Holloway Leads Gators To Title, Arkansas Dominates | 2019 NCAA Indoor Recap

Today marks the second and final day of competition at the 2019 NCAA Indoor Championships, and FloTrack is on site in Birmingham, Alabama, to bring you all the latest news from the Crossplex. 

Refresh this page frequently for live updates beginning at 4:10 p.m. CT. All times below are listed in CT. 

Before the action kicks off, get caught up on everything that happened yesterday in the prelims and finals, including an incredible Badger sweep of the men's and women's 5k and a thrilling repeat victory by Notre Dame in the men's DMR

You can also follow along with our live team score projections and watch post-race interviews.

Women's Mile Final | 4:10 p.m.

As stated yesterday, this title's totally up for grabs. If you favor former NCAA champions, Karisa Nelson of Samford, the 2016 winner, is your bet. If you like to pick the top seed, keep an eye on Michigan's Hannah Meier (4:32.46). She's also the most experienced with six years of NCAA competition under her belt. And if you usually go with the person in the field with the fastest PR, your selection should also go to Nelson (4:31.24). 

Millie Paladino of Providence is in this heat—her coach's protest after she collided with Susan Ejore and fell in the prelims yesterday was successful—and she's definitely one to watch as well.

After taking out the first lap in 34, they're now holding 36s per lap through 800m. It's just a big, bunched-up pack, and no one is daring to string it out yet.

Once they hit 1k, they're beginning to pick it up. The last two laps were 35s, and Karisa Nelson looks GOOD. She seems more than comfortable on her home track.

With less than a lap left, Nelson kicks, but she's hitching just 10 meters into that effort! Now, it's Julia Rizk of Ohio State! She stayed calm when Nelson made the move, and then waited until the final bend to overtake her. It's Rizk, Nelson, Paladino! Rizk's positioning was better over the final 200m, but Paladino had the fastest closing lap in 30.89.

1Julia RIZKSROhio State4:37.63
2Karisa NELSONSRSamford4:38.24
3Millie PALADINOSRProvidence4:38.44
4Taryn RAWLINGSSRPortland4:38.47
5Carina VILJOENJRArkansas4:38.51
6Sarah EDWARDSJRVirginia Tech4:38.68
7Katie RAINSBERGERSOWashington4:39.05
8Sarah FEENYJRUtah4:39.35
9Alexis FULLERSRBoise State4:41.19
10Lauren GREGORYFRArkansas4:42.94
11Hannah MEIERSRMichigan4:45.80

Men's Mile Final | 4:20 p.m.

The story here largely revolves around Oliver Hoare's attempt to go back-to-back in 2018 and 2019 with the NCAA mile title, but not just for the sake of repeating as champion—this race is integral to the Badgers' chances in the team battle, and he will need to win in order to get Wisconsin on the podium. His PR of 3:54.83, set this year at the Millrose Games, is two seconds faster than anyone else in the field, but we'll have to see how his training has prepared him to bounce back from last night's DMR. He's in the same boat as many others in this field, and I still like Hoare's chances even on possibly tired legs. Unless someone decides to try to go all-out in an attempt to break him early, Hoare should give the Badgers their third NCAA title this weekend. I'm not sure anyone else in this field has the stamina to do that, but don't count out Ole Miss's undefeated Waleed Suliman (3:56.78 PR). He hasn't faced a foe he couldn't hang with yet this year, and could have a PR up his sleeve if it comes to that.

After a 30-second first lap and then a 32, things have veered toward a pedestrian pace as they breeze through 600m in 1:37, then 800m in 2:11. There's a lot of pushing through 1k, and they wait until 1200m to start to wind things up. It's Geordie Beamish of NAU, Hoare, Villanova's Casey Comber at the front as the kick begins! Beamish is rolling, but does Hoare have anything left???

