RESULTS: 2012 American Miler's Club Series, Meet #2

American Miler's Club Series, Meet #2 Results
June 9, 2012 | IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN

Past Results: 6/6 | 6/9 | 6/13 | 6/16

Meet Results:

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                                       HY-TEK's Meet Manager 6/10/2012 12:30 AM
                   American Milers Series Meet 2 - 6/9/2012                    
                            IUPUI, Indianapolis, IN                            
Women 400 Meter Run
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals 
Section  1  
  1 Roller, Brie                 Unattached               56.53  
  2 Gentile, Christine           Unattached             1:00.63  
Women 800 Meter Run
        1:59.90  OL A Olympic A
        2:01.30  OL B Olympic B
        2:01.30  US A US A Standard
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals                 
  1 Wright, Phoebe               Unattached             2:00.64 OL B             
  2 Leinert, Shannon             Big River Runnin       2:01.65 US B             
  3 Harper, Lyndsay              Unattached             2:03.16 US B             
  4 DeLeon, Melissa              Trinadad Tobago        2:04.07 US B             
  5 Hardy, Melanie               Unattached             2:04.94 US B             
  6 Quiett, Mary Cate            Sra Elite              2:05.54 US B             
  7 Bowman, Sarah                Unattached             2:05.72 US B             
  8 Dahl, Heidi                  Unattached             2:07.53                  
  9 Moore, Devotia               Greater Boston T       2:08.84                  
 -- Clark-Riley, Hazel           Nike Tennessee A           DNF                  
 -- McDonald, Kimarra            Unattached                 DNF                  
Section  2  
  1 Tinney, Steph                Unattached             2:06.87                  
  2 Farley, Abby                 Unattached             2:13.20                  
  3 Kurpe, Heather               U Windsor-Canada       2:13.97                  
  4 Gentile, Christine           Unattached             2:16.92                  
Women 1500 Meter Run
        4:06.00  OL A Olympic A
        4:08.90  OL B Olympic B
        4:12.93  US A US A Standard
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals                 
Section  1  
  1 Addison, Rebecca             Panama                 4:16.38 US B             
  2 Garcia, Stephanie            Unattached             4:17.01                  
  3 Legg, Kirsty                 Great Britain          4:17.78                  
  4 Cheever, Jamie               Unattached             4:19.39                  
  5 Bell, Rolanda                Unattached             4:19.73                  
  6 Yetzer, Elizabeth            Team Usa Minneso       4:20.53                  
  7 Miller, Kelley               Unattached             4:23.68                  
  8 Schofer, Marie               Runablaze              4:24.47                  
  9 Gallo, Lindsey               Unattached             4:28.30                  
 10 Glenn, Caileigh              Canada                 4:31.08                  
 11 Picchetti, Natalie           Unattached             4:39.75                  
 -- Praught, Aisha               Total Sports US            DNF                  
Men 800 Meter Run
        1:45.60  OL A Olympic A
        1:46.30  OL B Olympic B
        1:46.50  US A US A Standard
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals                 
  1 Emmen, Tetlo                 Unattached             1:46.95 US B             
  2 See, Jeff                    US Saucony             1:47.40 US B             
  3 Webb, Shariff                Unattached             1:47.92 US B             
  4 Solares, Pablo               Mexico                 1:48.62                  
  5 Burkstrand, Travis           Unattached             1:48.64                  
  6 Walter, Seymour              US Virgin Island       1:49.15                  
  7 Carrillo, Juan               Indiana Invaders       1:49.42                  
 -- Sterling, Drake              Indiana Invaders           DNF                  
Section  2  
  1 Manring, Lucas               Unattached             1:48.48                  
  2 Gauson, Kris                 Salof/Great Brit       1:48.64                  
  3 Letch, Scott                 Western U - Cana       1:48.74                  
  4 Hernandez, Jacob             Unattached             1:49.14                  
  5 O'Brien, James               Indiana Invaders       1:49.26                  
  6 Pawlaczyk, Luke              Team Michigan El       1:49.29                  
  7 Brown, Willie                Unattached             1:50.72                  
Section  3  
  1 Sabo, Josh                   Unattached             1:51.28                  
  2 Eldridge, Dustin             U Windsor-Canada       1:52.35                  
  3 LaMarra, Paul                U Windsor-Canada       1:52.86                  
  4 Faulk, Nick                  U Windsor-Canada       1:53.25                  
  5 Schiffbauer, Matt            Unattached             1:53.28                  
  6 March, Scott                 Unattached             1:55.24                  
  7 Bell, Richardo               Indiana Invaders       1:55.48                  
Men 1500 Meter Run
        3:35.50  OL A Olympic A
        3:38.00  OL B Olympic B
        3:39.00  US A US A Standard
    Name                    Year Team                    Finals                 
Section  1  
  1 Bethke, Brandon              Unattached             3:39.73 US B             
  2 Cowart, Donnie               Unattached             3:41.96 US B             
  3 Fallon, Chris                Unattached             3:43.68                  
  4 Simmons, Brock               Unattached             3:44.25                  
  5 Brown, Alastair              Lakehead Running       3:44.49                  
  6 Stockberger, Dan             Unattached             3:44.85                  
  7 Janikowski, Paul             Uwac/Canada            3:44.86                  
  8 Landry, Christo              Unattached             3:46.50                  
  9 Robbins, Thomas              New Balance Bost       3:46.95                  
 10 Minen, John                  Unattached             3:47.83                  
 11 Nadzam, Josh                 Unattached             3:48.60                  
 12 Slade, Russell               Great Britain          3:48.75                  
 13 Crowe, Jake                  Playmakers             3:48.83                  
 14 Schirmer, Jeff               Unattached             3:52.07                  
Section  2  
  1 Alcorn, Kyle                 Usa Nike               3:40.28 US B             
  2 Elliott, Matt                Team Elite India       3:40.61 US B             
  3 Philibert-Thiboutot, Cha     Laval Canada           3:41.75 US B             
  4 Jefferson, John              Team Elite India       3:44.12                  
  5 Ripley, Ryan                 Unattached             3:44.16                  
  6 Brown, Darren                Unattached             3:45.98                  
  7 Allen, Cale                  Unattached             3:46.69                  
  8 Lanzel, Aaron                US Navy                3:47.08                  
  9 Williams, Lex                Unattached             3:48.76                  
 10 Boyle, Ian                   Team Michigan El       3:51.75                  
 11 Rombough, Chris              Team Usa Minneso       3:51.93                  
 12 Kern, Nick                   Unattached             3:54.62                  
 13 Bigelow, Jason               Team Michigan El       3:56.64                  
 -- Taylor, Justin               Great Britain              DNF                  
 -- Myers, Rob                   Unattached                 DNF    

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