NCAA DI Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2013

RECAP: Day 1, NCAA Outdoor National Championships 2013

RECAP: Day 1, NCAA Outdoor National Championships 2013

Jun 5, 2013 by Christopher Chavez
RECAP: Day 1, NCAA Outdoor National Championships 2013

2013 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field National Championship 

Schedule of events for Wednesday evening

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What to watch for?
Men's 800m semifinal: Elijah Greer will run in the third section of the men's 800-meter semifinal. Expect him to be the favorite heading into the finals, while Casimir Loxsom continues his search for his first NCAA title in the second section. 

Men's 400-meter semifinal: With four returning finalists back on the National Championship stage, keep an eye on last year's second place finisher Mike Berry of Oregon in the first heat of runners. No. 2 seeded Deon Lendore of Texas A&M is in the second section looking to hold off the Big East threats in Brycen Spratling of Pitt and Patrick Feeney of Notre Dame. 

Women's 10,000-meter run: 2012 Cross-Country National Champion Betsy Saina is heavily favored in the field without Oregon's Jordan Hasay in contention.

4x100m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American World Championship Team 41.47 8/9/1997
College Best Texas A&M - Texas A&M 42.36 6/12/2009
NCAA Meet Texas A&M - Texas A&M 42.36 6/12/2009

Heat 1 of 3
Texas A&M makes it look easy in their dope gray relay kit as they take the win in 42.84. Clemson grab the second automatic qualifier in 43.70

Heat 2 of 3
There's that Oregon crowd. The Ducks make sure the stick gets all the way around the track and win the second heat in 43.73. Kansas holds off Texas the take the second Q.

Heat 3 of 3
UCF gets a little semifinal victory over LSU, 43.15 to 43.44. UCF came on strong in the last 120m, but it's about the final. Coastal Carolina unfortunately had an issue going into the last exchange and dropped the baton. It's sad to see them go.

Full Results

4x100m (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American World Championship Team - Olympic Team 8/8/1992 37.40 8/21/1993
College Best Texas Christian 38.04 6/2/1998
NCAA Meet Texas Christian 38.04 6/2/1998

Heat 1 of 3
Auburn (36.76) just holds off Alabama (38.78), but the most interesting development was Tennessee. On the first handoff, the Volunteers couldn't make the exchange and their leadoff leg pulled a reverse backslide that's sure to leave a burn.

Heat 2 of 3
Florida, in their full orange speedsuits, calmly get the stick around the track and take the win in 38.77. TCU makes a push to take second (39.15) while Arizona State made a late charge to take third.

Heat 3 of 3
Ah yes, an exciting 4x100m. LSU (38.94) takes the semi-comfortable win, but behind them was all the madness. In the final 100m, Arkansas faded to finish third (39.25) as FSU made a strong push to grab the last guaranteed spot into finals (39.14 for the Seminoles).

800m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Jearl Miles-Clark - Reebok 1:56.40 8/11/1999
College Best Suzy Favor - Wisconsin 1:59.11 6/1/1990
NCAA Meet Suzy Favor - Wisconsin 1:59.11 6/1/1990

Semifinal 1 of 3
400m: 60.80 (Goule, LSU)
600m: 1:32.2 (Goule, LSU)

That's why she's the NCAA Indoor 800m champion. LSU's Natoya Goule wins an almost-wire-to-wire semifinal in 
2:03.77. UC Davis' Lauren Wallace (2:04.05) ran smart and for once, didn't have to swing wide to qualify. She had a strong last 100m as did Jacksonville's Brienna Freeman (2:04.71), who now has the time to beat.

Semifinal 2 of 3
400m: 61.66 (Taylor, Hampton)
600m: 1:32.8 (Taylor, Hampton)

That's an Oregon clinic. UO's Laura Roesler (2:03.63) sat in second behind Hampton's Benita Taylor until 700m, where she acccelerated for roughly 50m before shutting it down.

Big props to the Stanford women,  Justin Fedronic and 
Amy Weissenbach. The senior and freshman (respectively) were in a group of five with 200m to go, but managed to get clear to get one guaranteed and one possible spot in the final.

