NCAA DI Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2013

RECAP: Day 3, NCAA D1 Outdoor Championships 2013

RECAP: Day 3, NCAA D1 Outdoor Championships 2013

Jun 7, 2013 by Mitch Kastoff
RECAP: Day 3, NCAA D1 Outdoor Championships 2013
LIVE UPDATES: Day 3, NCAA D1 Outdoor Championships 2013
Hayward Field | Eugene, OR

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Schedule of events for Friday evening

What to watch for?
Everything is a final... so everything.

Even ESPN is picking up on the hype. They may be user submitted, but there's two props in their Streak for the Cash contest. Should we pick Octavious Freeman (UCF) and Charles Silmon (TCU) for the win or the field?

Then there's tonight's final, the women's 5k. Can anyone stop Abbey D? Chris Chavez tries to figure it out (short answer: It'd be a great story for Hasay (last race at Hayward as a Duck) or Saina (the 5k/10k double), but no.

400mH (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Lashinda Demus - Nike 52.47 9/1/2011
College Best Sheena Johnson - UCLA 53.54 6/12/2004
NCAA Meet Sheena Johnson - UCLA 53.54 6/13/2004


It was a perfect race for the converted 100mH from Stanford. Moline had the advantage of being able to stalk her diminutive rival as Carter drew lane four and Moline was in lane three. Both pre-race favorites went out controlled (compared to some of the other finalists) for the first two hurdles and then it was to the races.

Carter had the advantage the entire way, but coming off hurdle eight, it looked as if Moline was going to make a push to take the win. With the Arizona Wildcat creeping up in the lane beside her, Carter found another gear and held off the challenge from the London Olympian.

I really can't give enough praise to Carter. She ran the 100mH at the 2012 Olympic Trials and while she used to be a 57.x 400m hurdler, her transition to this race has been absolutely incredible. When talking to her, I don't know if she even believes what has and is happening.

Carter now sits #1 all-time and Moline moves to #3. Oh, and it's a world leading time.

Again, what a way to start the day.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Kori Carter STAN 53.21
2 Georganne Moline ARIZ 53.72
3 Turquoise Thompson UCLA 54.99
4 Kendra Harrison CLEM 55.75
5 Ugonna Ndu UFL 56.13
6 Sparkle McKnight ARK 56.16
7 Nikita Tracey LSU 57.03
8 Danielle Dowie TEX 57.29

NCAA Top 10 All-Time 400mH

via Track and Field News
53.54   Sheena Tosta (UCLA)   06/12/04
54.22   Lashinda Demus (South Carolina)   06/12/04
54.24   ——Tosta   06/13/03
54.32   ——Tosta   05/14/04
    Shauna Smith (Wyoming)   06/11/05
    Nicole Leach (UCLA)   06/09/07
54.37   ——Smith   05/28/05
54.45   Nickiesha Wilson’ (LSU)   06/13/08
54.47   Shevon Stoddart’ (South Carolina)   06/11/05
    Markita James (Auburn)   06/10/06

400mH (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Kevin Young - Foot Locker AC 46.78 8/6/1992
College Best Kerron Clement - Florida 47.56 6/11/2005
NCAA Meet Kerron Clement - Florida 47.56 6/11/2005

It was all USC's Reggie Wyatt, all the time.

Even at 150m, we knew that it was going to be a contest. As usual, Wyatt looked smooth over the first five hurdles and as he rounded the Bowerman Curve there was daylight (read: 10m) between him and second place, which included almost everyone else.

Things got a bit scary after the last hurdle as the field started to close the gap on Wyatt, but the senior hung on for the win and the fastest time in the NCAA.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Reggie Wyatt USC 48.58
2 Michael Stigler KU 49.19
3 Steven White UNT 49.32
4 Ali Arastu MICH 49.37
5 Jeffery Gibson ORU 49.39
6 Miles Ukaoma NEB 49.57
7 Isaiah Gill TXT 50.44
8 Caleb Cross ARK 51.54

100m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Florence Griffith Joyner - World Class AC 10.49 7/16/1988
College Best Dawn Sowell - LSU 10.78 6/3/1989
NCAA Meet Dawn Sowell - LSU 10.78 6/3/1989

If this was a movie, people would walk out because it'd be too cheesy. After picking up an ankle injury in the 200m semifinal, Oregon's English Gardner stormed back in the 100m to hold off a late charging UCF's Octavious Freeman.

