2016 The Bowerman Award Ceremony

Bowerman Debate: Cheserek's Indoor Triple vs. Lawson's Outdoor Triple

Bowerman Debate: Cheserek's Indoor Triple vs. Lawson's Outdoor Triple

Bowerman Debate: Cheserek's Indoor Triple vs. Lawson's Outdoor Triple

Dec 13, 2016 by Gordon Mack
Bowerman Debate: Cheserek's Indoor Triple vs. Lawson's Outdoor Triple
Two of the 2016 Bowerman finalists pulled off notable triples this past season. Oregon's Edward Cheserek won the indoor 5,000m, distance medley relay, and 3,000m in March. Arkansas's Jarrion Lawson won the outdoor long jump, 100m, and 200m in June. The question is, which triple was more impressive? We decided to break down both feats and compare the two.


8:05PM Wins the 5,000m final in 13:47 over Thomas Curtin, Pierce Murphy and Futsum Zienasellassie

8:19PM Rest/recovery for 31 minutes

8:50PM Wins the distance medley relay final with a 3:52 1600m anchor leg over Izaic Yorks, Sean Tobin and Sean McGorty

8:54PM Rest/recovery for 21.25 hours

6:10PM Wins the 3,000m final in 8:00 over Sean McGorty, Justyn Knight and Izaic Yorks


4:32PM Runs the second leg of the 4x100m semifinal winning their heat in 38.71

4:33PM Rest/recovery for 75 minutes

5:48PM Wins the 100m semifinal in 10.13

5:49PM Rest/recovery for 20 minutes

6:09PM Starts long jumping

6:44PM Finishes second in the 200m semifinal in 20.28

7:00PM Finishes long jump competition with a 8.15m jump over Roelf Pienaar, KeAndre Bates and Corey Crawford


8:02PM Rest/recovery for 45.5 hours

5:32PM Runs the second leg of the 4x100m final finishing 3rd overall in 38.49

5:33PM Rest/recovery for 49 minutes

6:22PM Wins the 100m final in 10.22 over Christian Coleman, Senoj-Jay Givans and Cameron Burrell

6:23PM Rest/recovery for 44 minutes

7:07PM Wins the 200m final in 20.19 over Christian Coleman, Brendon Rodney and Renard Howell (Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake was hurt)


Looking over who Cheserek and Lawson had to defeat in order to win their three titles, Cheserek's competition looks to be far superior. Yorks, McGorty, and Knight were extremely good in 2016. Meanwhile, Lawson benefited from Trayvon Bromell and Andre DeGrasse turning pro plus the injury to LSU's Nethaneel Mitchell-Blake.

Advantage: Cheserek

While Cheserek's 31-minute recovery between the 5K and DMR is impressive, the amount of races/jumps Lawson had to do was a more daunting task. Six races and six jumps in two three-hour time slots is a lot to handle.

Advantage: Lawson

Cheserek's 5k and 3k times were not impressive; however his 3:52 1600m split was very good. Similarly, Lawson's 200m and 100m times were sub-par, but his 8.15m jump was the only mark over 8 meters that day.


The last person to pull off Cheserek's triple was Galen Rupp, an eventual two-time Olympic medalist. The last person to pull off Lawson's triple was Jesse Owens, an eventual four-time Olympic gold medalist. While Jesse Owens overall is obviously a greater athlete than Rupp, both men were incredible collegiate athletes.


You make the call: which triple was more impressive? Edward Cheserek's 5K/1600m (DMR)/3K or Jarrion Lawson's long jump/100m/200m?