LIVE UPDATES: TCS New York City Marathon

Meb's Last Marathon
Follow along with mile-by-mile live updates of the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon.

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1 Women: 6:43

Men: 5:39
Note: Mile 1 and mile 2 splits will not be available over the first bridge so the first split we will see is as mile 3.

WOMEN: Thank you for joining us! It's 9:20 a.m. and the women are all lined up and ready to go.

The pro women's field has started and they are all off the line. Again, this is the 15th-year of the women's elite start. From Staten Island, they will head to Brooklyn and through the boroughs of Manhattan. The first mile is usually pretty slow, and as a reminder, we won't have splits until mile 3 as the runners will be crossing the bridge during the beginning of the race.

Some early observations, NAZ Elite's Kellyn Taylor is running the tangent behind current early leader Sara Dossena, an Italian runner who is making her marathon debut.

According to Erin Strout from Runner's World, the unofficial first mile split was 6:48. A slow start, but the first mile of this course is always tough. Just heard from officials that the first mile was actually 6:43.

MEN: It's 9:50 and the men are off the starting line in Staten Island! Early leader of the men's race is Wilson Kipsang.

Fredrik Uhrbom of Sweden is pulling away slightly over the bridge, just a few steps ahead of the group.

Just got word that the men are through the first mile split in 5:39. Now Tadesse Abraham is leading the group as they close in on Brooklyn.
2 Women: 12:41 (2 mile split)

Men: not available
WOMEN: Dossena is 32-years-old and holds a half marathon personal best of 70:39 from May of this year. She also won the 10K at the Italian national championships in May.

Mary Keitany is cruising in the back of the front pack. Keitany has won this race for the past three years in a row, and most recently broke the women's-only world record when she won the London Marathon in April.

The second mile was quite a bit faster than the first. 12:41 for the split so just under 6:00.

MEN: A few lead exchanges, but everyone still very much together. The pace was a bit hotter than the women's start.
3 Women: 5:54, 18:36 (3 mile split)

Men: 15:40 (3 mile split), 16:12 (5K split)
WOMEN: As soon as the field crossed the 5K split, Buzunesh Deba assumed the lead heading into the first fluid station. The field still hasn't picked it up significantly, a 5:54 for the last mile split and 18:36 for 3 miles. 19:09 through 5K.

Dossena keeps maintaining just a few steps ahead of the rest of the pack. The Americans, Shalane Flanagan, Stephanie Bruce, and Kellyn Taylor are running on the left side of the front pack, all looking patient, comfortable.

MEN: 15:40 through the first three miles and 16:12 through 5K. Just got word that Abdi Abdirahman fell at the first water station and is now trying to catch up to the front pack. That is definitely a tough way to start a race, hopefully he can fight his way back up.
4 Women: 5:49

Men: 5:00
WOMEN: They are picking it up slightly through the fourth mile, a 5:49, the fastest mile so far.

Mary Keitany has moved up to the front of the line as Dossena continues to carry the lead just a few steps ahead of the group.

MEN: A 5:00 mile through mile 4, led by Ghirmay Ghebreslassie. Just after the pack crossed the split, Meb Keflezighi made his way to the front of the pack. Fans today will be witnessing his 26th and final career marathon.
5 Women: 5:38

Men: 4:51
WOMEN: Buzunesh Deba has made her way to the lead as they head into another fluid station. Deba lives and trains in the Bronx. This is definitely her home course. She was seventh in the Boston Marathon this year.

She leads the group through the fifth mile in 5:38, the fastest mile of the day so far. She continues to extend her lead and now holds 20 or so meters on the rest of the pack.

MEN: Despite falling at the first fluid station, Abdi has made his way back to the pack and is now leading the men's race! That mile was 17 seconds faster than his last mile!
6 Women: 5:37, 36:52 (10K split)

Men: 5:07, 31:55 (10K split)
WOMEN: Deba's surge of pace has made the women's top pack string out slightly. Everyone is still very much in contention. They are currently on 2:35 marathon pace so pretty conservative.

The 10K split was 36:52, so the last 5K was 17:44. It appears that the pack has grouped up again.

MEN: After working his way to the lead, Abdi brings the pack through the sixth mile in 5:07. Now Ghebreslassie is back up front after the last fluid station.
7 Women: 5:37

Men: 5:01
WOMEN: Dossena is back up front as the group is still very much a tight pack, now maintaining pace.