Gardner's start, man, you knew it was good from the reaction from the home crowd. The Oregon junior maintained solid form, leaned at the line, and then fell to the crowd overcome with emotion.

She not only defends her championship, but is now #3 all-time. Garder passed LSU's Kimberlyn Duncan 
(on the list and at the start of the race), who overcame UCF's Aurieyall Scott in the final meters to grab third.

NCAA All-Time 100m List
via Track and Field News

10.78(A)   Dawn Sowell (LSU)   06/03/89
10.93   ——Sowell   04/07/89
10.95(A)   Simone Facey’ (Texas A&M)   05/18/08
10.96   Kimberlyn Duncan (LSU)   05/13/12
10.97   Lauryn Williams (Miami)   06/11/04
10.98   Debbie Ferguson’ (Georgia)   06/04/99
11.01   ——Williams   04/10/04
    Ashley Collier (Texas A&M)   05/13/12
11.02   Alex Anderson (Texas)   06/10/09
11.03   Holli Hyche (Indiana St)   06/03/94
    D’Andre Hill (LSU)   06/01/96
(A)   Peta-Gaye Dowdie’ (LSU)   04/10/99
    Kerron Stewart’ (Auburn)   05/14/06
    English Gardner (Oregon)   05/14/11

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 English Gardner UO 10.96
2 Octavious Freeman UCF 11.00
3 Kimberlyn Duncan LSU 11.08
4 Aurieyall Scott UCF 11.14
5 Jennifer Madu TAMU 11.31
6 Cierra White TXT 11.32
7 Jenna Prandini UO 11.43
8 Morolake Akinosun ILL 11.45


100m (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Tyson Gay - Adidas 9.69 9/20/2009
College Best Ngonidzashe Makusha - Florida State 9.89 6/10/2011
NCAA Meet Ngonidzashe Makusha - Florida State 9.89 6/10/2011

Did you take TCU's Charles Silmon on ESPN's Streak for the Cash? No? Well, he was a really good bet and came through in the clutch.

The title wasn't Silmon's until the last 20 meters. It was FSU's Dentarius Locke (in a dope all black speedsuit) who had the best start and lead at the halfway mark. Locke was on Silmon's left and on his right was Mississippi's Isiah Young, who was also in the hunt.

It looked like it was going to be Locke FTW until Silmon cranked it up just a bit to edge Locke at the line.

When I talked to him at the West Regional, Silmon said that was he saving his best stuff for Eugene. If you didn't believe him then, you better believe him now.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Charles Silmon TCU 09.89
2 Dentarius Locke FSU 09.91
3 Isiah Young UMS 09.96
4 Diondre Batson BAMA 10.01
5 Aaron Brown USC 10.01
6 Ameer Webb TAMU 10.14
7 Aaron Ernest LSU 10.17
8 Reggie Lewis CLEM 10.24

800m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Jearl Miles-Clark - Reebok 1:56.40 8/11/1999
College Best Suzy Favor - Wisconsin 1:59.11 6/1/1990
NCAA Meet Suzy Favor - Wisconsin 1:59.11 6/1/1990

The top 10 marks keep on coming. After the first 200m, we overheard someone say, "She's not just making a statement, she's giving a speech."

The "she" in question is the NCAA Indoor 800m Champion, LSU's Natoya Goule. Goule went out hard and passed the 200m mark in 27.x. She showed no signs of slowing down as she then took the bell at 57.9.

We weren't sure whether or not Goule could hang on to the pace. We had seen her do this time and time again, but this was a totally different story. She was now knocking on the door of 800m history.

Goule was followed early by Duke's Cydney Ross, but all eyes were on third place and Oregon's Laura Roesler. We had just seen some Hayward Field magic... would it happen again?

While Roesler moved up into second, Goule didn't show any signs of slowing down. Coming off the Bowerman Curve, the crowd tried to will Roesler to find something special, but Goule would hang on for the win.

Goule's time puts her #4 all-time and Roesler dips under 2:01 for the first time, ever. Stanford's Justine Fedronic would run a smart race to take third. The Stanford senior tried to stay off the early hot pace and closed well over the last 150m.

