2017 Boston Marathon & B.A.A. 5k/Mile

LIVE UPDATES: Boston Marathon

LIVE UPDATES: Boston Marathon

Follow mile-by-mile live updates of the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Apr 17, 2017 by Taylor Dutch
LIVE UPDATES: Boston Marathon
Follow along with mile-by-mile live updates of the 2017 Boston Marathon.

Pre-race interviews
Men's preview
Women's preview

The women's race starts at 9:30 ET and the men begin at 10:00 ET. With four of the six Team USA Olympians headlining the field, this year's Boston Marathon is poised to be a historic event. On the men's side, Olympic bronze medalist Galen Rupp is making his Boston Marathon debut 35 years after his coach Alberto Salazar won the foot race. 2014 champion Meb Keflezighi will compete in his final competitive Boston Marathon, and defending champion Lemi Berhanu Hayle is returning to lead a strong group of sub-2:05 talent. On the women's side, defending champion Atsede Baysa is looking to repeat and should face a tough challenger in Gladys Cherono. Desi Linden will compete in her first marathon since placing seventh at the Olympic Games last summer, and Jordan Hasay's marathon debut will also be a much anticipated performance.

1 Women: 5:55 (2:35 pace)

Men: 4:52 (2:06-07 pace)
The women's field is out relatively conservative. Still very much a close pack with defending champion Atsede Baysa leading the charge, Jordan Hasay is right on her shoulder and Desi Linden is running alongside her. Everyone in the mix early on.

In the men's race, the leaders went out in sub-2:04 pace for the first 1K! Will likely slow down soon. Large pack of 20 or so men.
2 Women: 5:36 (2:26-27 pace)

Men: 5:01 (just over 2:11 pace)
The women have picked it up big time. Baysa is charging ahead just a few steps, Buzunesh Deba is right behind her and the rest of the pack is two steps behind. Everyone still looks calm and comfortable.

The men's pack is huge. Meb is running up front just a step ahead of Galen Rupp. The pack is running tight together.
3 Women: 5:37 (2:26-27 pace)

Men: 5:01, 5K split - 15:25 (2:10 pace)
Buzunesh Deba keeps tucking behind race leader Atesde Baysa. The pack is still together, consists of 15 or so women. Americans Jordan Hasay, Lindsey Flanagan, and Desi Linden in the mix.

5K split: 17:45 - Atsede Baysa

Men came through 5K in 15:25, Mutai has shot to the front and the pack has strung out slightly, Meb, Galen and Puskedra visible in the pack.
4 Women: 5:32 (2:24-2:25 pace)

Men: 4:46 (just over 2:04:30 pace)
Desi Linden has shot to the front, Atesde Baysa takes one step back. The pack remains intact. Desi is cruisin!

Emmanuel Mutai is two steps or so ahead of the pack. Once he completes the race, he will be the first athlete to complete all of the Abbott World Marathon Major races.
5 Women: 5:44 (just under 2:30 pace)

Men: 4:58 (just under 2:11 pace)
Americans update: Desi continues to lead the front pack, Jordan is in the mix, and Flanagan has fallen off the lead pack slightly. Desi is about two steps ahead of the pack. Baysa, Kosgei and Cherono are lined up behind her. Pack has strung out slightly.

Rupp and Mutai are now sharing leading duties.
6 Women: 5:21 (2:20 pace)

Men: 4:47 (just over 2:04)
Buzunesh Deba has fallen off the lead back, now 10 meters or so behind. Desi still rolling out front. She is no stranger to running in heat, was 7th in Rio last summer at the Olympic Games. It's about 70 degrees now.

10K split: 34:58 - Desi Linden

The men have picked up the pace a bit. Emmanuel Mutai leads a couple steps ahead of Galen Rupp and Meb Keflezighi who lead the pack behind him. Temperatures are heating up, it's 77 degrees now on the course.
7 Women: 5:35 (2:26 pace)

Men: 4:47 (just over 2:04 pace)
Desi keeps cruising up ahead, Joyce Chepkirui keeps pushing with her.