Semifinal 3 of 3
400m: 61.82 (Lipsey, LSU)
600m: 1:33.2 (Lipsey, LSU)

Can she get that elusive title? LSU's Charlene Lipsey leads the majority of the last heat to take the win in 2:03.22. It looks like it's going to be a repeat of the NCAA Indoor Championships with her teammate Goule and UO's Roesler as her big challengers.

Duke's Cydney Ross (2:03.62) ran well to take second and even though Illinois Sam Murphy (2:04.20) made a strong push at 500m, she had to settle for third.

800m (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Johnny Gray - Santa Monica TC 1:42.60 8/28/1985
College Best Jim Ryun - Kansas 1:44.3h 6/10/1966
NCAA Meet Mark Everett - Florida 1:44.70 6/1/1990

Semifinal 1 of 3

400m: 52.84 (Murray, Loyola)
600m: 1:19 (Momoh, Arkansas)

It was a little 
menage a troi with Arkansas' Leoman Momoh prevailing in 1:47.44. Loyola's Declan Murray (2nd in 1:47.48) did his share of leading before Momoh made a move on the backstretch to take the win. Minnesota's Harun Abda (1:47.78) lurked in second for the majority of the race and while he had the second spot locked up with 700m to go, Murray found another gear to push him into that dreaded third spot.

We'll have to wait.

Semifinal 2 of 3
400m: 55.12 (Squella, Arkansas)

After a slow early pace set by Arkansas' Thomas Squella, the speedsters emerged to move on to the next round. PSU's Cas Loxsom (1:48.71) made his definitive move on the backstretch, but had to hold off Mid. Tenn St.'s Eliud Ruto (1:48.91).

NCAA Indoor finalist, Florida's Sean Obinwa, is on the outside looking in after taking third (1:49.23).

Semifinal 3 of 3
200m: 27.0 (Kidder, PSU)
400m: 56.76 (Kidder, PSU)
600m: 1:22.29 (Kidder, PSU)

He's a man on a mission. Oregon's Elijah Greer (1:48.76) hangs back off the early pedestrian pace and executes a perfect long kick to take the lead with 20m to go. We think he's your favorite and this is just yet another reason why he may walk away with another national title.

Kidder gets the consolation prize of second place (1:49.01) for doing what no else wanted to do (read: lead).

400m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Sanya Richards - US World Cup Team 48.70 9/17/2006
College Best Monique Henderson - UCLA 50.10 6/11/2005
NCAA Meet Monique Henderson - UCLA 50.10 6/11/2005

Semifinal 1 of 3
Georgia's Shaunae Miller looks around at 320m and safely wins heat one in 51.57. I feel like we forgot about her this season, even though she won NCAA Indoors.#quiet

Maryand-Eastern's Lenora Guion-Firmin (52.03) holds off Kansas' Diamond Dixon (52.38) to grab the last auto spot. If Dixon doesn't advance, that would be a huge blow to the Jayhawks attempt to win a national title.

Place Athlete Affiliation Time   Wind Heat (Pl) Result (split)
1 Shaunae Miller UGA 51.57     1 (1) Heat data
2 Lenora Guion-Firmin UMES 52.03     1 (2) Heat data
3 Diamond Dixon KU 52.38     1 (3) Heat data
4 Ebony Eutsey UFL 52.52     1 (4) Heat data
5 Margaret Bamgbose ND 53.38     1 (5) Heat data
6 Molly Ellis SJON 53.46     1 (6) Heat data
7 Jennifer Carey UCSB 53.65     1 (7) Heat data
8 Natalie Stewart BYU 53.84     1 (8) Heat data

Semifinal 2 of 3

Illinois' Ashley Spencer (51.61) runs a solid race to advance with ease. With all the talk of a national title, the defending national title hasn't been in the conversation very much. Last year at nationals, she surprised many to take the win. Will she do it again?

Oregon's Phyllis Francis (51.83) uses a little of that Hayward Field magic to hold off a charging
Courtney Okolo (Texas). We'll have to wait and see if the frosh with the deadly kick makes it into the final.

Semifinal 3 of 3

I know we talk about her quite a lot, but Arkansas' Regina George (51.57) makes the last 100m look so darn easy. We still think she's the big favorite heading into that final. It has to be that 800m strength, right?

