LIVE UPDATES: 2017 Chicago Marathon

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Follow along with mile-by-mile live updates of the 2017 Chicago Marathon.

Pre-race interviews
Race preview

The 2017 Chicago Marathon unfolds Sunday in the Windy City, and this year will mark the 40th running of the prestigious event. As one of the six Abbott World Marathon Majors, Chicago brings out big names every year in pursuit not only of the $100,000 winner's purse, but also of the 25 points toward a potential $250,000 end-of-year payout. The race is rife with drama: world record holder Dennis Kimetto hopes to right the ship of his career against six other sub-2:07 performers; Galen Rupp is looking fit; Tirunesh Dibaba is following up her stunning 2:17 against two-time defending champ Florence Kiplagat; and a potential American marathon star in Jordan Hasay may be born.

1 Men: 5:03

Women: 5:18
Men: Massive pack with Aaron Braun leading by a slight margin. Pedestrian so far.

Women: Similarly packed up.
2 Men: 5:07 (10:10)

Women: 5:09 (10:27)
Men: Big pack remains as pace slows even further in 2nd mile. But pace is picking up

Women: Dibaba leads the field with Hasay tempting no woman's land. Hasay about 5m back. It's fast so far.
3 Men: 5:05 (15:42 5k)

Women: ? (16:07 5k)
Men: Big pack, no one wants to go yet, but...

Women: Dibaba going for it early. On 2:16 pace. Would be a CR and women's only WR. And, Hasay up there. Wow. 
4 Men: 5:02 (20:12)

Women: ? (20:44)
Men: Braun continues to lead as pace stick around 5 minutes/mile. Favorites content to chill. 2:12 pace.

Women: Reports are that Hasay starting to fall back. Women on crazy 2:15 pace.
5 Men: 5:08 (25:10)

Women: ?
Men: Emmanuel Bett slides to the lead. He was just added to the field on Friday.

6 Men: 5:08 (30:18) (31:22 10k)

Women: (31:16 6m) (32:28 10k)
Men: Braun back to the front as men hit first aid station. Big pack behind him

Women: Slowed slightly to about 2:17 pace. But a fearless Dibaba leads. Hasay back up there! Course record again- 2:17:18.
7 Men: 4:54 (35:16)

Women: 5:28 (36:44)
Men: Pace is picking up now.

Women: Dibaba leads with Hasay in rearview mirror. Pace is slowing, now off CR pace. Still fast though!
8 Men: 5:05 (40:21)

Women: 5:12 (41:56)
Men: Braun leads pack of about 20 with all the major players still there. Another slow down has us on 2:12 pace still.

Women: Pace picks up again, now just off course record pace.
9 Men: 5:03 (45:24) (47:02 15k)

Women: 5:17 (47:13) (49:02 15k)
Men: Not much has changed, but Braun relinquishes the lead. Everyone still in it.

Women: Dibaba leads with Hasay and Kiplagat right there. On 2:17:33 pace (CR is 2:17:18).. But now, Jordan Hasay takes the lead! Whoa
10 Men: 4:59 (50:23)

Women: 5:25 (52:38)
Men: Bett leads a huge pack. Slightly faster than earlier.

Women: Dibaba back to the lead, Hasay in front pack still.
11 Men: 5:03 (55:26)

Women: 5:19 (57:57)
Men: 22 men up front right now as pace sticks near 5 minutes/mile.

Women: Dibaba in charge up front with Kiplagat, Kipketer, Kosgei and Hasay there. 2:18:07 pace. Hasay on pace to smash 2:19:36 American record.
12 Men: 5:05 (60:31) (62:41 20k)

Women: 5:18 (63:15) (65:23 20k)
Men: Now Braun pushing pace again with a slight lead. But still tactical. 2:12 pace.

Women: Dibaba has a slight edge up front with group of 5 still there. Dibaba seems most comfortable leading. Field says 'go for it'. 2:18 pace still.
13 (& Half Marathon) Men: 5:04 (65:36) (66:06 at halfway)

Women: 5:20 (68:35) (69:10 at halfway)
Men: Braun leads slightly, just above 66 minutes at halfway. Expect it to pick up soon.