Emmanuel Mutai is still leading the pack of 10 athletes or so. Rupp is cruising behind him and Meb is on his shoulder. We can see Americans Jared Ward and Luke Puskedra just off the lead pack, about 10-15 meters behind.
8 Women: 5:27 (around 2:23 pace)

Men: 4:55 (2:08:54)
Desi is now two steps or so ahead of the pack, Kosgei on her heels. The pack hasn't changed too much, still major players - Baysa, Cherono, Chepkirui in the mix.

Emmanuel Mutai continues to lead, not many changes in the top pack.
9 Women: 5:19 (just under 2:19 pace)

Men: 4:58
Lead pack has strung out slightly with Des dropping it down a bit. Going up a hill and Desi is hardly phased, she is now 10 meters ahead of the pack. The last 5K was split in 16:57. Fastest mile split of the race.

The lead pack of men is now down to 15 or so. The pace has slowed down just slightly. Race leader Emmanuel Mutai is returning from a year which included a 12th-place finish in Berlin and a 7th-place finish in Tokyo.
10 Women: 5:26 (just over 2:22 pace)

Men: 5:04 (just under 2:13 pace)
Desi continues to lead the way. If Desi wins this race, she will be the first American woman since 1985 to win the Boston Marathon.

Americans Jared Ward and Luke Puskedra have joined the lead pack now. They were previously 10 meters or so behind the lead pack.
11 Women: 5:33 (around 2:25 pace)

Men: 5:02 (2:12 or so pace)
Big changes in the lead pack, defending champion Atsede Baysa and Buzenesh Deba have dropped off. Desi continues to lead a pack which is now nine women.

The men's pack has strung out quite a bit. Mutai remaining in the lead, Meb has fallen off the back about 15 meters or so behind the lead pack of 12.
12 Women: 5:17 (around 2:18 pace)

Men: 4:45 (2:04:30)
Desi still running tough, Kosgei, Kipketir. The last mile was the fastest split of the day so far. Jordan Hasay is also looking very strong.

No one is trying to take the lead away from Emmanuel Mutai. He's only a step or two ahead, but no one is pushing it too hard at this point.
13 (& Half Marathon) Women: 5:29/Half Marathon split - 1:12:24 (just over 2:24 pace)

Men: 4:58/Half Marathon split - 1:04:35 (about 2:09 pace)
The women have slowed down a bit at the halfway point, but came through as a pack in 1:12:24. Valentine Kipketir has shot to the front, pack is now down to seven.

The lead pack is now being pushed by Geoffrey Kirui and Emmanuel Mutai and Abdi Abdirahman.
14 Women: 5:23 (2:20 pace)

Men: 4:51
Lead women haven't changed at all, Kipketir is leading the pack still and Kosgei is on her shoulder.

Pace has quickened with Abdi Abdirahman now leading the pack. This marathon performance follows a breakthrough third-place finish at the 2016 New York City Marathon.
Women: 5:39 (just under 2:28:30 pace)

Men: 5:19
If Jordan Hasay maintains her pace, she is on pace to run faster than the best debut made by an American, which was Kara Goucher's 2:25:53 in New York (2008).

Abdi led through the split, but Galen Rupp has now moved to the front of the pack and defending champion Lemi Berhanu Hayle on his shoulder.
16 Women: 5:13 (2:16 pace)

Men: 4:53
Desi has fallen off quite a bit. She is now behind the pack but still moving well. Jordan remains in the group. Desi is apparently 22 seconds back now.

The pack has broken into two. Defending champ Lemi Berhanu Hayle leading with Rupp, Kirui, Suguru, Abdi, Kitwara
17 Women: 5:32 (about 2:25 pace)

Men: 5:16
Desi has come back from being 22 seconds back! She is now right back with the leaders, looking strong, rejuvenated.