NO. It's Beamish thriving at sea level in Birmingham, Alabama! He wins his first-ever individual NCAA title in 4:07, while Comber finishes as the runner-up. They ran the last lap in about 53 seconds.

1Geordie BEAMISHJRNAU4:07.69
2Casey COMBERJRVillanova4:08.03
3Oliver HOAREJRWisconsin4:08.14
4Carlos VILLARREALJRArizona4:08.41
5William PAULSONSRArizona State4:08.45
6Sam WORLEYSOTexas4:09.20
7Derek GUTIERREZSROle Miss4:09.28
8Charlie HUNTERSOOregon4:09.36
9Waleed SULIMANSOOle Miss4:10.49
10Kyle MAUJRIndiana4:10.72

Women's 60m Hurdles Final | 4:30 p.m.

Will USC sweep the podium here? They certainly have enough bullets in the chamber to pull it off, including the NCAA leader Chanel Brissett, last year's runner-up Anna Cockrell, Dior Hall, and Mecca McGlaston. But they will face formidable opponents in Arkansas' Janeek Brown and last year's champion Payton Chadwick, as well as the red-hot Kayla White from North Carolina A&T.

Whoa! Chadwick was caught sleeping in her blocks by Brissett! She made up serious ground to take third, but White got there second. With Brissett's 10 points, momentum now seems to be shifting in favor of USC in the team battle, but Hall and McGlaston finished second-to-last and last, while Cockrell never made it to the starting line.

2Kayla WHITESRNC A&T7.92
3Payton CHADWICKSRArkansas7.97
4Naomi TAYLORSOHouston8.01
5Janeek BROWNSOArkansas8.04


Men's 60m Hurdles Final | 4:40 p.m.

Will we see a NCAA record here from Grant Holloway? If his 7.44 from yesterday's prelims are any indication, this Gator is ready to EAT. He already owns the record with a 7.42, and you better believe he's going to bring the fire here today.

And he better, because Daniel Roberts of Kentucky will be right there with him if he's in as good of form as he was at the SEC Indoor Championships, where he ran 7.48.




Huge PR for Roberts, as well!!! He went under Holloway's former collegiate record!

1Grant HOLLOWAYJRFlorida7.35

PB   FR   MR   CR

2Daniel ROBERTSJRKentucky7.41PB
3Trey CUNNINGHAMSOFlorida State7.64
4Amere LATTINSRHouston7.77
5John BURTJRTexas7.8
6Chris DOUGLASSRIowa7.83
7Caleb PARKERJRSouthern Miss7.87 (7.864)
8Isaiah MOORESRSouth Carolina7.87 (7.870)

Women's 400m Finals | 4:50 p.m.

It's going to take me a moment or two to recover from bearing witness to Holloway in that 60m hurdles final, but we're going to keep it rolling with the 400m dash!

In heat one, Iowa's Briana Guillory has the top PR (51.68), but Kyra Constantine of USC has the hopes and dreams of her team and the fastest seed (52.07). These women will set the standard for heat two in the split final.

Sharrika Barnett of Florida wins the cut-in and splits 24.53. But she fades hard at 300m, and the field begins to close in around her, led by Constantine. 

It's Constantine, and now, any potential winner from heat two will need to beat 52.32 to take the title.

2Briana GUILLORYSRIowa52.86
3Gabby SCOTTSRColorado53.19
4Sharrika BARNETTSRFlorida53.32

Let's see what Lynna Irby, the 2018 outdoor champion, will do here. With a PR of 49.80, running faster than 52.32 shouldn't be an issue for her. But the stakes are higher once again for USC, so we'll see what Kaelin Roberts can do after a big PR yesterday. I think she's probably the best candidate to challenge Irby, but it's hard to argue with a sub-50 PR. 

Irby hits the cut-in first in a VERY QUICK 24.02, but she's followed closely by Roberts! Whoa, Roberts is trying to pass her on the final backstretch and then the last turn, but Irby is making her run on the outside! IRBY IS SLOWING DOWN!!! ROBERTS LOOKS STRONGER! It's Kaelin Roberts down the homestretch!!! And she clocks 51.5 for the win! That's another 10 points for the Trojans!