Place Name Affiliation Time 400m 800m
1 Natoya Goule LSU 2:00.06 57.93 (57.93) 2:00.06 (1:02.14)
2 Laura Roesler UO 2:00.98 58.64 (58.64) 2:00.98 (1:02.34)
3 Justine Fedronic STAN 2:01.67 59.17 (59.17) 2:01.67 (1:02.51)
4 Charlene Lipsey LSU 2:01.70 58.96 (58.96) 2:01.70 (1:02.75)
5 Samantha Murphy ILL 2:02.10 59.37 (59.37) 2:02.10 (1:02.73)
6 Amy Weissenbach STAN 2:02.29 59.06 (59.06) 2:02.29 (1:03.24)
7 Cydney Ross DUKE 2:02.48 58.11 (58.11) 2:02.48 (1:04.37)
8 Lauren Wallace UCD 2:02.91 59.60 (59.60) 2:02.91 (1:03.31)

800m (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Johnny Gray - Santa Monica TC 1:42.60 8/28/1985
College Best Jim Ryun - Kansas 1:44.3h 6/10/1966
NCAA Meet Mark Everett - Florida 1:44.70 6/1/1990

It's Greer at the double!

The Oregon senior gets an outdoor title to match his indoor one. And just like during indoors, he had to earn it.

It seemed that no one wanted to lead until Arkansas' Leoman Momoh went to the front and split 26.8 for 200m and 53.10 at the bell. Greer tucked himself right behind the Razorback as the rest of the field was jumbled up behind him.

Greer would make his bid for a national championship at the 600m mark. We missed the split because as he went to the front, the crowd got so loud that we naturally rose from our seats.

But the title wasn't locked up, yet. It was PSU's Casimir Loxsom could emerged from the pack and gave chase. While we sometimes see Loxsom tie up in the final 100m, he looked smooth and there was a possibility that he'd finally get that NCAA title.

However, Greer was all business. To the delight of the Eugene crowd (again), Greer would take the win. Loxsom would hold on for second and PSU's frosh sensation Brannon Kidder would kick to third.

Place Name Affiliation Time 400m 800m
1 Elijah Greer UO 1:46.58 53.27 (53.27) 1:46.58 (53.31)
2 Casimir Loxsom PSU 1:46.88 53.46 (53.46) 1:46.88 (53.42)
3 Brannon Kidder PSU 1:47.51 54.41 (54.41) 1:47.51 (53.10)
4 Harun Abda MINN 1:47.60 53.72 (53.72) 1:47.60 (53.88)
5 Leoman Momoh ARK 1:47.86 53.10 (53.10) 1:47.86 (54.76)
6 Declan Murray LOYI 1:48.02 53.84 (53.84) 1:48.02 (54.18)
7 Eliud Rutto MTSU 1:48.07 53.64 (53.64) 1:48.07 (54.43)
8 Travis Burkstrand MINN 1:48.24 54.55 (54.55) 1:48.24 (53.70)

3000m ST (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Daniel Lincoln 8:08.82 7/14/2006
College Best Henry Rono - Washington State 8:05.4h 5/13/1978
NCAA Meet Henry Rono - Washington State 8:12.39 6/1/1978

As predicted, it was the big three that pulled away. The only surprise is what happened at the final (and most terrifying) water barrier.

The aforementioned three was A&M's Henry Lelei, Arkansas' Stanley Kebenei, and UTEP's Anthony Rotich. The Americans / rest of the field would duke it out for fourth and the rest of the all-American spots.

No one at the front lead for very long. At first, it was Kebenei. Then Rotich. Then Lelei. Then at the bell, Rotich. The UTEP sophomore produced a small gap between him and Lelei, but as the two rounded the turn to the water barrier, it looked like Lelei was going to make it close.

That is, until Lelei decided to hurdle the water barrier and crashed chest-first into the pit. While we quickly rose and tried to make up the lost ground, Rotich was well away. Kebenei's eyes lit up as he saw the soaking Lelei try put himself together, but could not catch the Aggie.

Rotich's winning time puts him seventh all-time.

