2016 NCAA D1 Indoor Championships

9 NCAA Athletes Could've made the World Team at USAs

9 NCAA Athletes Could've made the World Team at USAs

This past weekend, USAs and NCAAs competed at the same time. Because of this some star NCAA athletes had to make a choice between their school and their cou

Mar 15, 2016 by Gordon Mack
9 NCAA Athletes Could've made the World Team at USAs
This past weekend, USAs and NCAAs competed at the same time. Because of this some star NCAA athletes had to make a choice between their school and their country. So, we decided to take a look at the results and see how the American NCAA athletes would have faired at USAs.

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Here is the top eight based on the marks achieved at their respective championship meets. Note: We did not compare the 800/Mile/3k due to the fact that these races tend to be tactical, thus time is irrelevant.

9 NCAA athletes would have been top 2 at USAs.

NOTE: Courtney Okolo (Texas - 4x4 Pool) and Keturah Orji (Georgia - TJ) were given invites


60 1 Ronnie Baker SR TCU 6.47
60 2 Cameron Burrell JR Houston 6.48
60 3 Marvin Bracy NA adidas 6.51
60 4 Trayvon Bromell NA New Balance 6.51
60 5 Christian Coleman SO Tennessee 6.52
60 6 John Teeters JR Oklahoma State 6.53
60 7 Trell Kimmons NA adidas 6.55
60 8 D'Angelo Cherry NA Sprint Athletics TC 6.57
400 1 Vernon Norwood NA New Balance 45.80
400 2 Kyle Clemons NA adidas 45.95
400 3 Zack Bilderback SR Texas 46.03
400 4 Elvyonn Bailey NA Unattached 46.22
400 5 Nathan Strother SO Tennessee 46.28
400 6 Michael Cherry JR LSU 46.34
400 7 Calvin Smith NA adidas 46.42
400 8 Arman Hall SR Florida 46.44
60H 1 Jarret Eaton NA Unattached 7.52
60H 2 Devon Allen SO Oregon 7.56
60H 3 Spencer Adams NA Basics TC 7.58
60H 4 Jeff Porter NA Nike 7.61
60H 5 Freddie Crittenden III JR Syracuse 7.64
60H 6 Kevin Craddock NA Unattached 7.68
60H 7 Aaron Mallett JR Iowa 7.70
60H 8 Marcus McWilliams FR Houston 7.71
HJ 1 Erik Kynard NA Brand Jordan 2.29m
HJ 2 Bryan McBride NA Unattached 2.26m
HJ 3 Deante Kemper NA Unattached 2.26m
HJ 4 Trey Culver SO Texas Tech 2.23m
HJ 5 Ricky Robertson NA Unattached 2.18m
HJ 6 Hoova Taylor NA Unattached 2.18m
HJ 6 Justin Frick NA Shore AC 2.18m
HJ 8 Taylor Smith JR Air Force 2.18m
HJ 8 Anthony May NA Unattached 2.18m
LJ 1 Marquis Dendy NA Nike 8.41m
LJ 2 Jeffery Henderson NA NAI 8.05m
LJ 3 Marquise Goodwin NA Nike 8.05m
LJ 4 Jarrion Lawson SR Arkansas 7.95m
LJ 5 Jonathan Addison SR NC State 7.93m
LJ 6 Lavon Allen NA Shore AC 7.75m
LJ 7 KeAndre Bates SO Florida 7.73m
LJ 8 Eric Sloan JR USC 7.69m
PV 1 Sam Kendricks NA Nike 5.90m
PV 2 Mike Arnold NA Unattached 5.60m
PV 3 Sam Pierson NA Above The Bar 5.50m
PV 3 Adam Bragg NA Unattached 5.50m
PV 3 Joey Uhle NA U S A F 5.50m
PV 3 Cale Simmons NA Unattached 5.50m
PV 7 Jeffrey Coover NA Unattached 5.50m
PV 7 Zach Siegmeier NA Twin Cities T C 5.50m
SP 1 Ryan Crouser SR Texas 21.28m
SP 2 Kurt Roberts NA Nike 20.08m
SP 3 Reese Hoffa NA Nike / NYAC 20.07m
SP 4 JC Murasky SR Ohio State 20.03m
SP 5 Chukwuebuka Enekwechi SR Purdue 19.95m
SP 6 Jonathan Jones NA Unattached 19.94m
SP 7 Matt DeChant NA Unattached 19.48m
SP 8 Josh Freeman SR Southern Illinois 19.38m
TJ 1 Chris Carter NA Unattached 17.06m
TJ 2 Omar Craddock NA adidas 16.96m
TJ 3 Chris Benard NA Unattached 16.93m
TJ 4 Donald Scott NA Unattached 16.71m
TJ 5 Matthew Oneal SR South Florida 16.60m
TJ 6 Eric Sloan JR USC 16.35m
TJ 7 Nate Moore SO Oregon 16.31m
TJ 8 Shawn Johnson SR Auburn 16.29m
WT 1 Colin Dunbar NA Unattached 23.96m
WT 2 Alexander Young SR SE Louisiana 23.80m
WT 3 Chukwuebuka Enekwechi SR Purdue 23.65m
WT 4 Cameron Brown SR Tennessee 23.54m
WT 5 A.G. Kruger NA Nike 23.24m
WT 6 Sean Donnelly NA Unattached 23.05m
WT 7 Michael Lihrman NA Unattached 23.02m
WT 8 Greg Skipper SR Oregon 22.55m


