Top NCAA All-Americans Who Might Not Qualify For NCAA Indoors


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This weekend is the final weekend to qualify for the 2018 Division I NCAA Indoor Championships, where the top 16 individuals in each event will earn a trip to College Station to compete for an NCAA title. 

Below is a list of notable NCAA athletes who currently DO NOT have a top-16 mark in their respective events.

NOTE: Some of the athletes who are ‘NR’ maybe redshirting and/or injured.

Athlete’s current 2018 NCAA ranking is listed along with their notable performances/results from last year.


18th Jaylen Bacon (Arkansas State) | 6.56 in 2017, 3rd indoors, 5th outdoors (100m)

18th Hakim Montgomery (Troy) | 6.59 in 2017

27th Mario Burke (Houston) | 6.59 in 2017, 7th indoors

27th Rafael Scott (South Alabama) | 6.59 in 2017

32nd Darryl Haraway (Florida State) | 6.59 in 2017

MEN’S 200M

18th Jaron Flournoy (LSU) | 20.24 in 2017

40th Jaylen Bacon (Arkansas State) | 20.18 in 2017, 8th outdoors

41st Maxwell Willis (Baylor) | 20.39 in 2017, 5th indoors

NR Kendal Williams (Georgia) | 20.30 in 2017

MEN’S 400M

17th Kunle Fasasi (Florida) | 8th indoors

28th Nathon Allen (Auburn) | 44.19 in 2017, 2nd outdoors

MEN’S 800M

18th Charles Jones (Texas Tech) | 1:46.70 in 2017

29th Patrick Joseph (Virginia Tech) | 1:46.23 in 2017

NR Joseph White (Georgetown) | 1:45.73 in 2017, 3rd indoors, 3rd outdoors


17th Andy Trouard (Northern Arizona) | 3:38.96 in 2017

19th Cole Rockhold (Colorado State) | 3:57.19 in 2017

20th Sean Tobin (Ole Miss) | 3:57.00 in 2017, 12th cross country

37th Liam Dee (Iona) | 3:40.30 in 2017, 7th indoors

83rd James West (Oregon) | 3:39.65 in 2017

121st Robert Domanic (Ole Miss) | 3:54.73 in 2017

223rd Justine Kiprotich (Michigan State) | 2nd outdoors (1500m)

NR Joe Klecker (Colorado) | 3:55.82 in 2017

NR Morgan McDonald (Wisconsin) | 3:55.79 in 2017

NR Jeff Thies (Portland) | 7th outdoors (1500m), 14th cross country


23rd Jack Bruce (Arkansas) | 2nd outdoors (5k), 13th cross country

26th Andrew Jordan (Iowa State) | 15th cross country

33rd Jack Keelan (Stanford) | 7:51.20 in 2017

40th Garrett Corcoran (California) | 7:52.10 in 2017

50th Chartt Miller (Iona) | 6th outdoors (5k)

NR Scott Carpenter (Georgetown) | 7:51.51 in 2017

NR John Dressel (Colorado) | 7:51.44 in 2017, 8th indoors, 8th outdoors (5k)

NR Joe Klecker (Colorado) | 7:51.43 in 2017, 4th indoors, 7th outdoors (5k)

NR Matthew Maton (Oregon) | 7:52.51 in 2017

NR Morgan McDonald (Wisconsin) | 7:51.19 in 2017

NR Thomas Ratcliffe (Stanford) | 7:53.23 in 2017

NR Clayton Young (BYU) | 7:49.76 in 2017


20th Alfred Chelanga (Alabama) | 5th indoors

32nd Emmanuel Roudolff-Levisse (Portland) | 11th cross country

48th Jacob Choge (Middle Tennessee State) | 13:39.90 in 2017

66th Peter Lomong (Northern Arizona) | 8th cross country

77th Alex George (Arkansas) | 13:40.66 in 2017

83rd Arsene Guillorel (Samford) | 13:43.69 in 2017

NR Matthew Baxter (Northern Arizona) | 13:44.27 in 2017, 2nd cross country

NR Tyler Day (Northern Arizona) | 8th indoors, 3rd cross country

NR John Dressel (Colorado) | 13:42.57 in 2017, 4th indoors, 8th outdoors

NR Grant Fisher (Stanford) | 13:37.77 in 2017, 1st outdoors, 5th cross country

NR Colby Gilbert (Washington) | 13:34.85 in 2017

NR Joe Klecker (Colorado) | 13:42.64 in 2017, 7th outdoors

NR Morgan McDonald (Wisconsin) | 13:15.83 in 2017

NR Chartt Miller (Iona) | 6th outdoors

NR Alex Ostberg (Stanford) | 16th cross country

NR Andy Trouard (Northern Arizona) | 13:36.43 in 2017


18th Michael Dickson (N. Carolina A&T) | 7.63 in 2017

25th Ashtyn Davis (California) | 7.71 in 2017, 6th indoors

47th Marquis Morris (USC) | 7.73 in 2017, 6th outdoors (110H)