Full splits

Place Name Affiliation Time 228m 624m 1020m 1416m 1812m 2208m 2604m 3000m
1 Anthony Rotich UTEP 8:21.19 37.74 (37.74) 1:45.16 (1:07.42) 2:52.71 (1:07.56) 4:00.86 (1:08.15) 5:08.81 (1:07.96) 6:14.46 (1:05.65) 7:19.38 (1:04.92) 8:21.19 (1:01.81)
2 Henry Lelei TAMU 8:23.16 37.54 (37.54) 1:45.41 (1:07.88) 2:52.89 (1:07.49) 4:01.03 (1:08.14) 5:08.24 (1:07.22) 6:14.67 (1:06.43) 7:19.81 (1:05.14) 8:23.16 (1:03.36)
3 Stanley Kebenei ARK 8:24.45 37.56 (37.56) 1:44.77 (1:07.22) 2:52.60 (1:07.84) 4:00.70 (1:08.10) 5:08.51 (1:07.82) 6:14.82 (1:06.32) 7:21.25 (1:06.43) 8:24.45 (1:03.21)
4 Curtis Carr BYU 8:40.87 38.86 (38.86) 1:49.27 (1:10.42) 2:59.32 (1:10.05) 4:09.18 (1:09.87) 5:19.60 (1:10.43) 6:31.11 (1:11.52) 7:40.47 (1:09.36) 8:40.87 (1:00.41)
5 Dakota Peachee HIGH 8:43.04 38.25 (38.25) 1:48.13 (1:09.89) 2:58.23 (1:10.10) 4:08.06 (1:09.83) 5:18.50 (1:10.44) 6:30.29 (1:11.80) 7:39.86 (1:09.58) 8:43.04 (1:03.18)
6 Mattias Wolter LOU 8:43.59 38.57 (38.57) 1:48.25 (1:09.68) 2:58.19 (1:09.95) 4:07.97 (1:09.78) 5:18.34 (1:10.38) 6:30.43 (1:12.09) 7:40.25 (1:09.82) 8:43.59 (1:03.35)
7 Ole Hesselbjerg EKY 8:43.80 38.75 (38.75) 1:48.63 (1:09.88) 2:58.69 (1:10.07) 4:08.49 (1:09.81) 5:18.81 (1:10.33) 6:30.55 (1:11.74) 7:40.57 (1:10.02) 8:43.80 (1:03.24)
8 Aric VanHalen COLO 8:44.50 37.98 (37.98) 1:48.04 (1:10.06) 2:57.96 (1:09.92) 4:07.74 (1:09.79) 5:18.08 (1:10.34) 6:30.25 (1:12.18) 7:41.44 (1:11.20) 8:44.50 (1:03.06)
9 Tomas Cotter WICH 8:45.10 37.81 (37.81) 1:47.70 (1:09.90) 2:58.10 (1:10.40) 4:08.25 (1:10.15) 5:18.70 (1:10.45) 6:30.35 (1:11.66) 7:40.47 (1:10.12) 8:45.10 (1:04.63)
10 Jared Bassett PORT 8:45.33 38.40 (38.40) 1:48.43 (1:10.03) 2:58.49 (1:10.07) 4:08.33 (1:09.84) 5:18.79 (1:10.47) 6:30.47 (1:11.69) 7:40.65 (1:10.18) 8:45.33 (1:04.69)
11 Max Darrah GTWN 8:55.86 39.00 (39.00) 1:48.75 (1:09.75) 2:58.95 (1:10.20) 4:08.75 (1:09.81) 5:19.06 (1:10.31) 6:30.75 (1:11.70) 7:42.55 (1:11.81) 8:55.86 (1:13.31)
12 Robby Nierman IU 8:58.18 39.07 (39.07) 1:48.99 (1:09.92) 2:58.90 (1:09.92) 4:08.92 (1:10.02) 5:19.25 (1:10.33) 6:31.26 (1:12.02) 7:43.78 (1:12.52) 8:58.18 (1:14.40)

400m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Sanya Richards - US World Cup Team 48.70 9/17/2006
College Best Monique Henderson - UCLA 50.10 6/11/2005
NCAA Meet Monique Henderson - UCLA 50.10 6/11/2005

Don't sleep on defending championships.

Illinois' Ashley Spencer ran a very tough race to make it two years in a row in the 400m. The Illinois sophomore looked like a woman possessed in the first 100m as she was clearly the fastest out of the blocks. Following her lead in lane five was Arkansas' Regina George. The Razorback made a huge move at 150m, but all of a sudden, started to fade.