2Aliyah ABRAMSJRSouth Carolina52.27
3Alexis HOLMESFRPenn State52.37
4Lynna IRBYSOGeorgia52.38

Men's 400m Finals | 5 p.m.

Obi Igbokwe shoulders a lot of Houston's team title ambitions as he continues his pursuit of points in the 400m and then the 200m. His PR, 45.35, is the fastest, but he didn't display great tactics yesterday. He's first to the cut-in at 21.44. 

YIKES. He almost gives up the heat win there at the end as Alejandro Zapata and Banjamin Lobo Vedel finish strong, and Igbokwe doesn't break 46... I'm not sure how this will play out as we wait for the results of heat two.

1Obi IGBOKWESRHouston46.04
2Alejandro ZAPATASRLiberty46.07
3Benjamin LOBO VEDELSOFlorida46.07

Kahmari Montgomery is the cornerstone of Houston's sprint crew, and he should make light work of this field. He's much more consistent, and with a 45.04 PR, he's gone much faster than anyone else.

UH OH. I spoke too soon... Tyrell Richard of SC State beat Montgomery to the cut-in with a split of 21.06, and he isn't showing any signs of slowing down! Montgomery seems calm, collected and relaxed, but Richard is still holding strong in front! Montgomery better make a big move around this final turn, or lose the title... 

HE CAN'T! Richard just ran 44.82!!! That puts him right in front of Fred Kerley and just behind Kirani James for No. 4 all-time in collegiate track and field history and No. 5 all-time in the world!

Women's 60m Final | 5:10 p.m.

No Aleia Hobbs? No problem. LSU has two strong candidates here that will contend for the win in Sha'Carri Richardson, yesterday's fastest qualifier, and Kortnei Johnson. I picked Twanisha Terry to win, though—you can't deny an athlete with team stakes attached to their NCAA championships, and I really believe in USC's program.

HEYYYYY THAT'S TERRY WITH THE QUICK START!!!! She mentioned that she felt the momentum from her teammates coming through in the 400m during her post-race interview with John Anderson. She gets the win and a PR in 7.14! 

Teahna Daniels of Texas, 2016's NCAA champion in the 60m, also had a great race—she finished runner-up in a season's best of 7.19.

1Twanisha TERRYSOUSC7.14


Texas7.19 (7.181)
3Ka'Tia SEYMOURSOFlorida State7.19 (7.183)
4Destiny SMITH-BARNETTSRUNLV7.19 (7.188)
6Kianna GRAYSRKentucky7.25
8Kiara PARKERSRArkansas7.32

Men's 60m Final | 5:20 p.m.

Once again, all eyes are on Grant Holloway. He reset the American record in the men's 60m hurdles in the past hour—what can he do in the 60m, where he ranks No. 9 all-time among collegiate performers with his 6.51 PR?

Divine Oduduru won't let him go without a fight. 

Or... maybe he will. Oduduru didn't get off to a good start, but Holloway certainly did! He beats his PR by a hundredth of a second, finishing in 6.50! What a competitor, and what a teammate—he's so happy for his two teammates, Hakim Sani Brown and Ryan Clark, who finished third and sixth, respectively, and grabbed the Gators more valuable team points.

1Grant HOLLOWAYJRFlorida6.5
2Mario BURKESRHouston6.55 (6.541)
3Hakim SANI BROWNSOFlorida6.55 (6.546)
4Cravon GILLESPIESROregon6.57
5Bryand RINCHERFRFlorida State6.6
6Ryan CLARKSRFlorida6.61
7Divine ODUDURUJRTexas Tech6.62
8Kasaun JAMESJRFlorida State6.67

Women's 800m Final | 5:30 p.m.