The pace keeps flip flopping big time. The last mile was 5:16, the lead pack is now 8 men. Galen Rupp is two steps ahead of the pack now. Remember, Rupp got a cortisone shot in his foot to treat his plantar after running the Prague Half Marathon two weeks ago. He says he's been feeling much healthier since.
18 Women: 5:29

Men: 5:11
Desi has fallen back once again. The lead pack is now down to four - Gladys Cherono, Edna Kiplagat, Jordan Hasay, and Rose Chelimo.

Men's race lead pack is down to six men. Waiting for someone to make a big move.
19 Women: 5:22

Men: 5:11
Big moves being made in the women's race, Edna Kiplagat has broken away from the pack. She is stretching her lead over Chelimo and Hasay who are fully strung out now. This is Kiplagat's Boston debut. She has won the London and New York Marathon.

Galen Rupp is still leading after the last water station, the pace has slowed through the hills a bit. Last mile was same pace as mile 18. Sammy Kitwara, Geoffrey Kirui, Abdi, Suguru Osako, Wilson Chebet now occupy the lead pack. Abdi just threw his glasses off.
20 Women: 5:01

Men: 5:04
Kiplagat is GONE. She throws down a 5:01 last mile. Chelimo is seen behind her, and Hasay is visible in third currently.

The men are picking it up just a bit, Galen still leading but now the lead pack is down to three - Rupp, Kirui and Abdi! This is Kirui's Boston Marathon debut. It's down to those three now.
21 Women: 5:22

Men: 5:01
Kiplagat is not messing around, just cruising solo here with no other competitors in sight. Rose Chelimo, Gladys Cherono are running in 2-3 places. We've heard that Jordan is now in fourth-place.

It is now down to Geoffrey Kirui and Galen Rupp! Abdi has fallen off the lead pack. Kirui has one step ahead of Rupp now but the two are running together.
22 Women: 5:09

Men: 4:39
Edna Kiplagat now has a 28-second lead on the field. This is her Boston debut and she's crushing it.

The pace has really dropped now! Kirui still one step ahead of Rupp, Rupp keying off of him.
23 Women: 5:04

Men: 4:46
Kiplagat's lead has blown up to 48 seconds! Chelimo and Cherono are nowhere in sight. She's picking up speed in these final miles. She's running faster than the men at this point.

Kirui has broken Rupp. He leads the field by a considerable amount now. The gap between first and second is now 12 seconds. 
24 Women: 5:02

Men: 4:27
She is still picking up speed! In the toughest moments of the race, Kiplagat keeps throwing down a solo increase in speed.

Fastest mile split of the day made by Kirui. He's rolling now. Rupp is still running in second. 40K split for Kirui was 2:02:53. Rupp came through in 2:03:14, 16 seconds behind him. 
25 Women: 5:17

Men: 4:49
Rose Chelimo continues to hold the runner-up spot, and Jordan Hasay has moved up to third. One Mile left! Hasay is on 2:23:21 pace! She is projected to crush the record for an American debut made by a woman. The fastest debut was made by Kara Goucher in 2008.

Kirui looks incredibly comfortable, even after easing off the pace. The crowd is roaring now. Rupp is about 20 seconds behind him. 


Edna Kiplagat is your Boston Marathon champion! She takes the win in 2:21:52. Rose Chelimo claims second in 2:22:51 and Jordan Hasay places third in the fastest debut made by an American woman in the marathon! Hasay finishes in 2:23:00!!!!!! The previous fastest debut was 2:25:53 made by Kara Goucher. Desi Linden fought back for fourth to finish in 2:25:06. Gladys Cherono closed for fifth overall in 2:27:20. 

This is Kirui's first completed marathon and he crushed it! Geoffrey Kirui claims the victory in the men's race with a winning time of 2:09:37! Galen Rupp takes second in 2:09:58! His Nike Oregon Project teammate Suguru Osako takes third in 2:10:28.