The story in this last heat was the battle for second. After a four-way blanket finish, it's Miss State Jody-Ann Muir (52.12) who takes the second auto spot.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Regina George ARK 51.57
2 Jody-Ann Muir MSST 52.12
3 Erika Rucker SCAR 52.25
4 Briana Nelson TEX 52.31
5 Chizoba Okodogbe UO 52.57
6 Shawna Fermin WAST 52.76
7 Michelle Brown ND 53.03
8 Felicia Brown TENN 53.05

400m (Men)

Semifinal 1 of 3

Wat. George Mason's David Verburg runs a commanding 45.19, but the sound of silence isn't from his big from his seasonal best.

Pre-race favorite Oregon's Mike Berry slips from second to fourth in the final 100m. He's on the outside looking in with a slim shot at making the final (the next two fastest times make the final). This is a HUGE blow to Berry and the Ducks. We had high hopes for Berry after he ran in the slow heat at NCAA Indoors... he may not even make the final on his home track outdoors.

Place Athlete Affiliation Time   Wind Heat (Pl) Result (split)
1 David Verburg GMU 45.19     1 (1) Heat data
2 James Harris FSU 45.23     1 (2) Heat data
3 Cass Brown-Stewart SFA 45.62     1 (3) Heat data
4 Mike Berry UO 45.70     1 (4) Heat data
5 Blake Heriot BAY 45.97     1 (5) Heat data
6 Steven Solomon STAN 46.41     1 (6) Heat data
7 Najee Glass UFL 46.68     1 (7) Heat data
8 Darrell Bush LSU 47.15     1 (8) Heat data

Semifinal 2 of 3
When you have A&M's Deon Lendore (45.36) and Florida's Hugh Graham Jr. (45.96), there's not a lot of room for those auto spots. Lendore takes the second section by the jugular while Graham Jr. lays off the early pace and came on strong in the last 200m.

Kansas' Kyle Clemons third place finish (46.01) is good news for Berry, who can't have anyone else run faster than his time if he wants to make another 400m appearance at Hayward Field.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Deon Lendore TAMU 45.36
2 Hugh Graham Jr UFL 45.56
3 Kyle Clemons KU 46.01
4 Brycen Spratling PITT 46.59
5 Clayton Parros UNC 46.69
6 Zack Bilderback TEX 47.24
7 Patrick Feeney ND 47.48
FS Daundre Barnaby MSST -

Semifinal 3 of 3
Cool as a cucumber, USC's Bryshon Nellum holds off Florida's Arman Hall to win the last section. He's on a mission for that NCAA 400m title.

We'll have to wait until we can confirm whether or not Arkansas' Akheem Gautlett knocked out Berry (the two had the same time of 45.70).

It's confirmed: Gauntlett in, Berry out. This'll be HUGE for Arkansas in the race for the team title!

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Bryshon Nellum USC 45.42
2 Arman Hall UFL 45.50
3 Akheem Gauntlett ARK 45.70
4 Quincy Downing LSU 45.87
5 Emmanuel Tugumisirize MTSU 45.90
6 Juan Green ILL 46.18
7 Ricky Babineaux TAMU 46.91
8 Stephon Pamilton ILL 47.72

100m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Florence Griffith Joyner - World Class AC 10.49 7/16/1988
College Best Dawn Sowell - LSU 10.78 6/3/1989
NCAA Meet Dawn Sowell - LSU 10.78 6/3/1989

Semifinal 1 of 3

UCF's Scott advances with ease, but the story that made the hair on my arm stand up is OU's Jenna Pradini. With the help of the Oregon crowd, the freshman came on late to grab that last automatic spot to the final.

Team title run? The Ducks will need someone to come up big.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Aurieyall Scott UCF 11.00
2 Jenna Prandini UO 11.14
3 Jennifer Madu TAMU 11.18
4 Cierra White TXT 11.19
5 Dezerea Bryant CLEM 11.27
6 Ashton Purvis TAMU 11.28
7 Katie Wise INST 11.48
8 Takeia Pinckney LSU 14.79

Semifinal 2 of 3

Holy ****. That wasn't a semifinal, that was a final! UCF's Octavious Freeman (10.99) takes down English Gardner (11.00), but remember three things.