Despite my colleague Lincoln's insistence that Danae Rivers will handily take the women's 800m, I selected Allie Wilson of Monmouth (gotta love fast qualifiers from smaller schools), but after seeing Martha Bissah dispatch yesterday's prelim without much fanfare, I might be siding with the unassuming Norfolk State junior. 

It's worth noting that is all a little odd, considering the collegiate record holder, Jazmine Fray, is also in the field. She leads the first lap (28.62), but soon after cedes the lead to Wilson. 

Wilson leads through 600m (1:31.71), but she's beginning to grimace once she hits the start of the last turn! Now it's Nia Akins from Penn bursting toward the front! Rachel Pocratsky of Virginia Tech is closing hard, but running out of real estate. Akins might take this one! 


YUP. She gets her at the line with just .05 seconds to spare! 

Great pick, Lincoln.

1Danae RIVERSJRPenn State2:03.69
2Nia AKINSJRPenn2:03.74
3Rachel POCRATSKYSRVirginia Tech2:04.04
4Allie WILSONSRMonmouth2:04.12
5Martha BISSAHJRNorfolk State2:04.48
6Susan ANENOSRConnecticut2:05.86
7Kelsey HARRISSRIndiana2:06.99
8Jazmine FRAYSRTexas A&M2:07.55

Men's 800m Final | 5:40 p.m.

Devin Dixon is considered the favorite here with a 1:45.27 PR this season—the fastest ever by a U.S. collegiate, and the third-fastest time in the world this year. Plus, he wants the overall collegiate record, 1:44.84, set by Paul Ereng in 1989.

Dixon isn't changing his strategy—he goes right to the front, and leads through 400m.

WOW. This is shocking! Marco Arop of Mississippi State takes over around 500m, and Dixon is fading HARD. He's stuck in second, and then third, as he gets passed around the final curve. He doesn't look like he has anything left! It's Arop, but NOW IT'S HOPPEL!!! Will he preserve his undefeated season with a NCAA title?!?!?

HOLY CRAP, HE DOES. Wow. With a 26.57 closing lap, Bryce Hoppel of Kansas is your 2019 NCAA 800m champion!

1Bryce HOPPELJRKansas1:46.46PB   FR
2Marco AROPSOMiss State1:47.00
3Robert HEPPENSTALLSRWake Forest1:47.45
4Devin DIXONJRTexas A&M1:47.54
5Cooper WILLIAMSSOIndiana1:47.69
6Joseph WHITESRGeorgetown1:48.19
7Isaiah JEWETTJRUSC1:48.47
8Michael RHOADSJRAir Force1:48.49
9Domenic PERRETTAJRPenn State1:48.81

Women's 200m Finals | 5:50 p.m.

Heat one is another USC party, as Lauren Rain Williams and Lanae Tava-Thomas take to the starting line. They're joined by LSU's Kortnei Johnson, who didn't run her best race in the 60m final and will likely be out for blood, and Arkansas' Payton Chadwick, who took third in the 60m hurdles today.

Johnson is OUT like a LIGHT through the first half, but Tava-Thomas is right there too! But ultimately, it doesn't matter—Chadwick's strength won out, as she closes hard and takes heat one in 22.99.

1Payton CHADWICKSRArkansas22.99
2Lanae-Tava THOMASFRUSC23.06
4Lauren Rain WILLIAMSSOUSC23.22

Can world leader Anavia Battle throw down another performance like her 22.80 from Big Tens two weeks ago? Will Kayla White continue her championship hot streak after finishing runner-up in the 60m hurdles? Will freshman Kynnedy Flannel surprise the field?

IT'S KAYLA WHITE OF NORTH CAROLINA A&T!!! She goes 22.66 for a huge PR and a new world lead! Flannel of Texas was nearly right there with her as she also runs a PR and the second-fastest time in the world.