Women: Dibaba starting to ramp it up and separate. Hasay falling back. Kosgei hanging tough.
14 Men: 5:05 70:44

Women: 5:09 (1:13:48)
Men: Pack starts to break up. Bett up front with all the major players besides Kimetto up there.

Women: It's Dibaba and Kosgei with Hasay and Kiplagat falling back. 2:18 pacee
Men: 4:55 (1:15:38) (1:18:13 25k)

Women: 5:20 (1:19:08) (1:21:56 25k)
Men: Pace is starting to quicken. Puskedra and Estrada among those falling back. Rupp and Derrick right there.

Women: It's Dibaba and Kosgei. 2:18:19 pace. Hasay about 20 seconds back now, in third place.
16 Men: 4:48 (1:20:34)

Women: 5:20 (1:24:28)
Men: Defending champ Abel Kirui up front now, pack still very big.

17 Men: 4:48 (1:25:14)

Women: ?
Men: Things are getting serious now. Field drops a 4:40 mile, by far fastest of the day.

Women: Dibaba looks strong but she hasn't dropped Kosgei yet.
18 Men: 4:54 (1:30:08)

Women: (1:35:00) (1:38:28 30k)
Men: Chris Derrick having a great debut thus far. He's up front now with 10-15 other men.

Women: Dibaba leads, Kosgei still there. On 2:18:16 pace. Hasay 37 seconds back. (1:35:37) Still on AR pace.
19 Men: 5:11 (1:33:20 30k) (1:35:19 19 miles)

Women: 5:24 (1:40:25)
Men: Now Rupp to the front side-by-side with Kirui. Doesn't look like he wants to lead this early though. Derrick back to the front.

Women: It's Dibaba and Kosgei. Kosgei somehow still up there, despite only having a 2:24 PR. 
20 Men: 4:57 (1:40:09)

Women: 5:14 (1:45:38)
Men: The slow down at mile 19 allowed runners who had fallen back to get back up to the front pack. Kirui, Tadese, Rupp, Derrick, Chelanga, Lilesa all there.

Women: Now Dibaba drops Kosgei and suddenly it's her race to lose. Reports are that Hasay is 42 seconds or so back. 2:18:30 pace for Dibaba. Hasay on pace to break American course record in Chicago.
21 Men: 1:45:16 (1:48:21 35k)

Women: 5:20 1:50:58
Men: Big changes as pace is speeding up. Rupp still there but Derrick is gone. It's Rupp, Kirui, Lemma, Sambu, Kipyego.

Women: It's Dibaba alone. 1:52:16 for Hasay. That's 2:20 pace!
22 Men: 4:39 (1:49:57)

Women: 5:16 (1:56:14)
Men: Sambu is struggling to hang. It's Kirui, Lemma, Rupp, and Kipyego. Very fast now. Now it's just Kirui, Lemma, and Rupp. Gotta like Rupp's speed here.

Women: Dibaba by herself. Just passes 22 miles on 2:18:27 pace. Hasay 1:57:47 at this split.
 23 Men: 4:33 (1:54:30)

Women: 2:01:23
Men: Kirui, Rupp, Lemma. They are hammering now. With about 5k to go. Rupp looking good. NOW Rupp to the lead! Galen Rupp has dropped the hammer, Kirui trying to catch up. 

Women: Dibaba dominating.
24 Rupp: 4:30 (1:59:00) (2:03:06)

Men: Galen Rupp just has Kirui to worry about. But he looks well on his way to becoming first American to win since 2002.

25 Rupp: 4:35 (2:03:35 with one to go)

Dibaba: 2:12:06
Galen Rupp is going to win!

2:08:08 at 26 for Rupp Rupp finishing up now. Galen Rupp wins!

Dibaba about to finish. Hasay still on pace to break US course record!

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