1) It's a semifinal
2) The wind was + 2.8
3) "Every dog has its day." - Enlish Gardner

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Octavious Freeman UCF 10.99
2 English Gardner UO 11.00
3 Olivia Ekpone TAMU 11.30
4 Ashley Collier TAMU 11.33
5 Keilah Tyson UKY 11.40
6 Mahagony Jones PSU 11.40
7 Chalonda Goodman TEX 11.46
8 Mercedes Jackson UMBC 11.67

Semifinal 3 of 3
LSU's Kimberlyn Duncan wins by daylight in the third section, but I'm reminded by RunBlogRun's Kevin Mangan that there's more than meets the eye in this last section.

Duncan ran 11.02 with a +2.3 wind, which makes 10.99 with + 2.8 from the second heat an almost equal performance. Or maybe better? Duncan has been working on her start this year and could jump up one place from last year (from second to first if anyone didn't know).

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Kimberlyn Duncan LSU 11.02
2 Morolake Akinosun ILL 11.34
3 Kylie Price UCLA 11.36
4 Alexis Faulknor UCF 11.37
5 Nakia Linson FAMU 11.44
6 Ashley Marshall UCD 11.45
7 Darshay Davis UFL 11.48
8 Stephanie Kalu SMU 11.62

100m (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Tyson Gay - Adidas 9.69 9/20/2009
College Best Ngonidzashe Makusha - Florida State 9.89 6/10/2011
NCAA Meet Ngonidzashe Makusha - Florida State 9.89 6/10/2011

Semifinal 1 of 3
That's our first sub-10 (wind legal) time of the year! FSU's Dentarius Locke makes running 9.97 just another day at the office. According to the announcer, only seven collegians have run faster.

In other news, USC's Aaron Brown grabs the second auto spot.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Dentarius Locke FSU 09.98
2 Aaron Brown USC 10.05
3 Carl Horsley CSUN 10.22
4 Tevin Hester CLEM 10.24
5 Joe Morris COLO 10.24
6 Johnathan Smith UGA 10.31
7 Warren Fraser CLEM 10.34
8 Michael Bryan TAMU 10.35

Semifinal 2 of 3

UMS' Isiah Young stays out of trouble while A&M's Ameer Webb has to work for it to take that last spot. LSU's Ernest just faded steps before the line to finish third.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Isiah Young UMS 10.00
2 Ameer Webb TAMU 10.07
3 Aaron Ernest LSU 10.08
4 Anaso Jobodwana JKST 10.19
5 Will Henry UTST 10.25
6 Justin Austin IOWA 10.26
7 Darrell Wesh VT 10.34
8 Josh Larney IOWA 10.35

Semifinal 3 of 3

For a second there, we thought we had another sub-10. TCU's Charles Silmon run 9.92... yeah, so what if it was with a + 3.0 wind? The best part is a step before the line, we could see Silmon take a glance at the scoreboard on the field and while we couldn't see his reaction, we'll take a guess and say that he had a smile on his face.

The guy looked very, very solid at the West Regional. He told us that he was saving a lot of his energy for Eugene, so don't sleep on this guy in the final.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Charles Silmon TCU 09.92
2 Diondre Batson BAMA 10.06
3 Reggie Lewis CLEM 10.07
4 Prezel Hardy Jr. TAMU 10.11
5 Markesh Woodson MIZZ 10.12
6 Ryan Milus AZST 10.14
7 Justin Walker NWST 10.28
8 Chris Royster SCAR 10.29

400mH (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Lashinda Demus - Nike 52.47 9/1/2011
College Best Sheena Johnson - UCLA 53.54 6/12/2004
NCAA Meet Sheena Johnson - UCLA 53.54 6/13/2004

Semifinal 1 of 3

ONCE AGAIN, Stanford's Kori Carter (54.67) takes down Arizona's Georganne Moline (54.69). The bigger story than this Olympic-esque / NCAA title battle?

