2019 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships

10.75! Sha'Carri Richardson SMASHES 100m Collegiate Record!

10.75! Sha'Carri Richardson SMASHES 100m Collegiate Record!

LSU freshman Sha'Carri Richardson smashed the NCAA record in an absolutely mind-melting 10.75.

Jun 8, 2019 by Jennifer Zahn
10.75! Sha'Carri Richardson SMASHES 100m Collegiate Record!

Amid the backdrop of a collective gasp that certainly extended far beyond the stands of Mike A. Myers Stadium in Austin, Texas, LSU freshman Sha'Carri Richardson smashed the NCAA 100m record in an absolutely mind-melting 10.75, finishing nearly five meters ahead of the rest of the field.

The former NCAA record, 10.78, was set 30 years ago in 1989 by another LSU Tiger, Dawn Sowell.

Richardson's closing speed was remarkable to behold as her momentum built rapidly from 50 meters to the finish line. The next-closest finisher, North Carolina A&T's Kayla White, was a full two-tenths of a second behind when Richardson stopped the clock.

Her 10.75 also makes her the ninth-fastest performer in world history, the fastest junior ever (she felled the world junior record of 10.88 set in 1977 by Marlies Göhr of East Germany), and the current world leader... and I have a feeling she's just getting started.

The race itself was also historic as it was the first time two competitors ever went sub-11 in a final with wind-legal readings, and the results contained the best marks ever for first through seventh place.


1Sha'Carri RICHARDSONFRLSU10.751.60.142PB   FR   MR   CB
2Kayla WHITESRN. Carolina A&T10.951.60.159PB
3Twanisha TERRYSOUSC10.981.60.149PB
4Teahna DANIELSSRTexas111.60.16
5Kiara PARKERSRArkansas11.021.60.168PB
6Kiara GRANTSONorfolk State11.041.60.172PB
7Anglerne ANNELUSJRUSC11.121.60.198
8Ka'Tia SEYMOURSOFlorida State11.651.60.129

Later, Richardson went on to fight USC's Anglerne Annelus, the defending 200m champion, to the line in yet ANOTHER world junior record in 22.17 to Annelus's 22.16...

The former owner of that world junior record? Allyson Felix, who ran 22.18 in 2003.

I've run out of words. Just watch:


1Anglerne ANNELUSJRUSC22.161.30.233PB   FR
2Sha'Carri RICHARDSONFRLSU22.171.30.179PB
3Cambrea STURGISFRN. Carolina A&T22.40 (22.394)1.30.16PB
4Janeek BROWNSOArkansas22.40 (22.396)1.30.151PB
5Teahna DANIELSSRTexas22.621.30.166
6Lanae-Tava THOMASFRUSC22.741.30.176PB
7Kayla WHITESRN. Carolina A&T22.811.30.168

Ka'Tia SEYMOURSOFlorida StateDNS

In the coming weeks, Richardson and her family will need to make an important decision about whether or not she goes pro—read our full report on that here.