ENTRIES: 2012 Harry Jerome International Track Classic, NTL #1

2012 National Track League: Harry Jerome International Track Classic Meet Entries

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LIVE Stream starting at 2pm PT on Sunday, June 10th

CONFIRMED ATHLETES (as of June 6th):

Name, Year of Birth, Country, PB/SB  (Personal Best/Seasonal Best)


Thrifty Foods Women’s 100m

Chauntae Bayne’84 USA 11.15/11.48

Crystal Emmanuel’91 CAN 11.39/11.39

Kerri-Ann Mitchell’83 CAN 11.41/11.41

Maggie Hanlon’87 CAN 11.92/11.92


Vancouver Sun 100m hurdles NTL

Ginnie Crawford’83 USA 12.45/12.66

Perdita Felicien’80 CAN 12.46/12.95

Angela Whyte’80 CAN 12.63/12.95

Nikkita Holder’87 CAN 12.84/12.84

Jessica Zelinka’81 CAN 12.97/ 12.93w

Falesha Ankton’87 USA 13.18/13.25

Christie Gordon’86 CAN 13.20/13.84

Ashley Maddex’92 CAN 13.29/13.29


Farabloc Women’s 400m NTL

Keshia Baker’88 USA 50.76 51:37

Leslie Cole’87 USA 51.20/51.46

Carol Rodriguez PUR 51.39/52.44

Carline Muir’87 CAN 51.55/ 52.75

Esme Omene CAN 53.79/53.79




Running Room Women’s 800 NTL and Sport Canada National 800m

Diane Cummins’74 CAN 1:58.39/2:02.82

Alice Schmidt’81 USA 1:58.61/2:00.79

Melissa Bishop’88 CAN 1:59.82/1:59.82

Heather Kampf’87 USA 2:00.41/2:02.24

Jessica Smith’89 CAN 2:00.61/2:00.61

Lemlem Ogbasilassie’87 CAN 2:00.85/2:01.53

Laura Januszewski’86 USA 2:01.5/2:02.49

Lindsey Schnell’79 USA 2:02.50/2:03.73

Katie Palmer’87 CAN 2:02.77/2:02.77

Hillary Stellingwerf’81 CAN 2:02.20/2:02.94

April Panteau USA 400 54.25 pace


Annie Leblanc’92 CAN 2:03.55/2:04.55

Leanna MacLean’82 CAN 2:04.19/2:04.59

Celia Peters’87 CAN 2:05.26/2:06.49

Rachel Francois’92 CAN 2:05.36/2:05.36

Brianna Kane CAN 2:07.64/2:08.98

Kendra Pomfret  CAN 2:08.02

Ashley Ryer’88 CAN 2:09.19/?

Devan Wiebe ’93 CAN 2:10.46/2:10.46

Sarah Sawatzky CAN 2:10.61/2:10.61

Allison Williams CAN 2:12.00




TIMEX Women’s 1500 NTL and Fraser AcademyWomen’s National 1500m

Malindi Elmore’80 CAN 4:02.64/4:07.90

Nicole Sifuentes’86 CAN 4:06.34/4:09.80

Gabriele Anderson’86 USA 4:06.46/4:06.46

Amy Mortimer Garman USA 4:06.55/4:14.71

Brenda Martinez’87 USA 4:06.96/4:06.96

Sara Vaughn’86 USA 4:08.74/4:08.34

Lauren Hagans’86 USA 4:09.86/4:23.35

Bev Ramos’87 PUR 4:09.92/4:16.61

Megan Wright’82 CAN 4:10.28/4:20.90

Julia Kawamoto’83 CAN 4:10.61/4:15.47

Lea Wallace’88 USA 4:10.77/4:16.56

Kate Van Buskirk’87 CAN 4:12.28/4:14.13

Karly Hamric’87 USA 4:13.04/?

Dana Buchanan’84 CAN 4:15.22/4:21.73

Dawn Charlier-Grunnagle USA 4:16.30/4:16.3

Lisa Aguilera’79 USA 4:16.77/4:22.56

Rachel  Cliff’88 CAN 4:18.45/4:19.11


Tamara Jewitt’90 CAN 4:22.91/4:25.97

Natasha Wodak’81 CAN 4:26.01/4:26.01

Veronica Stinnett USA 4:26.40

Fiona Benson’92 CAN 4:27.04/4:27.04

Sasha Gollish CAN 4:28.00

Jennifer Souter CAN 4:28.13

Jodi Souter CAN 4:28.28

Jenna Van Vliet CAN 4:29.19

Samantha Walkow’91 CAN 4:29.12

Maria Bernard’93 CAN  4:29.30/4:29.30

Lindsay Butterworth’92 CAN 4:29.60/4:29.60

Brittany Therrien CAN 4:30.04/4:32.33

Maddy MacDonald CAN 4:31.61/4:31.61

Colleen Hennessey’94 CAN 4:31.96/4:32.87

Ashley Windsor CAN 4:32.49/4:32.49

Heather Slinn CAN 4:36.00/4:36.00

Kala Stone’95 CAN 4:37.12/4:41.31

Katelyn Hayward’94 CAN 6:44.34 2k sc





Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel Women’s Javelin

Liz Gleadle’88 CAN 59.85/59.85

Krista Woodward CAN 58.63/?