Both ladies shatter the fastest 400mH time ever run in a prelim. 
Considering that Carter was at the Olympic Trials last year in the 100mH, her transition to the 400mH has been incredible. Moline came on late last year, but from what we've seen, she's going to have her hands full in the final.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Kori Carter STAN 54.67
2 Georganne Moline ARIZ 54.89
3 Nikita Tracey LSU 57.14
4 Eseroghene Okoro IAST 58.71
5 Autumne Franklin HARV 59.41
6 Tyler Brockington SCAR 59.45
7 Tamera Harris SCAR 1:00.12
8 Gwendolyn Flowers ARK 1:00.14

Semifinal 2 of 3

Texas' Danielle Dowie finds another gear in the homestretch to pass Baylor Christina Holland to take that coveted second spot. Florida's Ndu stays out of trouble to take the win and the ticket to the final.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Ugonna Ndu UFL 57.05
2 Danielle Dowie TEX 57.40
3 Christina Holland BAY 57.44
4 Sandy Jean-Claude UCF 58.38
5 Liga Velvere UID 59.28
6 Kayla Stueckle WASH 59.51
7 Maya Williamson MEMP 59.52
8 Erica Twiss KSST 59.65

Semifinal 3 of 3

Nothing crazy here. Clemson's Harrison and UCLA's Thompson looked comfortable as they both advance. If there's any story, it's Arkansas' Sparkle McKnight missing out on the fun. We have to look at the projections, but it can't help the Razorbacks in their quest for a team title.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Kendra Harrison CLEM 56.35
2 Turquoise Thompson UCLA 56.60
3 Sparkle McKnight ARK 56.70
4 Kiah Seymour PSU 58.64
5 Sage Watson FSU 58.71
6 Megan Yanik ND 59.56
7 Rachel Watkins MON 1:01.06
DNS Gianna Woodruff WASH -

400mH (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Kevin Young - Foot Locker AC 46.78 8/6/1992
College Best Kerron Clement - Florida 47.56 6/11/2005
NCAA Meet Kerron Clement - Florida 47.56 6/11/2005

Semifinal 1 of 3

Another clean semifinal in the 400mH. Kansas' Michael Stigler and North Texas' Steven White slowly pulled away from the field to go one-two.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Michael Stigler KU 49.66
2 Steven White UNT 49.82
3 Isaiah Gill TXT 50.51
4 Gregory Coleman TAMU 50.56
5 Jibri Victorian COPP 51.74
6 Andre' Peart PURD 52.28
7 Kamohelo Mangojeane WKY 52.42
8 Austin Hollimon PRIN 54.82

Semifinal 2 of 3

It's tough running from lane eight, but more on that in a bit. Nebraska's Miles Ukaoma leads Michigan's Ali Arastu as both grab auto spots to the final.

Iowa's Ethan Holmes had to run blind in lane eight, went out hard, and unfortunately paid for it in the final meters. Big shout-out to him for going for it. Go big or go home, right?

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Miles Ukaoma NEB 49.63
2 Ali Arastu MICH 50.03
3 Ethan Holmes IOWA 50.69
4 Eric Futch UH 51.15
5 Joshua Smith UTSA 51.27
6 Antonio Blanks OHST 51.74
7 Yusuf Muhammad LAT 52.16
8 Mica-Jonathan Petit-Homme LIU 52.40

Semifinal 3 of 3

Domination with a capital D. USC's Reggie Wyatt wins by at least 10m in 49.23. Arkansas' Caleb Cross came on strong in the final 80m to narrowly take second (50.39) over Oral Robert's Jeffery Gibson.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Reggie Wyatt USC 49.23
2 Caleb Cross ARK 50.39
3 Jeffery Gibson ORU 50.40
4 Jodi-Rae Blackwood NEB 50.87
5 Zachary Ray BOSU 51.32
6 Keenan Michael MSU 52.06
7 Scottie Hearns MSST 52.68
8 Drew Branch UGA 53.51


3000m Steeplechase (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Daniel Lincoln 8:08.82 7/14/2006
College Best Henry Rono - Washington State 8:05.4h 5/13/1978
NCAA Meet Henry Rono - Washington State 8:12.39 6/1/1978

Heat 1 of 2
200m: 36.4 (Brill, Wisconsin)
600m: 66.42 (Rotich, UTEP)
1000m: 66.97 (Rotich, UTEP)
1400m: 68.14 (Rotich, UTEP)
1800m:69.24 (Rotich, UTEP)
2200m: 69.12 (Rotich, UTEP)*
2800m: 70.01 (Rotich, UTEP)
3200m: 65.82 (Rotich, UTEP)

UTEP's Anthony Rotich finally breaks away from Arkansas' Stanley Kebenei over the last lap, but the unfortunate thing here is FSU's, Zak Seddon. The frosh sensation took a spill in the water pit at fifth (maybe sixth) lap, which didn't look terrible at first, but he would soon pay the price.

