NCAA DI Outdoor Track and Field Championships 2013

CRAZY Finish to NCAAs: 4x400s Decide Team Title

CRAZY Finish to NCAAs: 4x400s Decide Team Title

Jun 8, 2013 by Jimmy Stevenson
CRAZY Finish to NCAAs: 4x400s Decide Team Title

Entering the final event of the 2013 NCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championship, the race for the team Men’s team title was between the Texas A&M Aggies and the Florida Gators.

If the Aggies got last/8th in the 4x400m relay final that consisted of eight teams and if the Gators won the final, then the two teams would have tied for the team title! 

That is exactly what happened.  The Aggies and the Gators ended the meet in a tie, both with 53 points.

Ricky Babineaux, the lead off leg for the Aggies, had some trouble handing off the baton to his teammate Aldrich Bailey Jr. as they dropped the baton in the exchange zone.

Babineaux picked up the baton that fell off the track and handed it to Bailey Jr. 

Baily Jr. and the rest of the Aggies team (Carlyle Roudette and Deon Lendore) finished
the race, but finished last as the Gators went on to win.

If the Aggies did not finish the race or got disqualified than the Gators would have won the team title.  There was a talk of a protest being filed to disqualify the Aggies as more than one source said that Bailey Jr. cut in before the stagger.

We were told that the protest period is thirty minutes after the completion of the race and since A&M is listed in the results, we can assume their run stands.