1Kayla WHITESRNC A&T22.66
2Kynnedy FLANNELFRTexas22.7
3Tamara CLARKSOAlabama22.99 (22.989)
4Payton CHADWICKSRArkansas22.99 (22.990)
5Lanae-Tava THOMASFRUSC23.06
6Anavia BATTLESOOhio State23.07
8Lauren Rain WILLIAMSSOUSC23.22

Men's 200m Finals | 6 p.m.

We'll see if Obi Ogbokwe of Houston is recovered enough after competing in the 400m final to gobble up some more points for the Cougars in heat one... Keitavious Walter got the best of him in the prelims, going 20.61 (PR) to Igbokwe's 20.62, and he's more well-rested with a lighter event slate this weekend as he's only entered in the 200m.

Yeah, it looks like that 400m final knocked the wind out of Igbokwe, and Walter had a spring in his step. He blasted out to the lead within the first 30 meters and never looked back!

1Keitavious WALTERSRAlabama20.76 (20.752)
2Nick GRAYSROhio State20.76 (20.760)
3Karayme BARTLEYJRIowa20.97
4Obi IGBOKWESRHouston21.23

Heat two features Texas Tech's Divine Oduduru, who will almost certainly run faster than 20.76 to secure the title... I can say that because his PR is 20.08, which is bonkers.

He finished seventh in the 60m, but this event is his bread and butter.

WHOA. He almost couldn't catch Kasaun James of Florida State! But Oduduru began to furiously pump his arms and then aggressively leaned for the line, which gave him the edge.

1Divine ODUDURUJRTexas Tech20.49
2Kasaun JAMESJRFlorida State20.56
3Keitavious WALTERSRAlabama20.76 (20.752)
4Nick GRAYSROhio State20.76 (20.760)
6Karayme BARTLEYJRIowa20.97
7McKinely WESTSRSouthern Miss21.12
8Obi IGBOKWESRHouston21.23

Women's 3000m Final | 6:10 p.m.

Lots of familiar faces doubling back from last night's 5k with hopes of grabbing more points in this race, including Alicia Monson (can she get the double-double Wisco wins in the 5k and 3k with Morgan McDonald?!), Weini Kelati, Ednah Kurgat, Allie Ostrander, Fiona O'Keeffe, and Charlotte Prouse. I selected Monson, the third-fastest collegian ever in the 3k (8:45, which is 8 seconds faster than anyone else's PR in the field), but Jessica Hull is a fierce competitor and will certainly be in the mix for the title. 

Through the first lap, it's Nicole Hutchinson of Villanova taking the field through in 36.97, then 38.37, and 37.62. Behind her, it's Elly Henes of NC State, then Taylor Werner of Arkansas, and Weini Kelati hanging out on the outside. Monson is embedded in the middle of the pack, but is slowly moving more toward the outside. Hull is just ahead of her and more toward the inside rail.

At 1k, they're at 3:09. A little under halfway through the race, they split 4:24.

With seven laps to go, Hull makes a move to slot in behind Kelati, and Monson goes with her. With 1k left in the race, they're at 6:13. Five laps left, and Kelati makes a move to the front. Hull follows, but stays on the outside. There's a trip, and it almost takes out Ostrander!!! She stumbled, but stays upright!

Now, Erica Birk-Jarvis is behind Werner and Kelati! With 800m left, they're speeding up to 35-second laps. They've kicked up the pace by a second with each lap leading up to the bell, and it's HULL!!! She is CRUISING! Her posture looks great, but Werner is right behind her, followed by Kelati! And then Ostrander! 

No one can catch Hull, and she clinches the title for the Ducks with a 63.68 final 400m. Those are some big points for Arkansas with Werner finishing runner-up!

Monson, clearly spent from last night's 5k effort, landed in 10th.