Seddon would start to look around as he was visably in pain, was swallowed up by the pack, and finished to the applauce of the gracious Hayward Field crowd in last. He's had an incredible season and to see him go out like this is unfair, but it's how the steeple game works.

In any case, Rotich looked good all by himself. He'll go up against A&M's Henry Lelei, who is winning by 20m in heat two.

Place Name Affiliation Time 228m 624m 1020m 1416m 1812m 2208m 2604m 3000m  
1 Anthony Rotich UTEP 8:32.50 36.81 (36.81) 1:43.11 (1:06.31) 2:50.11 (1:07.00) 3:58.16 (1:08.06) 5:06.60 (1:08.44) 6:16.14 (1:09.55) 7:26.59 (1:10.45) 8:32.50 (1:05.92)
2 Stanley Kebenei ARK 8:36.54 36.96 (36.96) 1:43.18 (1:06.23) 2:50.10 (1:06.92) 3:58.14 (1:08.05) 5:06.66 (1:08.52) 6:16.39 (1:09.73) 7:27.03 (1:10.64) 8:36.54 (1:09.51)
3 Ole Hesselbjerg EKY 8:42.70 37.45 (37.45) 1:45.41 (1:07.97) 2:53.44 (1:08.03) 4:03.96 (1:10.52) 5:15.01 (1:11.05) 6:27.83 (1:12.83) 7:38.21 (1:10.38) 8:42.70 (1:04.50)
4 Jared Bassett PORT 8:43.23 37.26 (37.26) 1:44.67 (1:07.41) 2:53.12 (1:08.46) 4:04.07 (1:10.96) 5:15.21 (1:11.15) 6:27.73 (1:12.52) 7:39.14 (1:11.41) 8:43.23 (1:04.10)
5 Tomas Cotter WICH 8:43.38 36.73 (36.73) 1:44.06 (1:07.34) 2:52.43 (1:08.37) 4:03.36 (1:10.94) 5:14.59 (1:11.23) 6:27.28 (1:12.70) 7:38.60 (1:11.33) 8:43.38 (1:04.78)
6 Max Darrah GTWN 8:43.71 36.99 (36.99) 1:44.27 (1:07.28) 2:52.48 (1:08.22) 4:03.68 (1:11.20) 5:14.93 (1:11.26) 6:27.57 (1:12.64) 7:38.82 (1:11.25) 8:43.71 (1:04.89)
7 Robby Nierman IU 8:46.58 37.46 (37.46) 1:44.90 (1:07.44) 2:53.03 (1:08.13) 4:03.71 (1:10.69) 5:14.85 (1:11.14) 6:27.63 (1:12.78) 7:39.42 (1:11.80) 8:46.58 (1:07.17)
8 Alex Brill WISC 8:52.37 36.73 (36.73) 1:44.49 (1:07.76) 2:52.75 (1:08.27) 4:03.38 (1:10.63) 5:14.61 (1:11.24) 6:27.36 (1:12.75) 7:39.64 (1:12.29) 8:52.37 (1:12.73)
9 Luis Orta UKY 8:59.33 37.18 (37.18) 1:45.06 (1:07.88) 2:53.58 (1:08.52) 4:04.39 (1:10.82) 5:16.18 (1:11.79) 6:30.76 (1:14.59) 7:46.22 (1:15.47) 8:59.33 (1:13.11)
10 Mark Parrish UFL 9:06.24 37.00 (37.00) 1:46.07 (1:09.07) 2:55.20 (1:09.14) 4:07.69 (1:12.50) 5:20.95 (1:13.26) 6:35.41 (1:14.47) 7:51.34 (1:15.94) 9:06.24 (1:14.90)
11 Zak Seddon FSU 9:14.92 37.02 (37.02) 1:43.44 (1:06.42) 2:50.36 (1:06.93) 3:58.39 (1:08.03) 5:06.86 (1:08.48) 6:21.52 (1:14.66) 7:42.35 (1:20.84) 9:14.92 (1:32.57)
DNF Fabian Clarkson OKST - 37.22 (37.22) 1:44.01 (1:06.79) 2:52.25 (1:08.25) 4:05.63 (1:13.39) 5:23.23 (1:17.60)

Heat 2 of 2

Sorry I missed the splits. I was too busy watching the slow-mo replay of Seddon's fall. Not that all things should be shot in HD, but that hit me right in the feels.