Amy Backel’87 USA 55.60/54.06

Tiffany Perkins’91CAN 52.80/52.80

Ruky Abdulai’82 CAN 49.82/?

Jessica Zelinka’81 CAN 44.24/?


Vancouver Sun Women’s High Jump

Jill Drouin’86 CAN 1.89/1.79

Rachel Machin’92 CAN 1.82/1.82

Jenny Brogdon’81 USA 1.78/1.77

Kim Neville-Rutherford CAN 1.67


P12 Technology Women’s Long Jump NTL

Ruky Abduali’82 CAN 6.74/?

Patricia Sylvester’83 6.71/6.60

Alice Falaiye’78 CAN 6.70/6.35

Krysha Bayley’84 CAN 6.62/6.25

Jen Cotten’87  CAN 6.31/6.31

Sabrina Nettey’90 CAN6.26/6.26

Jessica Zelinka’81 CAN 6.19/5.85


Fairmont Pacific Rim Women’s Pole Vault

Carly Dockendorf’83 CAN4.45/4.30

Melanie Blouin’90 CAN 4.40/4.40.

Gabriella Duclos-Lasnier’88 CAN 4.36/4.00

Brysun Stately’86 USA 4.35/4.20

Heather Hamilton’88 CAN 4.30/4.27

Dayna Maaten’85 CAN 4.10/4.02

Stacey Irvine CAN’89 4.00/3.80


TELUS Women’s Hammer NTL

Sultana Frizell’84 CAN 75.04/75.04

Heather Steacy CAN 72.16/72.16

Loree Smith’82 USA 70.64/68.86

Brittany Hinchcliffe’82 USA 67.27/63.83

Megann Rodhe’85 CAN 67.03/64.36

Liz Dubourt CAN 61.66/61.66

Annie Larose’89 CAN 60.95/58.85

Samantha Kennedy CAN 55.18


Sport Canada Men’s 100m NTL

Anson Henry’79 CAN 10.15/10.52

Jerome Avery’78 USA 10.17/10.28

Hank Palmer ’85 CAN 10.22/10.47

Jarid Vaughan CAN 10.38/10.52

Rohan Stewart’  CAN 10.59/10.59



Hosting BC Men’s 400m

Manteo Mitchell’87 USA 45.25/45.25

Lalonde Gordon’88 TRI 45.33/45.33

Quentin Summers’87 USA 45.46/46.56

Ashton Eaton’88 USA 45.68/45.68

Tremaine Harris’92 CAN 46.22/46.81

Andrew Dargie’87 CAN 46.43/

Philp Osei’90 CAN 46.68/46.68




Running Room Men’s 800m NTL and Team 1040 National Mens’s 800m

Khadevis Robinson’76 USA 1:43.68/1:44.54

Andrew Wheating’87 USA 1:44.56/1:46.83

Andrew Ellerton’83 CAN 1:45.04/1:46.66

Duane Solomon’84 USA1:45.23/1:45.83

Richard Jones’89 USA 1:45.56/1:47.43

Mark Wieczorak  ’84 USA 1:46.00/1:46.78

Prince Mumba’84 ZAM 1:46.14/1:46.61

Brandon Johnson’85 USA 1:46.59/1:46.59

Geoff Harris’87 CAN 1:46.80.1:46.80

Kyle Smith’85 CAN 1:46.85/1:47.18

Mat Scherer’83 1:46.11 pace


Jaden Ostapowich ’89 Can 1:47.55/1:49.25

Justin Blades’91CAN 1:48.72/ 1:53.33

Thomas Riva CAN 1:49.04/1:49.04

Keffri Neal’93 CAN 1:49.43/1:49.97i

Tyler Smith’94 CAN 1:49.67/?

Sean Keane’93 CAN 1:50.78

Adam Paul-Morris’92 CAN 1:50.84/1:50.84

Mat Winkler CAN 1:50.93/1:51.84

Mathew Swanson’94 CAN 1:52.30/1:52.30

John Pratt CAN 1:50.12/?