1Jessica HULLSROregon9:01.14
2Taylor WERNERJRArkansas9:01.75
3Weini KELATISONew Mexico9:02.44
4Allie OSTRANDERJRBoise State9:04.76
5Erica BIRKSRBYU9:05.62
6Makena MORLEYJRColorado9:06.74
7Lauren GREGORYFRArkansas9:08.00
8Hannah STEELMANSOWofford9:08.79
9Ednah KURGATSRNew Mexico9:11.80
10Alicia MONSONJRWisconsin9:14.52
11Charlotte PROUSEJRNew Mexico9:15.28
12Katie RAINSBERGERSOWashington9:17.37
13Nicole HUTCHINSONSRVillanova9:18.91
14Jaci SMITHSRAir Force9:20.68
15Elly HENESJRNC State9:25.67


Men's 3000m Final | 6:25 p.m.

Although Monson's bid for the 3k-5k double was unsuccessful, I'm still hopeful that Morgan McDonald can make it happen for Wisconsin. Of course, he'll need to contend with familiar foe Grant Fisher of Stanford, who owns the slightly better PR (7:42.62 to McDonald's 7:42.76) and more recently won in their last showdown at the Millrose Games. 

Right off the bat, BYU's Clayton Young takes the lead, followed by McDonald. But not for long, as Young's teammate Connor Mantz does what he does and assumes his spot at the front. Joe Klecker, who finished runner-up in the 5k, is shoulder-to-shoulder with Fisher at 400m.

Mantz gets them through 800m in 2:06, and Fisher and Klecker move into the No. 5 and 6 positions. McDonald is still right behind the BYU boys as they go through 1k in 2:39. The last 400m was their slowest at 65.4.

Oh, no! Campbell's Amon Kemboi and Alex Rogers of Texas go down, and now they're firmly in second-to-last and last. With less than five laps left, Kemboi has rejoined the pack, but well outside of the top eight.

With 800m left, it's Robert Brandt of UCLA, followed closely by McDonald. 

With three laps to go, McDonald makes his move to the front. He's tailed by Young and Fisher and Klecker, in that order.

Klecker is challenging him, but McDonald holds him off! It's the bell lap, and Fisher is tucked right in behind him! Fisher is working hard, but McDonald is flying! Fisher is trying to move around him, but cannot catch McDonald!


1Morgan MCDONALDSRWisconsin7:52.85FR
2Grant FISHERJRStanford7:53.15
3Joe KLECKERJRColorado7:54.34SB
4Cooper TEARESOOregon7:55.50
5Alex OSTBERGJRStanford7:55.62
6Clayton YOUNGSRBYU7:55.86
7Conner MANTZSOBYU7:56.72
8Robert BRANDTJRUCLA7:56.75
9Kyle MAUJRIndiana7:58.25
10Fred HUXHAMSRWashington7:58.95
11Connor MCMILLANSRBYU8:03.04
12Andrew JORDANJRIowa State8:05.05
13Amon KEMBOIJRCampbell8:15.25
14Alex ROGERSSRTexas8:15.93
15James WESTSROregon8:18.00
16Oliver HOAREJRWisconsin8:21.63

Women's 4x400m Relay Final | 6:40 p.m.

Miami has the fastest seed in heat one. Serenity Douglas of Texas hands off the stick first with a 54.29 split, but Baylor blasts to the lead. She got out a little too fast, and by the second handoff, it's still Miami leading with Texas in tow. It remains that way through the final handoff, and Texas is really keeping it close! With 150 meters left, a larger gap opened up, and Miami breezes through the line in 3:32.62.

1MIAMI3:32.6254.53 [54.53]1:46.98 [52.45]2:39.54 [52.56]3:32.62 [53.09]
2TEXAS3:34.8654.29 [54.29]1:47.01 [52.73]2:39.94 [52.93]3:34.86 [54.92]
3BAYLOR3:37.0854.08 [54.08]1:48.88 [54.81]2:43.13 [54.25]3:37.08 [53.96]
4LSU3:38.4254.72 [54.72]1:50.03 [55.32]2:44.38 [54.35]3:38.42 [54.05]

There's a LOT riding on USC in this event—they're currently in second with 48 points to Arkansas' 56, and if they can secure the win here, they'll have a shot as long as Arkansas' relay finishes worse than sixth overall. 