We'll have to wait for the splits, but A&M's Henry Lelei looks unbelievable. Everyone in the press box agrees that it looks like the senior is jogging while he's absolutely dominating the rest of the field.

Since it's all Lelei, we might as well talk about the other four guys who made it through to the final. In order, it was BYU's Curtis Carr, Colorado's Aric Van Halen, Louisville's Mattias Wolter, and High Point's Dakota Peachtree. All four took a look around after the water pit and when they knew they were safe, jogged it in.

Full results

10,000m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Shalane Flanagan - Nike 30:22.22 8/15/2008
College Best Lisa Koll - Iowa State 31:18.07 3/26/2010
NCAA Meet Sylvia Mosqueda - Cal State Los Angeles 32:28.57 6/1/1998

400m: 87.x (Saina, ISU)
800m: 92.8
1200m: 82.7 (Bergman, Arizona)
1600m: 82.1 (5:44.38 for Balouris, W&M)
2000m: 79.18 (Balouris, W&M)
2400m: 80.57 (Balouris, W&M)
2800m: 81.87 (Balouris, W&M)
3200m: 80.52 (11:06 for Balouris, W&M)
3600m: 80.99 (Saina, ISU)
4000m: 75.42 (Saina, ISU)
4400m: 76.47 (Saina, ISU)
4800m: 78.47 (Saina, ISU)
5200m: 77.37 (Saina, ISU; 16:58.6 through 5k)
5600m: 78.18 (Tuliamuk-Bolton, Wichita)
6000m: 78.50 (Saina, ISU)
6400m: 76.17 (Saina, ISU)
6800m: 77.15 (Saina, ISU)
7200m: 77.54 (
Tuliamuk-Bolton, Wichita)
7600m: 77.89 (
Tuliamuk-Bolton, Wichita)
800m: 79.93 
(Tuliamuk-Bolton, Wichita)
8400m: 80.80 (Saina, ISU)
8800m: 77.24 (Saina, ISU)
9200m: 78.49 (Saina, ISU)
9600m: 76.72 (Saina, ISU)
10k: 33:08.84 (Saina FTW)

I'll just embed some good tweets about the opening laps.

Alright, back to the race. After a silly opening pace, Saina and Tuliamuk-Bolton traded pacing duties until the final 200m. More on that later.

The only girl to go with the two was Washington's Meghan Goethals, who would ultimately pay the price of one less spot.

While Goethals began to slip off the lead, the chase pack was chomping at the bit. The group included Boise State's Emma Bates, Cornell's Katie Kellner, Wisconsin's Caitlin Comfort, Boston's Katie Matthews, and a late charging Arizona's Jen Bergman.

The all-American spots wouldn't be sorted out until the 9800m mark. Bates, who looked silky smooth all race, pulled away from Goethals, who despite a second charge on the homestretch, took a few looks back and accepted fourth. Again, we have to give her credit for putting herself in the hunt despite the fact that it cost her in the end.

BU's Katie Matthews would charge for fifth, Bergman (sixth) would kick past Kellner (seventh), and UTEP's Risper Kimaiyo would finish eighth.

I didn't get her last 200m because I wanted to run down and grab some pictures, but the RunBlogRun crew said that Saina was ~70 for her last 400m. Not a huge surprise.

One has to wonder what would have happened if Jordan Hasay was in the race, but the question now is whether Saina can attempt the double. Abbey D will be fresh, but Saina barely did any (fast) running.

That concludes day one of the NCAA Outdoor Championships. We all made the mistake of wearing pants so we're all sweaty, so we're going to go back, upload some interviews, shower, and we'll see you tomorrow!

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