2019 New York City Marathon

2019 New York City Marathon Live Updates

2019 New York City Marathon Live Updates

Follow along with live updates from the 2019 New York City Marathon.

Nov 3, 2019 by Lincoln Shryack
2019 New York City Marathon Live Updates
Welcome to FloTrack's coverage of the 2019 New York City Marathon.

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Welcome to FloTrack's coverage of the 2019 New York City Marathon.

Start times for the elite races:

9:10 am ET Women's Start

9:40 am ET Men's Start

47° at start time with 8mph winds.

Men's Race live updates

5KQuick 5:02 first mile for the men with Shura Kitata controlling things up front. He settles back in the pack after an eager start. 4:43 for the second mile as defending champ Lelisa Desisa is now leading. 9:45 thru 2 miles. 15:09 at 5k for Urgesa Figa with three men within three seconds of the lead.
10K30:32 at 10k with large pack. Defending champion and 2019 world champ Lelisa Desisa has dropped out.
15K45:43 at 15k for leaders with Kitata and Kamworor among them.
20KKitata with a cushion at 10 miles in 49:06. 3 seconds over chase pack. 1:01:19 at 20k for Albert Korir. Kitata's pace has yo-yo'd but he's right next to Korir alongside a dozen men.
HALF64:49 at half for several men including Jared Ward and Geoffrey Kamworor.
25KAussie Brett Robinson dropping the pace at has 7 second lead at 15 miles in 1:14:13. 1:17:02 for Robinson at 25k. Field now coming back to him as lead has shrunk to one second.
30K1:19:16 at 16 miles for Korir with 5 within 2 seconds. Jared Ward falling off pace. 1:24:16 at 17 as Ward rallies to join leaders once again. 1:32:25 at 30k for Korir and the pack. Five men have broken away before 20 miles, including 2017 champ Kamworor. He looks relaxed and under control. 1:38:59 at 20 miles.
35K1:47:34 at 35k for Kamworor, Gebre, Tola and Korir. Kitata falling off.
40KGeoffrey Kamworor makes his move for home just before 24 miles. His 1:57:59 split there has him ahead by six seconds over Albert Korir. This is all too easy for 2017 champ Kamworor. He's going to waltz to victory. 2:01:48 at 40k for Kamworor. He's got 12 seconds on Korir with mile-plus to go.
FINISH2:08:13 victory for Kamworor. Korir second in 2:08:36. Girma Gebre two seconds behind Korir for third in 2:08:38. Jared Ward takes sixth in 2:10:45 as top American for second straight year. 3 total U.S. men in the top 10 as Abdi Abdirahman (ninth, 2:11:34) and Connor McMillan (10th, 2:12:07) also run great races on Sunday.

Women's Race live updates

5KConservative beginning for the women as they pass through uphill 1st mile in 5:50. Ethiopian Ruti Aga has the narrow lead at 5k in 17:12. American Des Linden two seconds back at 17:14 with defending champion Mary Keitany right there with Linden.
10KFour miles at 22:11 for leader Nancy Kiprop of Kenya. At least nine women-- including Linden, Keitany, Aga and Taylor-- within a second of the lead. Still running in a pack at 5 miles at 27:33. 34:08 through 10k with large pack still together. On 2:24 pace.
15KDes Linden separates herself a bit before 9 miles to take the lead. 49:30 at 9 for Linden with a 4-second cushion. Lead now six seconds for Linden at 15k in 51:10. 8 women at 51:16 pack, including Keitany, Taylor, Ruti Aga and Joyciline Jepkosgei. 
20K54:46 at 10 miles for Linden. Maintaining six second lead. 11 miles at 60:14 with a building 13 second lead for Linden. Getting after it and the field hesitating to go with. She's on 2:23 pace, which is 2 minutes under U.S. course record in NYC. 65:28 at 12 for Des. 12 second lead. Four women-- Aga, Keitany, Jepkosgei and Kiprop-- catch Linden at 13 miles.
HALF71:39 at half for Aga, Keitany, Jepkosgei, Kiprop and Linden. They are just 10 seconds off CR pace (2:22:31).
25KLittle breakaway at 14 miles for Aga, Keitany and Jepkosgei clipping a 5:13 split. They have dropped Linden and Kiprop. 1:24:55 at 25k for Jepkosgei, Aga and Keitany with 27 seconds back to Kiprop and Linden.
30K1:38:18 for Aga, Jepkosgei and Keitany at 18 miles with 37 seconds on Kiprop. Winner will come out of these three women. Trio in lockstep at 30k in 1:41:47. 44 seconds back to Linden in 4th. (Letsrun's Jonathan Gault reports American Sara Hall dropped out at 18 miles. Her agent, Josh Cox said she dealt with stomach issues.)
35K1:49:05 at 20 miles for debutant Jepkosgei with Keitany right behind. Aga falling two seconds behind. They now have 75 seconds over rest of field. 1:54:30 for Jepkosgei and Keitany with 12 second buffer to Aga at 21 miles. Keitany allowing the rookie to do the work. 1:58:33 for Keitany at 35k with Jepkosgei a half second back.
40K1:59:57 at 22 miles for Keitany and Jepkosgei. Jepkosgei, the half WR holder, starting to put the hurt on the 4x NYC champ Keitany. She has five second cushion at 23 miles in 2:05:19. Jepkosgei has dropped Keitany. 2:10:51 at 24 miles for Jepkosgei. She has 15 second gap on Keitany now. 2:15:19 at 40k with a 25 second lead for Jepkosgei. She's going to win NYC-- and beat Keitany-- in her marathon debut.
FINISHWhat a debut for 25-year-old Joyciline Jepkosgei, who wins New York in 2:22:38, second fastest time in race history. Keitany second in 2:23:32. Ruti Aga and Nancy Kiprop take third and fourth in 2:25:51 and 2:26:21, respectively. Aussie Sinead Diver catches Des Linden in latter miles for fifth in 2:26:23. Linden places sixth, same as last year, in 2:26:46 with another American, Kellyn Taylor, right behind in 2:26:52 for seventh.