Kyra Constantine leads them off, and she's tracking down Georgia's lead-off runner. She gets to the exchange first, and it's USC in the lead. Chloe Abbott of Kentucky throws down a stellar second leg to put them in first at the third hand-off, splitting 52.03! 

Amber Tanner deletes Kentucky's progress and hands off to Lynna Irby! She and Abby Steiner are storming away from the field! But it's all Irby down the homestretch—she splits 51.59 to land Georgia at No. 1 overall.

1Georgia3:31.0954.06 [54.06]1:47.14 [53.09]2:39.50 [52.36]3:31.09 [51.59]
2USC3:32.4753.74 [53.74]1:47.01 [53.27]2:40.51 [53.51]3:32.47 [51.96]
3Kentucky3:32.8954.26 [54.26]1:46.29 [52.03]2:40.09 [53.80]3:32.89 [52.81]
4Alabama3:33.6754.09 [54.09]1:47.84 [53.75]2:41.43 [53.60]3:33.67 [52.25]

Now, Arkansas only needs to get at least eighth to nab the team title. 

Texas A&M is first to the break, and South Carolina is right behind her. Arkansas is second-to-last at the first handoff. But the Razorbacks catch a huge break with their third leg, who split 52.05! Payton Chadwick will bring it home for them, and she's battling Texas A&M down the backstretch! She takes the lead, but the whole field is right behind her, and South Carolina is on her hip!!! She's flailing toward the line and it looks like Arkansas finished third, so they're six points richer. USC will be sixth overall. Arkansas is the team champion!

1South Carolina3:30.7653.17 [53.17]1:45.05 [51.89]2:39.18 [54.13]3:30.76 [51.59]
2Texas A&M3:30.8553.53 [53.53]1:45.45 [51.92]2:38.39 [52.94]3:30.85 [52.47]
3Arkansas3:30.8653.78 [53.78]1:46.31 [52.53]2:38.36 [52.05]3:30.86 [52.51]
4Florida3:32.0253.84 [53.84]1:46.88 [53.04]2:39.03 [52.15]3:32.02 [53.00]

WHOA! A protest has been filed against Payton Chadwick (one of the coaches is asserting that she cut in too early), but even if that happens, it won't affect Arkansas' team title.

Men's 4x400m Relay Final | 6:55 p.m.

Florida has already clinched the men's team title, but this should be thrilling nonetheless. Houston is within shouting distance of a world record, and Texas A&M will be right there with them along with Florida—and they have the magical Grant Holloway. 

In heat one, half of USC's world record-setting crew is back. Zach Shinnick got things started pretty well for USC, but Ricky Morgan Jr. got a little too ambitious in the first lap and dieddd. Arkansas took over on the second leg, and it remained that way through the finish line.

1ARKANSAS3:06.8247.64 [47.64]1:33.80 [46.17]2:20.71 [46.92]3:06.82 [46.11]
2SOUTH CAROLINA3:07.4847.92 [47.92]1:35.58 [47.67]2:20.85 [45.28]3:07.48 [46.63]
3TCU3:08.6147.81 [47.81]1:35.39 [47.58]2:22.32 [46.94]3:08.61 [46.29]
4USC3:08.8247.47 [47.47]1:36.46 [49.00]2:22.86 [46.41]3:08.82 [45.96]

Heat two included a DNF from LSU and a DNS from Texas Tech.