NR Isaiah Moore (South Carolina) | 8th outdoors (110H)


25th Tequan Claitt (Eastern Kentucky) | 2.28m in 2017

33rd Clayton Brown (Florida) | 2.25m in 2017, 5th indoors

33rd Justice Summerset (Arizona) | 7th indoors, 3rd outdoors

33rd Jalen Ford (Iowa State) | 6th outdoors

63rd Jhonny Victor (Florida) | 7th outdoors

NR Christoff Bryan (Florida State) | 2.24m in 2017, 5th indoors, 1st outdoors

NR Jordan Wesner (Memphis) | 2.23m in 2017


NR Sean Collins (South Alabama) | 8th outdoors

NR Devin King (SE Louisiana) | 5.70m in 2017

NR Cole Walsh (Oregon) | 5th outdoors


20th Jacob Fincham-Dukes (Oklahoma State) | 7.96m in 2017

22nd Travonn White (Arkansas) | 8th indoors

35th Chris McBride (Clemson) | 5th outdoors

157th Malik Moffett (Penn State) | 8.00m in 2017

NR Carlos Becker (Florida State) | 7th outdoors

NR Terrell McClain (Akron) | 6th indoors, 4th outdoors

NR Damarcus Simpson (Oregon) | 8.01m in 2017, 7th indoors


17th Kaiwan Culmer (Nebraska) | 6th indoors

28th Montel Nevers (Florida State) | 8th indoors, 6th outdoors

51st Eric Bethea (Indiana) | 16.34m in 2017, 5th indoors


19th Peter Simon (California) | 7th outdoors

23rd Nicolai Ceban (Kansas) | 20.24m in 2017, 7th indoors

32nd Nicholas Ponzio (USC) | 6th outdoors

46th Oghenakpobo Efekoro (Virginia) | 20.39m in 2017, 3rd indoors, 4th outdoors


20th Hilmar Orn Jonsson (Virginia) | 4th outdoors (HT)

35th Riley Budde (Wisconsin) | 22.23m in 2017, 8th indoors

NR Gleb Dudarev (Kansas) | 23.44m in 2017, 6th indoors, 3rd outdoors (HT)


NR Hunter Price (Colorado State) | 5,996 in 2017, 4th indoors

NR John Seals (George Mason) | 5,770 in 2017

NR Steele Wasik (Texas) | 5,817 in 2017

NR Jonathan Wells (Illinois) | 5,786 in 2017, 8th indoors

NR Harrison Williams (Stanford) | 5,970 in 2017, 6th indoors


59th Ariana Washington (Oregon) | 7.20 in 2017, 3rd indoors, 4th outdoors (100m)

NR Destiny Smith-Barnett (UNLV) | 7.22 in 2017


18th Ashley Henderson (San Diego State) | 22.61 in 2017, 4th indoors

33rd Diamond Spaulding (Texas A&M) | 7th indoors

40th Brittany Brown (Iowa) | 22.55 in 2017, 5th indoors, 7th outdoors

57th Ariana Washington (Oregon) | 22.39 in 2017, 1st indoors, 2nd outdoors


29th Makenzie Dunmore (Oregon) | 51.42 in 2017

31st Shae Anderson (Oregon) | 51.99 in 2017

33rd Jaevin Reed (Texas A&M) | 51.52 in 2017, 8th outdoors

63rd Zola Golden (Texas) | 7th indoors

77th Takyera Roberson (Alabama) | 51.35 in 2017

NR Brittny Ellis (Miami) | 51.66 in 2017, 8th indoors


17th Agnes Abu (Middle Tennessee State) | 2:02.70 in 2017

19th Sadi Henderson (Boise State) | 2:02.33 in 2017

NR Courtney Clayton (Vanderbilt) | 7th outdoors

NR Brooke Feldmeier (Oregon) | 2:01.54 in 2017, 3rd outdoors

NR Ruby Stauber (Oregon) | 5th indoors


18th Danae Rivers (Penn State) | 4:32.55 in 2017, 3rd indoors

23rd Rhianwedd Price (Miss State) | 4:12.07 in 2017

32nd Amy-Eloise Neale (Washington) | 4:11.00 in 2017, 8th outdoors (1500m), 2nd cross country

NR Christina Aragon (Stanford) | 7th outdoors (1500m)