MEN: Meb brings the pack through a quicker pace in 5:01 for that last mile, looks to be pushing now on the far side of the street while Kipsang leads the bulk of the pack near the sidewalk.
8 Women: 5:48

Men: 4:53
WOMEN: The pace has dropped again, no one has made a significant move just yet.

MEN: The men have picked it up again with a 4:53 last mile led by Ghebreslassie. The men's lead pack has dwindled down to the favorites. Ghebreslassie continues to lead while Abraham, Geoffrey Kamworor, Meb, Kipsang, Desisa, Berhanu, and Teferi are up front. Abdi, U.S. Olympian Jared Ward, and Boston finalist Shadrack Biwott have fallen off the lead pack and formed their own unit three seconds behind.
9 Women: 5:48, 54:55 (15K split)

Men: 4:51
WOMEN: The pace continues to hold at 5:48, but Boston Marathon champion Edna Kiplagat, Buzunesh Deba, and Mary Keitany are staying up front. Kiplagat and Keitany are now running side by side.

MEN: Ghebreslassie is controlling these early miles of the race and brings the top pack through mile 9 in 4:51, slightly faster than the last mile as the lead group continues to put some distance between themselves and the second pack. Meb is now the only American in the lead pack.
10 Women: 5:35

Men: 4:48
WOMEN: Edna Kiplagat is cranking the pace down for the women. 5:35 for that last mile, 15 seconds faster than the last mile. Keitany is in the lead with Kiplagat, probably waiting to make that final move to break the pack.

MEN: The chase pack looks like it has caught up with the leaders, they are now one or two seconds behind them, and the pack includes Biwott, Ward, and Abdi.
11 Women: 5:50

Men: 5:19
WOMEN: The pace has slowed significantly as Keitany leads the pack through mile 11 in 5:50, 13 seconds slower than the last mile. Looks as if the rest of the pack is keying off of Keitany and Kiplagat's move.

MEN: The lead pack has slowed down significantly, that last mile was 30 seconds slower than the previous mile, but definitely helped the chase pack catch up.
12 Women: 5:36

Men: 4:57
WOMEN: The pace has cranked up again with Keitany and Kiplagat bringing them through in 5:36. It's going to be interesting to see who can stay patient and maintain with theses varying pace changes.

Keitany almost took a fall at the last fluid station, she slipped just slightly but stayed on her feet.

MEN: They have ramped up the pace again, Ghebreslassie and Meb bring the pack through in 4:57. With the shift in pace, the chase pack is back and comfortable with the leaders.
13 (& Half Marathon) Women: 5:40, 1:15:37 (half marathon)

Men: 4:55, 1:06:09 (half marathon)
WOMEN: Keitany has kept that leader position through the past several miles and continues to do so through the half marathon which she brought the pack through in 1:15:37, about 2:31-2:32 pace.

MEN: Just before halfway, Ghebreslassie has pulled away from the top group and is trying to put some distance between himself and the top pack which is now down to Kipsang, Berhanu, Kamworor, Desisa, Abdraham.

Meb and Abdi are now forming a chase pack.
14 Women: 5:40

Men: 4:44
WOMEN: Betsy Saina is making her presence known up front as she trails Keitany up front as the pack begins to string out.

The move has been made! Keitany surges and brings Daska, Flanagan, Kiplagat, and Saina with her. The lead group is now down to five women.

MEN: Teferi runs the fastest mile split of the day so far in 4:44. The pack has caught back up to Ghebreslassie and now consists of seven men. Meb is returning to the top group now.
Women: 5:38, 1:30:07 (25K split)

Men: 5:09
WOMEN: Betsy Saina leads the women through the 59th-street bridge and mile 15 split in 5:38. Remember, Saina moved back to her home in Iten, Kenya and has been gaining some training advice from her mentors Keitany and Kiplagat. She looks extremely comfortable in her second marathon. She attempted to run Tokyo but suffered an injury and was forced to drop out. New York is her second attempt at the distance.

MEN: Abdi has rejoined the top group and is leading the pack now. They came through mile 15 in 5:09 so they have slowed quite a bit. There are some dramatic shifts in pace happening which is bringing everyone back in contention.
16 Women: 5:42

Men: 5:12
WOMEN: Keitany is letting Mamitu Daska lead the group through mile 16 in 5:42. The group has added some contenders with Deba, Dossena, Aliphine Tuliamuk, and Eva Vrabcova.

MEN: Now we are seeing some new leaders with Koen Naert pulling ahead of the top pack. Naert is from Belgium. The rest of the group is just a few steps behind him.
17 Women: 5:26

Men: 4:55
WOMEN: Daska, Saina, Keitany, and Kiplagat are up front leading the pack, no serious shake-ups within the top pack despite the quicker mile 17 split of 5:26. We can see Kellyn Taylor making her way towards the top group in the distance.

