Nike Oregon Project "The Program" Full Series

Nike Oregon Project "The Program" Full Series

Watch the full track documentary on the Nike Oregon Project and Alberto Salazar on FloTrack

Sep 3, 2013 by Nickolas Velliquette
Nike Oregon Project "The Program" Full Series

Full 6 Part Series Out: The Program Nike Oregon Project

The Program: Nike Oregon Project
is Flotrack's finest and most acclaimed premium offering to date. A six part series, the feature provides viewers with a behind the scenes exposition on one of the finest running groups in the world. The Program is filled with character pieces on Mo Farah, Galen Rupp, Dathan Ritzenhein, Mathew Centrowitz and Alberto Salazar. It also features episodes chronicling the Nike Oregon Project's training as well as a remarkable anecdotal piece that relives the Project's time at the London Olympics, leading up to the 10k final where members, Rupp and Farah, took home silver and gold medals.

 Below is also a bonus episode on the near death experience that changed Alberto Salazar's life. Beneath that is a chronological listing of parts one through six of The Program.  Episode release dates listed next to episode title.

Episode 1: The Untold Olympic Story (7/16)
 In part one of our six part series, Alberto Salazar, Galen Rupp and Mo Farah reveal their training and build up through the 2012 London Olympics. Viewers are taken behind the scenes with the NOP as they discuss the lead up to race day and the unfolding of the historic Olympic 1ok final that crowned Galen Rupp, Olympic Silver Medalist, and Mo Farah, Olympic Champion.

User Review: "Probably the best video I've seen in my entire life."  

Episode 2: Dathan and the Marathon (7/23)

 In part two, viewers are given a close look at Dathan Ritzenhein -the man some consider to be the greatest high school runner in US history. The intrigue in Ritz's story stems from his own lack of satisfaction at what he has accomplished in his running career. The Olympian and former AR holder still has one goal in mind: to attain international glory in the marathon.

User Review: 
"Ritz is one of the hardest working, most talented and motivated athletes. Love this video and the Oregon Project Series. Well done Flotrack. Keep up the great work."

Episode 3: Training Days (7/30)

 In part three, viewers are given an exposition of the group's mission statement: to develop American distance runners who can medal in World championships and Olympics. The meat of the episode is presented on a platter of workouts: a weight training session, a long run, a track workout.

User Review:
 "Outstanding! Every time I watch these episodes I feel an overwhelming urge to go on a run. I've also started incorporating more core strength work into my training. Thanks Flotrack for the inside look at NOP."

Episode 4: Centro (8/6)
In part four, Centro describes developing his skills early on, under the tutelage of his father, a two time Olympian and the head coach at American University. He then discusses his transition to the NOP, his 1500m final at the Olympics, his psyche: cocky vs confident, and he badgers team mate, Dathan Ritzenhein, into a two mile race off at the end of the summer...among other things...

User Review: 
"Stellar video. The quality and presentation have gotten so good with this new series. I would take Ritz. The old man will go out hard and drop him."

Episode 5: Alberto Addresses the Critics (8/13)

 In part five, hear from the most cerebral coach in running as he tackles the sport's most relevant issues. Our most important episode yet, 'State of Track' gives viewers an unfiltered look at Alberto Salazar as he takes on Nike Oregon Project skeptics, discusses the progression of athletes, Mo Farah and Galen Rupp, and comments on the "black cloud" that hangs over track as a result of modern-day doping.

User Review:
 "This should have the most views out of any of the videos in this six part series."

Episode 6: Life at 8,000 Feet (8/27)

 Part six of The Program: Nike Oregon Project takes us to altitude camp. Salazar has been taking running groups to Park City, UT for over a decade, and NOP members use the month and a half long training camp to prepare for US Championships. Salazar firmly believes in the benefits of living and training at altitude so camps like the one presented in this episode will continue to be a staple of The Project's regimen.

User Review: 
"This was awesome. Just wish it was longer and showed more training." 

Bonus Episode: Salazar's Death (9/3)

 In this bonus episode of The Program, Salazar reveals the circumstances that brought him face to face with death, describes the unfolding of the situation and reveals how his near death experience changed his life for the better.

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