30 Reasons Why The Treadmill Is The Worst

Although running outside is one of the few luxuries we still have in this era of social distancing, I imagine that many runners are being forced to dust off the treadmill when going outdoors isn't possible. 

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Here are 30 reasons why the treadmill is a terrible piece of equipment:

1. It’s the most boring exercise experience imaginable

2. You don’t move

3. You sweat all over the machine

4. 8:00 mile pace feels like 6:00 mile pace

5. You’re constantly looking at the clock

6. A lot of treadmills can shock you with static electricity

7. The built-in fan that blows dusty air

8. You have to do it alone

9. That jello-leg feeling when you step off

10. They’re expensive

11. They take up a lot of room

12. Speed workouts are brutal

13. Running hills feels like running up a wall

14. Falling

15. Gym treadmills are way too close to each other

16. The built-in TVs often don’t work

17. You can’t spit

18. The dust and sweat mixture that accumulates around the machine

19. They’re heavy

20. The standard setting limits runs to one hour

21. Why do I need to know calories burned?

22. When it asks you to type in your weight

23. The heart rate thing that’s just guessing

24. Accidentally pulling the safety plug

25. Sprinting on a treadmill is terrifying

26. Untied shoes

27. Realizing the person that used it before didn’t clean up

28. Sweating profusely indoors is gross

29. It’s loud

30. The workout progress updates: “You’re 10% done!”

Simulating The NCAA Indoor Championships

The statistics website FiveThirtyEight recently simulated the results of the men’s and women’s NCAA basketball tournaments. To crown the champions, they used their own statistical model and a "100-sided dice roll"

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Eugene World Athletics Championships Officially Moved To 2022


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(c) 2020 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved(08-Apr) -- World Athletics and the local organizing committee in Eugene, Ore., jointly announced today that the next World Athletics Championships would be held in 2022, pushed back by a full year due to the one-year postponement of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. These championships, originally scheduled for August 6 - 15, 2021, will now be held from July 15 - 24, 2022, at the new Hayward Field at the University of Oregon which is still under construction. Over 2000 athletes from more than 200 countries are expected to participate.The World Athletics Council approved the new dates this week after what officials said was "extensive discussions with the sport's stakeholders" including organizers of two other major championships due to take place in July and August, 2022: the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, England, and the multi-sport European Championships in Munich which includes the European Athletics Championships."This will be a bonanza for athletics fans around the world," commented World Athletics president Sebastian Coe through a statement. He pointed out that the World Athletics Championships, Commonwealth Games and European Athletics Championships would be held in rapid succession. "(The fans) will be treated to six weeks of absolutely first-class athletics," Coe continued. "More than 70 of our member federations are part of the Commonwealth, and more than 50 of our member federations are European so our guiding principle in rescheduling the World Championships was to ensure enough space was created around the centerpiece World Athletics Championship for athletes to choose other major events to compete in."With today's announcement, the summer of 2022 schedule will be as follows:July 15 - 24: World Athletics Championships, Eugene, Ore., United StatesJuly 27 - August 7: Commonwealth Games, Birmingham, EnglandAugust 11 - 21: European Championships, Munich, GermanyOregon21, LLC --the local organizing committee-- said that they would have to change their name and rebrand."The new date will require a change in the name of the event from World Athletics Championships Oregon21, along with a rebrand in the coming months including logo adaptation, website content, and the legal name change of the local organizing committee," Oregon21 said in a statement. "The team is ready to continue its work alongside all its partners to deliver a world-class event and to take every advantage of the extra year of planning time that's been given. Although a year later than anticipated Oregon21, LLC looks forward to the opportunity that Oregon has to host this prestigious event and showcase the region to the world."

World Athletics Suspends Olympic Qualification Until December


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World Athletics announced on Tuesday that Olympic qualifying has been suspended until December 1, 2020, meaning that athletes will not be able to achieve qualifying standards or enhance world ranking position for the Tokyo Games until that date.

As COVID-19 Crisis Deepens, Hope Fades For May Running Events


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(c) 2020 Race Results Weekly, all rights reserved

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By Daniel Tyree for CA MileSplit

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When his flight touched down in Albuquerque, New Mexico, for the 2020 NCAA Indoor Championships on March 12, it didn’t take Penn head track and field coach Steve Dolan long to find out it would be a quick trip—after he turned on his phone, he received a notification that the meet was off. He and his two athletes would be turning right around the next day and flying back to the east coast.

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The Flaws In "Prefontaine" Are Too Big To Ignore

All this time at home has allowed me to fully lean into my inner track nerdiness and catch up on films that I couldn't get to in a busier time. Track movies are certainly a rarity in Hollywood as niche sports don’t typically do well at the box office, but this quarantine period and the relatively small number of movies about running means I could very well be fully caught up on the sport’s cinematic library by the time life returns to normal. My plan, for as long as I’m stuck at home, is to watch a track film each week that I’ve never seen previously and then review it for this site.

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