1IOWAIowa3:07.6847.77 [47.77]1:34.45 [46.69]2:21.15 [46.71]3:07.68 [46.53]
2BAYLORBaylor3:08.6347.08 [47.08]1:33.11 [46.04]2:21.23 [48.13]3:08.63 [47.40]
DNFLSULSU-46.25 [46.25]1:33.08 [46.84]2:21.22 [48.15]

In heat three, Bryce Deadmon is there for Texas A&M after falling in the 400m prelims. At 200m, Grant Holloway on the second leg SURGES to the front and he is MOOOOOOVING. He gets to the exchange first in 46-flat. Kahmari Montgomery is on the anchor, and he's closely tailed by Florida and Devin Dixon. Florida made a big move on the turn to try to get around Montgomery, but Montgomery holds him off, and Dixon can't close the gap. Houston wins! And they break their school record of points scored at the NCAA Indoor Championships with 34 points. 


Florida-46.64 [46.64]1:32.63 [46.00]2:19.41 [46.79]
Houston-46.65 [46.65]1:33.40 [46.76]2:19.62 [46.22]
Texas A&M-46.95 [46.95]1:33.08 [46.13]2:19.90 [46.82]


Western Kentucky-47.44 [47.44]1:34.86 [47.42]2:21.57 [46.71]

Kenny Bednarek Makes History With 19.82/44.73 Double At JUCOs

One day after riding a blustering tailwind to the fastest wind-aided 200m in history, Indian Hills freshman Kenny Bednarek decided to give wind legal a try on the final day of the 2019 NJCAA Outdoor Track and Field Championships. The result? Still damn fast.

Shanghai Diamond League: Lyles Stuns Coleman, Samba Tops Benjamin

The second leg of the 2019 Diamond League season made its stop in Shanghai, China, on Saturday, and it was jam-packed with marquee matchups and tight finishes.

Kenny Bednarek Runs Fastest Wind-Aided 200m In History

If you’ve ever wondered how fast a world-class sprinter could run with a comically strong tailwind, Indian Hills Community College freshman Kenny Bednarek had your answer on Friday with his 19.49 200m (+6.1 m/s) in the 2019 NJCAA Track and Field prelims.

What Did It Take To Qualify For NCAA Prelims Over The Years?

Since the NCAA moved to a two-regional system in 2010, the qualification process for the NCAA Championships has consisted of the top 48 individuals and top 24 relays in the West and East regions competing for 12 qualifying spots during the last weekend of May.

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Samba/Benjamin Pt. I, McLaughlin Debut Headline Shanghai DL

The first six-ish weeks of the professional track season have offered one clear lesson: the late World Championships aren’t going to tamp down fast times. From Michael Norman’s 43.45 to Shaunae Miller-Uibo’s 49.05, it’s feeling like mid-August already. Perhaps the non-championship year in 2018 caused some energy and emotion to be bottled up, only being released in a year with a clear championship target. 

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Schneider, Praught-Leer Notch 5k Olympic Standards At Oxy

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NCAA Prelim Entries Reaction: Six Scratches You Need To Know

With Wednesday’s release of the NCAA East and West Preliminary Round declarations, we now know the 48 athletes in every individual event and 24 relay teams that will compete in Jacksonville and Sacramento for a spot at the NCAA Championships in Austin.

House Of Run: Evaluating The U.S. Performance At World Relays

Jason and Kevin discuss Matthew Boling’s epic weekend, the struggles of the US at the World Relays, Mondo Duplantis’ collegiate record, a big NCAA upset, an American record in the 25K and this weekend’s Shanghai Diamond League.

Infinite Tucker's SEC Superman Dive Deserved An Article

The following is an actual conversation between FloTrack writers Kevin Sully and Lincoln Shryack regarding Infinite Tucker’s Superman dive to win the SEC 400m hurdles title over the weekend.

Mondo Breaks Collegiate Record, Roberts Upsets Holloway

Ever since Mondo Duplantis stepped on campus at LSU, breaking the collegiate record seemed inevitable. That’s a logical assumption when you vault 6.05 meters en route to a gold medal at the European Championships before you begin your freshman year.