The Comprehensive List of FloFilms

The Comprehensive List of FloFilms

These videos give our audience an unparalleled look behind the scenes of the top runners in the country. We don't just show you their workouts - but give yo

Dec 10, 2015 by Adam Oestreich
The Comprehensive List of FloFilms
These videos give our audience an unparalleled look behind the scenes of the top runners in the country. We don't just show you their workouts - but give you insight into their training regimen, philosophy, and life off the track. These documentaries cover the runner's career as well as their current life and their perspective now looking back on their accomplishments. JOIN FloPRO NOW.


THE PROGRAM: Colorado -- Watch Trailer

The Birth | Episode One
The Factor Reigns | Episode Two
The New Generation | Episode Three

The Birth (Bonus Clip)
The Factor Reigns (Bonus Clip)

THE PROGRAM: Florida -- Watch Trailer
The Straw That Stirs The Drink | Episode One
Carrying The Torch | Episode Two
Gino | Episode Three

THE PROGRAM: Nike Oregon Project -- Watch Trailer

The Untold Olympic Story | Episode One
Dathan and The Marathon | Episode Two
Training Days | Episode Three
Centro | Episode Four
Alberto Addresses The Critics | Episode Five
Life at 8,000 Feet | Episode Six
Salazar's Death | Bonus Episode

THE PROGRAM: Northern Arizona -- Watch Trailer
The Decision | Episode One
Two Coaches, One Team, One Goal | Episode Two


DRIVEN: Alan Webb --
Watch Trailer
Michigan vs. Nike | Episode One
To Hell and Back For 3:46 | Episode Two
Webb Eyes Rio 2016 | Episode Three

9x800 Workout (Bonus Clip)

DRIVEN: Alexa Efraimson -- Watch Trailer
On Another Level | Episode One
Hello, World | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Ben True -- Watch Trailer
13:02 | Episode One
The Black Sheep | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Bernard Lagat -- Watch Trailer
Training With The Fastest American of All-Time | Episode One
4 Mile Climb, 3 Years to Go | Episode Two

Bernard Lagat (Bonus Clip)

DRIVEN: Cam Levins -- Watch Trailer
36 Miles | Episode One
Training In The Mountains | Episode Two

Cam Levins (Bonus Clip)

DRIVEN: Chanelle Price -- Watch Trailer
Risen From The Ashes | Episode One
Bump In The Road | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Donn Cabral
Don Cabral | Episode One

DRIVEN: Evan Jager -- Watch Trailer
Thrown to The Wolves | Episode One
Only Two Races Matter | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Jeremy Wariner -- Watch Trailer
Gold Medalist at 20 | Episode One
Don't Count Him Out Just Yet | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Kara Goucher -- Watch Trailer
The Road to Osaka | Episode One
Motherhood and The Marathon | Episode Two
The Next Chapter | Episode Three

DRIVEN: LaShawn Merritt -- Watch Trailer
Big Dog Business | Episode One
Attack That Big Beast | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Lukas Verzbicas -- Watch Trailer
The Return | Episode One
Leaving The Ducks | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Nick Symmonds -- Watch Trailer
Renaissance Man | Episode One
Symmonds, LCC | Episode Two

Fenton's Crash (Bonus Clip)

DRIVEN: Robby Andrews
I Got Scared | Episode One
4 Mile Tempo | Episode Two

DRIVEN: The Robertsons -- Watch Trailer
The Kenyan Workout | Episode One
Come Here To Suffer | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Travyon Bromell -- Watch Trailer
Building a Solider | Episode One
Trayvon vs. The World | Episode Two

Tattoo Talk with Trayvon (Bonus Clip)
Will Trayvon Go Pro? (Bonus Clip)

DRIVEN: Vashti Cunningham -- Watch Trailer
Pushing The Envelope | Episode One
I Feel No Pressure | Episode Two

DRIVEN: Wilson Kipsang -- Watch Trailer
'None Better Than Wilson' | Episode One
Unfinished Business | Episode Two


INSIDE: Adams State -- Watch Trailer
Giant Killers | Episode One
The Powerhouse | Episode Two

INSIDE: Georgetown -- Watch Trailer
Wake Up Call | Episode One
Regionals | Episode Two
The Final Act | Episode Three

INSIDE: Kenya -- Watch Trailer
The Fastest City In The World | Episode One
The Hell Of Fatigue | Episode Two
Geoffrey Mutai | Episode Three
Canova Tells All | Bonus Episode
Brother Colm O'Connell | Bonus Episode

INSIDE: Mexico -- Watch Trailer
Symmonds and Manzano | Episode One
A Drive Into Darkness | Episode Two
Symmonds Tells Nike No | Episode Three

Symmonds and Manzano (Bonus Clip)
A Drive Into Darkness (Bonus Clip)

INSIDE: Michigan -- Watch Trailer

Bringing Back The Tradition | Episode One
The Next Level | Episode Two

INSIDE: Wisconsin -- Watch Trailer
The Streak | Episode One
Never Say Lose | Episode Two


AWAY FROM HOME: New Mexico -- Watch Trailer
The British Invasion | Episode One
Surprise Some People | Episode Two

A Car Ride With The Lady Lobos (Bonus Clip)
International Recruiting (Bonus Clip)

GROWING UP FAST: Alana Hadley -- Watch Trailer
Alana Hadley | Episode One

HEART OF MARCUS -- Watch Trailer
The XC Coach Who Died, And Lived To Win Again | Episode One

ON THE RISE: Allie Ostrander -- Watch Trailer
Mountains and Ghosts Conquered | Episode One
Under The Lights | Episode Two

ON THE RISE: Anna Rohrer -- Watch Trailer
The Long Road Back | Episode One
Onward and Upward | Episode Two

RESURRECTION: Wheating, Solinsky, and Mead -- Watch Trailer
Andrew Wheating | Episode One
Chris Solinsky | Episode Two
Hassan Mead | Episode Three

RESURRECTION: Ryan Hall -- Watch Trailer
The Big Dreamer From Big Bear | Episode One
Welcome To The Marathon | Episode Two
What's Next? | Episode Three

Sara Hall | Life's Mission (Bonus Episode)

SHORT SHORTS & COFFEE: Wheating and Solinsky -- Watch Trailer
Wheating and Solinsky | Episode One

Symmonds -- Watch Trailer
Leer and Symmonds | Episode One
Leer and Symmonds | Episode Two

THE BEER MILER: Corey Gallagher
The First World Champion | Episode One

Corey Gallagher and Under Armour (Bonus Clip)

THE TRIALS OF: Shalane Flanagan -- Watch Trailer
Meant To Do This | Episode One
Unknown Places | Episode Two

WHAT HAPPENED: Obea Moore -- Watch Trailer
The Beginning of The End | Episode One
The Conclusion | Episode Two


TERRY -- Watch Trailer
Watch the full length documentary here: The Film

FloSports, the parent company of FloTrack, is proud to present its first feature film "Terry." Produced by FloFilms, the department responsible for documentaries across FloSports' 11 sites, "Terry" is the story of Iowa wrestling associate head coach Terry Brands, whose competitive spirit and tenacity have earned him icon status in the sport. While this film centers around wrestling, we think running fans will relate to the drama inherent in competing at the highest levels.