SCHEDULE: 2012 Harry Jerome International Track Classic, NTL #1

2012 National Track League: Harry Jerome International Track Classic Meet Schedule
June 10, 2012 | Swangard Stadium, Burnaby, British Columbia

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LIVE Stream starting at 2pm PT on Sunday, June 10th

Meet Schedule:

12:15      1         4 x 100m Relay            Heat 1  Girls Gr-4/5       JO Elem

12:18      2         4 x 100m Relay            Heat 2  Girls Gr-4/5       JO Elem

12:21      3         4 x 100m Relay            Heat 1  Boys Gr-4/5      JO Elem

12:24      4         4 x 100m Relay            Heat 2  Boys Gr-4/5      JO Elem

12:27      5         4 x 100m Relay            Heat 1  Girls Gr-6/7       JO Elem

12:30      6         4 x 100m Relay            Heat 2  Girls Gr-6/7       JO Elem

12:33        7        4 x 100m Relay            Heat 1  Boys Gr-6/7      JO Elem

12:36        8        4 x 100m Relay            Heat 2  Boys Gr-6/7      JO Elem

12.45        9        Javelin                         Women            INV

12:47      10        200m                           Men                 NTL PARA Section 1

12:51      11        200m                           Men                 NTL PARA Section 2

1:00        12        Shot Showcase                                   NTL

1:40                    Jerome Outreach Team Awards Medal Presentations

1:45        13        Long Jump                   Men                 INV


2:00                                Opening Ceremonies (LIVE Stream begins on Flotrack)


2:10       14         Hammer                      Women            NTL

2:12       15         1500m                         Women                        Nat

2:15       16         High Jump                   Men                NTL

2:20       17         1500m                         Men                 Nat

2:28       18         800m                           Women                        Nat

2:36       19         800m                           Men                 Nat

2:38       20         Pole Vault                    Women                        INV

2:44       21         Mile Walk                      Men / Women   INV

2:52       22         100m                           Women                        INV

2:58       23         100m                           Men                 NTL

3:06       24         400m                           Women            NTL

3:14       25         400m                           Men                 INV

3:15       26         Long Jump                  Women            NTL

3:17       27         High Jump                    Women                        INV

3:18                    Jerome Outreach School Awards Trophy Presentations

3:26       28         800m                           Women            NTL

3:30       29         Javelin                                    Men                 NTL

3:34       30         800m                           Men                 NTL

3:42       31         4 x 100m Relay                       Men                 NTL PARA

3:50       32         1500m                         Women            NTL

3:58       33         1500m                         Men                 NTL

4:06       34         100m Hurdles             Women            NTL


NTL = National Track League Prize Event

INV = Invitational Event

Nat = Olympic Development Event

PARA = Para Olympic Event

JO ELEM = Chinatown Lions Jerome Outreach Elementary School Relays


Schedule last revised:  June 6, 2012

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