60 1 Barbara Pierre NA Nike 7.00
60 2 Teahna Daniels FR Texas 7.11
60 3 Hannah Cunliffe SO Oregon 7.12
60 4 Tori Bowie NA adidas 7.15
60 5 Mikiah Brisco SO LSU 7.17
60 5 Tianna Bartoletta NA Nike 7.17
60 7 Jenna Prandini NA PUMA 7.18
60 8 Jasmine Todd JR Oregon 7.19
60 8 Mikele Barber NA adidas Garden St 7.19
400 1 Courtney Okolo SR Texas 50.69
400 2 Quanera Hayes NA Nike 51.09
400 3 Ashley Spencer NA Nike 51.29
400 4 Natasha Hastings NA Under Armour / NYAC 51.34
400 5 Taylor Ellis-Watson SR Arkansas 51.51
400 6 Shamier Little JR Texas A&M 51.74
400 7 Phyllis Francis NA Nike 52.08
400 8 Margaret Bamgbose SR Notre Dame 52.12
60H 1 Brianna Rollins NA Nike 7.76
60H 2 Kendra Harrison NA adidas 7.77
60H 3 Queen Harrison NA ASICS 7.83
60H 4 Janay DeLoach NA Nike 7.86
60H 5 Sasha Wallace JR Oregon 7.91
60H 6 Sharika Nelvis NA adidas 7.94
60H 7 Kristi Castlin NA Unattached 7.96
60H 8 Mikiah Brisco SO LSU 8.04
HJ 1 Vasthi Cunningham NA Unattached 1.99m
HJ 2 Elizabeth Patterson NA Unattached 1.93m
HJ 3 Chaunte Lowe NA Nike 1.93m
HJ 4 Zibby Boyer NA Unattached 1.90m
HJ 5 Rachel McCoy NA Unattached 1.85m
HJ 5 Susan Jackson NA Unattached 1.85m
HJ 7 Dakota Dailey-Harris SR Miami 1.84m
HJ 8 Erika Hurd SR Cincinnati 1.84m
LJ 1 Brittney Reese NA Nike 6.89m
LJ 2 Quanesha Burks JR Alabama 6.80m
LJ 3 Janay DeLoach NA Nike 6.64m
LJ 4 Andrea Geubelle NA Unattached 6.57m
LJ 5 Sha'Keela Saunders JR Kentucky 6.56m
LJ 6 Funmi Jimoh NA Unattached 6.55m
LJ 7 Keturah Orji SO Georgia 6.48m
LJ 8 Kendell Williams JR Georgia 6.45m
PV 1 Sandi Morris NA Nike 4.95m
PV 2 Jenn Suhr NA adidas 4.90m
PV 3 Demi Payne NA Unattached 4.85m
PV 4 Kristen Hixson NA Unattached 4.65m
PV 5 Mary Saxer NA Nike / NYAC 4.65m
PV 6 Alexis Weeks FR Arkansas 4.63m
PV 7 Megan Clark SR Duke 4.50m
PV 7 Leslie Brost NA Twin Cities TC 4.50m
PV 7 Katie Nageotte NA Unattached 4.50m
SP 1 Michelle Carter NA Nike / NYAC 19.49m
SP 2 Jill Camarena-Williams NA Nike / NYAC 18.64m
SP 3 Jeneva Stevens NA NYAC 18.56m
SP 4 Brittany Smith NA Nike 18.50m
SP 5 Felisha Johnson NA Nike 18.29m
SP 6 Dani Winters SR Kansas State 17.97m
SP 7 Cassie Wertman SR Tennessee 17.68m
SP 8 Christina Hillman SR Iowa State 17.63m
TJ 1 Keturah Orji SO Georgia 14.12m
TJ 2 Christina Epps NA adidas Garden St 14.05m
TJ 3 Tori Franklin NA Unattached 13.66m
TJ 4 Imani Oliver NA Unattached 13.59m
TJ 5 Andrea Geubelle NA Unattached 13.57m
TJ 6 Simone Charley JR Vanderbilt 13.41m
TJ 7 April Sinkler NA NAI 13.36m
TJ 8 Natasha Dicks JR South Carolina 13.35m
WT 1 Gwen Berry NA Nike / NYAC 24.35m
WT 2 Amber Campbell NA Nike / Mjolnir 24.19m
WT 3 Felisha Johnson NA Nike 23.53m
WT 4 Jessica Ramsey NA Unattached 22.70m
WT 5 Vesta Bell SR UC Riverside 22.42m
WT 6 Dolly Nyemah JR Louisville 22.21m
WT 7 Amanda Bingson NA Nike / NYAC 22.05m
WT 8 Ashley Jenkins SR Sam Houston St. 21.54m

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