Adam Gaudes’92 CAN 1:50.04/1:50.04





TIMEX Men’s 1500m NTL and Peterson Foundation Men’s National 1500m

Matthew Centrowitz’89 USA 3:34.46/3:38.92i

Taylor Milne’81 CAN 3:36.00/3:37.17

Garrett Heath’85 USA 3:36.24/3:36.24

Kyle Miller’85 USA 3:36.82/3:41.10

Jordan McNamara’87 USA 3:36.84/3:36.84

Craig Miller’87USA 3.37.13/3.37.13

Jack Bolas’87 USA 3.37.33/3.37.33

Geoff Martinson’86 CAN 3:37.56/3:39.27

Matt Lincoln’82 CAN 3:38.44/3:42.51

Kyle Boorsma’88 CAN 3:39.20/3:42.66

Silas Kisorio’83 KEN 3:39.32/3:39.54i

Peter Corrigan’89 CAN 3:41.13/3:41.13

Justin Marpole Bird’88 CAN 3:41.22/3:41.22

Ross Proudfoot’92 CAN 3:41.56/3:41.56

Chris Gowell’85 GB 3:41.85/3:42.48


Matt Walters’89 CAN 3:43.15/3:43.15

Todd Wakefield’91 AUS 3:44.84/ 3:48.21

Michael Banks’86 USA 3:43.92/3:43.92

Scott Nicol’88 CAN 3:44.83/3:47.81

Saheed Khan’84 CAN 3:45.04/3:48.12

Nigel Hole CAN 3:45.97/3:45.97

Dan Gorman’88 CAN 3:46.36/3:46.36

Cliff Childs’89 CAN 3:46.50/?

Stephane Colle’88 CAN 3:47.06/ 3:47.86

Jesus Arturo Esparza’90 MEX 3:48.75

Luc Bruchet’91CAN 3:49.96/?

Karl Robertson CAN 3:49.24/3:49.24

Jordan Smith CAN 3:50.00/3:50.00

Ryan Brockerville CAN 3:50.45/3:50.45

Justin Kent CAN 3:53.00/3:53.00





Schein Foundation Men’s High Jump NTL

Mike Mason’86  CAN 2.31/2.31

Jim Dilling’85 USA 2.30/2.20

Keith Moffatt’84 USA

Ed Wright’86 USA 2.25/2.25

Henderson Dottin’80 BAR 2:25.00/2:20

Justin Frick’88 USA 2.21/2.21

Ashton Eaton’88 USA 2:11/2.03


BC Athletics Men’s Long Jump

Norris Frederick’86 USA 8.10/8.05

Collister Fahie’89 BVI 7.91/7.47

Taylor Stewart’91 CAN 7.76/7.76

Mark Scherle’84 CAN 7.52/7.07

Robbie Gallaugher CAN 7.47/7.41

Stephan McPhee CAN 7.45

James Turner’93 CAN 6.91


Nike Men’s Shot Put NTL

Dylan Armstrong’81 CAN 22.21/20.63i

Justin Rhode’84 CAN 21.11/21.11

Ming-Huang Chang’82 TPE 20.58/19.53

Tim Nedow’90 Can 20.51i/20.51i

Jun Zhang’83 CHN 20.41/20.16

Amin Nikfar’81 IRA 20.05/19.51

Tim Hendry-Gallagher CAN 18.92/18.08


McMillan LLP Men’s Javelin  NTL

Scott Russell’79 CAN 84.81/80.60

Curtis Moss’87 CAN 79.27/79.27

Kyle Nielsen’89 CAN 77.24/77.17

James Turner’93 CAN 58.57/58.57

David Skermer CAN 51.10/?


Athletics Canada Men’s 200m Visually Impaired

David Brown T11 USA 24.30 guide Jerome Avery

Josiah Jamison T12 USA 23.69 guide Wes Williams

Elexis Gillette T11 USA 23.74 guide Rolland Slade

Markeith Price T13 USA 23.38

John Dunkerly T11 CAN guide Sean Young

Brandon King T12 CAN 24.55 guide Andrew Heffernan

Courtney Johnson T12 CAN 26.12 guide Brian Cummings

Dustin Walsh T11 CAN 25.22 guide Steve Walters

Braedon Dolfo T13 CAN


Sport Canada Para-Athletics 4x100m Men’s Relay

USA vs Canada

Lane 1 –

Lane 2 –     Coastal Track and Field

Lane 3, 4 -  Canada

Lane 5, 6 – USA

Lane 7 –     Vancouver Thunderbirds A

Lane 8 –     Vancouver Thunderbirds B


Chinatown Lions Elementary Relays 4x100m


To be determined

Talented ADP Squad Likes World XC Medal Chances On Tough Aarhus Course


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