NR Elise Cranny (Stanford) | 4:11.46 in 2017

NR Karisa Nelson (Samford) | 4:10.91 in 2017, 1st indoors, 3rd outdoors (1500m)

NR Jaimie Phelan (Michigan) | 4:11.92 in 2017, 1st outdoors (1500m)

NR Katie Rainsberger (Oregon) | 4:09.08 in 2017, 4th outdoors (1500m), 16th cross country


17th Fiona O’Keeffe (Stanford) | 5th outdoors (5k), 13th cross country

18th Dani Jones (Colorado) | 9:02.22 in 2017, 1st indoors, 10th cross country

19th Alsu Bogdanova (Eastern Michigan) | 2nd outdoors (5k)

20th Erin Clark (Colorado) | 9:05.93 in 2017, 8th indoors

21st Elise Cranny (Stanford) | 9:06.35 in 2017

26th Katherine Receveur (Indiana) | 9:03.71 in 2017, 6th indoors, 3rd outdoors (5k)

29th Taylor Werner (Arkansas) | 9:06.34 in 2017

38th Claire Green (Arizona) | 9:05.94 in 2017

NR Allie Buchalski (Furman) | 9:02.04 in 2017, 7th indoors, 6th outdoors (5k), 9th cross country

NR Alli Cash (Oregon) | 9:06.91 in 2017

NR Sarah Disanza (Wisconsin) | 7th outdoors (5k)

NR Katie Jensen (Rice) | 9:05.66 in 2017

NR Rachel Koon (North Carolina St.) | 9:05.32 in 2017

NR Katie Rainsberger (Oregon) | 9:01.21 in 2017, 3rd indoors, 16th cross country


18th Caroline Sang (Charlotte) | 6th cross country

19th Katherine Receveur (Indiana) | 15:28.89 in 2017, 3rd outdoors

21st Lauren LaRocco (Portland) | 15:38.81 in 2017

24th Fiona O’Keeffe (Stanford) | 5th outdoors, 13th cross country

29th Charlotte Prouse (New Mexico) | 12th cross country

45th Alsu Bogdanova (Eastern Michigan) | 15:43.84 in 2017, 2nd outdoors

61st Tessa Barrett (Penn State) | 15:28.99 in 2017, 5th indoors

151st Jordan McDermitt (Eastern Michigan) | 15:43.95 in 2017, 6th indoors

NR Isabelle Brauer (San Francisco) | 15th cross country

NR Allie Buchalski (Furman) | 15:35.55 in 2017, 4th indoors, 6th outdoors, 9th cross country

NR Sarah Disanza (Wisconsin) | 7th outdoors

NR Erin Finn (Michigan) | 15:27.36 in 2017, 2nd indoors

NR Brianna Ilarda (Providence) | 7th indoors

NR Erika Kemp (North Carolina St.) | 15:41.23 in 2017

NR Amy-Eloise Neale (Washington) | 15:39.30 in 2017, 2nd cross country

NR Allie Ostrander (Boise State) | 4th outdoors, 4th cross country

NR Weronkia Pyzik (San Franciso) | 5th cross country

NR Anna Rohrer (Notre Dame) | 15:29.83 in 2017, 3rd indoors

NR Charlotte Taylor (San Francisco) | 15:29.07 in 2017, 3rd cross country


17th Rushelle Burton (Texas) | 8.02 in 2017, 5th indoors, 3rd outdoors (100H)


20th Chelsie Decoud (Texas State) | 1.85m in 2017, 6th outdoors

28th Taylor Wiebke (Minnesota) | 1.85m in 2017

40th Mikella Lefebvre-Oatis (UCLA) | 1.86m in 2017

77th Eleonora Omoregie (Florida State) | 1.88m in 2017


50th Sarah Bell (Vanderbilt) | 8th outdoors

NR Kayla Smith (Georgia) | 8th outdoors


116th Wurrie Njadoe (Kansas State) | 6.55m in 2017, 8th outdoors

167th Samara Spencer (South Dakota) | 6.43m in 2017


24th Tonyecia Burks (Houston) | 13.53m in 2017




NR Veronika Kanuchova (Florida State) | 5th outdoors (HT)

NR Janee’ Kassanavoid (Kansas State) | 21.81m in 2017, 4th outdoors (HT)

NR Beatrice Llano (Arizona State) | 3rd outdoors (HT)

NR Emma Thor (Virginia Tech) | 8th outdoors (HT)


38th Zoe Hughes (Harvard) | 4,093 in 2017

204th Holly Hankenson (Louisville) | 4,151 in 2017

NR Stacey Destin (Alabama) | 4,186 in 2017, 6th indoors

NR Kelsey Herman (Arkansas) | 4,278 in 2017

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