A celebrity in his home country and a superstar in the sport -- who also owns a 2-mile world record -- Ingebrigtsen's ambitions are high as he looks toward the Paris Olympics this summer. 

He's competing in the Bowerman Mile on Saturday at the Prefontaine Classic -- a race that will feature some epic matchups.

Here are three takeaways from his workout. 

Ingebrigtsen Traveled To Flagstaff Ahead Of The Prefontaine Classic To Get A Training Block At Altitude And Acclimate To The U.S. 

Flagstaff has become a fertile ground for distance runners across the globe. 

Sitting at 7,000 feet above sea level, the city is an ideal haven for professional training groups that are looking to build fitness ahead of crucial competition points in the season. 

Training in thinner air requires the body to produce more red blood cells, which then impacts an athlete's performance once they come back down to sea level. Ingebrigtsen has spent roughly a month in Arizona training ahead of the Prefontaine classic. 

"The reason why I'm in Flagstaff right now is to reduce the stress going into the first competition, because this is the same time zone," he said. "So trying to avoid jet lag and adjusting to all different things in the first race. So I'm racing in Eugene Prefontaine Mile, so it's good place to stay in Flagstaff, to settle in and do the work that's needed."

The Workout Was Precise, 400-Meter Threshold-Plus With 200-Meter Reps At Race Pace

With just under 10,000 meters of work on the track -- 12x400 & 10x200 with 200m jog recovery -- Ingebrigtsen was right in a sweet spot within his training. 

"In this period it's very important for me not to overdo anything," he said. "To not get greedy with the mileage and try to not overdo it with the race specific work. So, kind of holding myself back a little bit. Trying to listen to the body." 

The Debate Is Over. No Socks With Spikes Is The Only Way To Go 

Ingebrigtsen made it very clear that there is only one move when it comes to race day. 

You wear spikes without socks. 

It's not a matter of comfort, he said. Ingebrigtsen's position on no socks is about efficiency: It's about setting yourself up for the most optimal result on the track.

"The debate is probably if you're a professional or unprofessional," he said. "Maybe that's a definition for every individual. It's where you kind of find yourself. I would say I'm professional, so I do no socks." 

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