It was the NCAA Indoor 400m champion, Georgia's Shaunae Miller, would would prevail from the group in the final 80m and take second. OU's Francis came home to take third (to the delight of the Hayward crowd... again...)

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Ashley Spencer ILL 50.28
2 Shaunae Miller UGA 50.70
3 Phyllis Francis UO 50.86
4 Courtney Okolo TEX 51.96
5 Regina George ARK 51.97
6 Jody-Ann Muir MSST 52.56
7 Lenora Guion-Firmin UMES 52.59
8 Erika Rucker SCAR 53.20

400m (Men)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Michael Johnson - Nike 43.18 8/26/1999
College Best Quincy Watts - USC 44.00 6/6/1992
NCAA Meet Quincy Watts - USC 44.00 6/6/1992

Four different tactics, almost the same result. Almost.

It would be Florida's Arman Hall that blaze the first 200m and be the clear leader as they made the turn. With 150m to go, A&M's Deon Lendore started to creep up, but he wasn't alone. Pre-race favorite, USC's Bryshon Nellum, sat right on Lendore's right shoulder as George Mason's David Verburg, who hung off the early pace, was on Lendore's left.

50m before the line, it would be Nellum who would squeeze between Hall and Lendore. He always looks so smooth in the final meters, but judging from his arms, you could tell he was all-out. The USC graduate would finally get his title with Lendore taking second and Hall hanging on for for third.

Place Name Affiliation Time
1 Bryshon Nellum USC 44.73
2 Deon Lendore TAMU 44.94
3 Arman Hall UFL 45.02
4 David Verburg GMU 45.03
5 James Harris FSU 45.56
6 Hugh Graham Jr UFL 45.57
7 Cass Brown-Stewart SFA 45.98
8 Akheem Gauntlett ARK 46.10

5000m (Women)

Record Athlete/Team Time Date
American Molly Huddle - Saucony 14:44.76 8/27/2010
College Best Jenny Barringer - Colorado 15:07.64 5/2/2009
NCAA Meet Sally Kipyego - Texas Tech 15:15.08 6/13/2008

Remember what I said about day three being too cheesy that it would have been a bad movie? That was almost the women's 5k.

Despite the average opening pace, we knew what was going to happen in the final 400m. It would take a lot of Hayward magic, but more on that in a bit.

Kentucky's Chelsea Oswald, who was doubling back from the 10k, did most of the early leading. The entire pack was content to run 72.x - 76.x and for longer than we thought, everyone was in it. That is until the 10k champion, ISU's Betsy Saina, would go to the front. She would quickly be joined by Wichita State's Aliphine Tuliamuk-Bolton, Dartmouth's Abbey D'Agostino, Oregon's Jordan Hasay, and Washington's Megan Goethals.

Shout-out to sleeper Emily Sisson (Providence) for trying to bridge the gap between the lead and chase pack. We haven't seen too much of her this season, but everytime she races, she brings it.

Each time a gap would begin to form at the front pack, the other girls would respond and reform the group. The pace (splits below) wasn't indicative of how see-saw those middle laps were and it was only a matter of time before a big definitive move would be thrown down.

When D'Agostino goes to the front, she stays there. She made her move (I forget, but maybe at 650m), we thought it was all but over.

That was until Oregon's Jordan Hasay decided that she could either hang back with the other challengers for second or go with the NCAA Indoor 3k/5k champion. She went with the second option and jeez, did it get loud.

We thought that Hasay would wait for D'Agostino to make a move, but the homestretch crowd was so deafening, we wondered if she just decided that now was the time to go.

Hasay would move into the lead, but it would only last 100m. On the backstretch, D'Agostino blew the race wide open and made it a one woman show. We think her last lap was ~66.x.

Despite the cries from the stands, Hasay paid the price for her big move and would fade in the final strides. Saina would kick for second, Hasay finished third, Tuliamuk-Bolton would take fourth, and Goethals fifth.

A predictable, yet thrilling ending brings day three to a close. We have to get down to the media zone to talk to everyone, but we'll be back here tomorrow afternoon for the final day of our NCAA Outdoor Championships coverage!

Full Splits