2017 Payton Jordan Invitational

At Least 13 National Records Could Go Down At Payton Jordan

At Least 13 National Records Could Go Down At Payton Jordan

These are the national records that could go down at Payton Jordan.

May 4, 2017 by Dennis Young
At Least 13 National Records Could Go Down At Payton Jordan
A quick look at the Payton Jordan heat sheets shows that at least 13 national records are in danger. And the beauty of Payton is that deep fields and perfect conditions mean that anyone can have a breakout race.

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There are three categories of records that could go down on Friday night: improbable but possible ones, athletes looking to break their own records, and athletes on the verge of setting new ones.

The longshots

The Japanese and Australian national 10K records will require 30-second PRs on Friday night. But crazier things have happened.

Event Nation Current record (athlete) Sex Athlete threatening (PB)
10K Japan 30:48.89 (Yoko Shibui) W Hanami Sekine (31:22)
10K Japan 30:48.89 (Yoko Shibui) W Ayuko Suzuki (31:18)
10K Australia 27:24.95 (Ben St. Lawrence) M Patrick Tiernan (27:59)

They already have the record

This is the most likely set of records to go. Campbell ran 13:14 indoors in February, and Lahti, Lalonde, Hinriksdottir, and Ostos Cruz ran their national records in 2016.

Event Nation Time Athlete Sex
10K Sweden 31:28.43 Sarah Lahti W
10K Peru 27:54.80 Luis Fernando Ostos Cruz M
5K Jamaica 13:20.39 Kemoy Campbell M
Steeple Canada 9:30.24 Genevieve Lalonde W
Steeple Argentina 9:42.13 Belen Casetta W
Steeple Venezuela 8:20.87 José Gregorio Peña M
800 Iceland 2:00.14 Anita Hinriksdottir W

The records most likely to change hands

Ahmed, Paredas, and Hassan have excellent chances to break their national records. Bahta does too, but she'll be running against Lahti, the current national record holder. And Robertson will be looking to break his twin brother's national record.

Event Nation Current record (athlete) Sex Athlete threatening (PB)
10K Canada 27:07.51 (Cam Levins) M Mo Ahmed (27:43, 13:01 5K)
10K New Zealand 27:33.60 (Zane Robertson) M Jake Robertson (27:45)
5K Netherlands 14:56.43 (Lorna Kiplagat) W Sifan Hassan (14:59)
10K Sweden 31:28.43 (Sarah Lahti) W Meraf Bahta (14:49 5K)
5K Colombia 15:35.3 (Carolina Tabares) W Muriel Cuneo Paredas (15:41)

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