MEN: This race is keeping everyone in the mix. While Ghebreslassie, Kipsang and Kamworor cruise up front of the lead pack, 12 men follow them through mile 17 in 4:55. Just got word that Jared Ward is currently in 13th-place just a few seconds behind.
18 Women: 5:26

Men: 4:58, 1:33:57 (30K split)
WOMEN: Betsy is now leading the group and maintaining a respectable 5:26 mile pace.

MEN: Not many change-ups, but maintaining a sub-5 minute mile pace.
19 Women: 5:31

Men: 5:09
WOMEN: For the first time in this race, Shalane Flanagan led the group and brought the pack through mile 19 in 5:31. She is now running alongside Mary Keitany. Flanagan has said that if she wins this race, her first marathon major win of her career, then she will retire from the sport.

MEN: The women just ran the same split as the men's mile 19 time. Kipsang is now leading the group with Ghebreslassie and Kamworor on his shoulder.
20 Women: 5:37

Men: 4:48
WOMEN: Flanagan led the group through another split in 5:37 for mile 20. This race is looking like it'll come down to a kick, there are still nine women in the top group with three Americans! Flanagan, Tuliamuk, and Taylor!

MEN: Kamworor now leads the top group which has dwindled down to seven men. No Americans in sight within the lead pack.
21 Women: 5:26

Men: 5:12
WOMEN: The race is down to three women! Flanagan, Daska, Keitany! They are rolling now! They are through 35K in 2:03:56. They are grinding together now!

MEN: Abdi has rejoined the group again, right now he is the only American in the lead pack.
22 Women: 5:09

Men: 5:01
WOMEN: WOW! 5:09 for that last mile, they are rolling now! By far the fastest mile of the race so far and Keitany, Daska, and Flanagan are all looking strong. No one appears to be laboring too much.

Daska is now pulling away from Flanagan and Keitany just slightly, but Keitany is really looking like she is on the edge now. She's a few steps behind Flanagan and Daska.

MEN: No significant changes in the top pack yet, but Kamworor and Kipsang are starting to ramp up the pace slightly, 11 seconds faster than the last mile.
23 Women: 5:08,

Men: 4:44
WOMEN: Flanagan has made her move now. She has a few steps over Daska, and Daska has a few steps over Keitany. She looks so strong!!! and Daska and Keitany and fading! 5:08 for mile 23, the fastest mile of the day! Flanagan looks to be a cool 20 meters or so ahead of Keitany who has overtaken Daska now.

MEN: Kamworor pulled away dramatically here! With a 4:44 last mile.
24 Women: 5:11, 2:19:53 (20K split)

Men: 4:55
WOMEN: The lead keeps growing for Shalane Flanagan! Keitany and Daska are nowhere in sight! 5:11 for that last mile! This title looks like it will be hers!! If she wins, she will be the first American woman to win NYC in 40 years!

MEN: Kamworor continues to lead over Wilson Kipsang who is tracking him.
25 Women: 5:04

Men: 4:31
WOMEN: Flanagan has a 27-second lead over Keitany! This victory will be hers! This will be her first Abbott World Marathon Majors victory of her career!

MEN: Kamworor continues to lead and has five seconds or so on Kipsang who continues to hunt him down. There is still a decent amount of race left, and Kipsang is not too far away from the race leader. Kamworor is coming off of a 10K title at the IAAF World Championships in London.

26/Finish Women: WINNER - Shalane Flanagan 2:26:53

Men: WINNER - Geoffrey Kamworor 2:10:53

WOMEN: Shalane Flanagan wins the 2017 TCS New York City Marathon! Her first Abbott World Marathon Majors victory of her career! She takes the title in 2:26:53. Mary Keitany follows in second in a time of 2:27:54, and Mamitu Daska follows for third in 2:28:08. Four Americans in the top 10!!!


MEN: Geoffrey Kamworor is your 2017 TCS New York City Marathon champion! He holds off Wilson Kipsange's late charge to win the race in 2:10:53! Kipsang follows just three seconds behind! Lelisa Desisa follows for third in 2:11:32, and Abdi is the first American to cross the line with a seventh-place finish!

Three Americans in the top 11. Abdi finishes seventh, Shadrack Biwott finishes in 10th and Meb closes out his amazing career with an 11th-place finish. Lots of claps for him in the media room as he crosses the finish line.


Thank you for following along this morning!

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