2023 DI NCAA Indoor Championships

2023 DI NCAA Indoor Championships


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DayStartFriday Women's EventsRndStart ListResult
FRI2:00 PMWomen Pole VaultFinalStart ListResult
FRI4:00 PMWomen Long JumpFinalStart ListResult
FRI4:00 PMWomen WeightFinalStart ListResult
FRI4:00 PMWomen 1 MilePrelimsStart ListResult
FRI4:15 PMWomen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI4:25 PMWomen 400 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI4:45 PMWomen 800 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI4:55 PMWomen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI5:05 PMWomen 5000 MFinalStart ListResult
FRI5:25 PMWomen 200 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI5:45 PMWomen DMRFinalStart ListResult
DayStartWomen's PentathlonRndStart ListResult
FRI9:50 AMPentathlon 60 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
FRI11:00 AMPentathlon High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
FRI1:00 PMPentathlon Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
FRI2:15 PMPentathlon Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
FRI3:40 PMPentathlon 800 MFinalsStart ListResult

Pentathlon Spreadsheet

DayStartFriday Men's EventsRndStart ListResult
FRI6:00 PMMen Pole VaultFinalStart ListResult
FRI7:00 PMMen Long JumpFinalStart ListResult
FRI7:00 PMMen WeightFinalStart ListResult
FRI7:00 PMMen 1 MilePrelimsStart ListResult
FRI7:15 PMMen 60 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI7:25 PMMen 400 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI7:45 PMMen 800 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI7:55 PMMen 60 M HurdlesPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI8:05 PMMen 5000 MFinalStart ListResult
FRI8:25 PMMen 200 MPrelimsStart ListResult
FRI8:45 PMMen DMRFinalStart ListResult
DayStartMen's HeptathlonRndStart ListResult
FRI9:30 AMHeptathlon 60 MFinalsStart ListResult
FRI10:30 AMHeptathlon Long JumpFinalsStart ListResult
FRI11:45 AMHeptathlon Shot PutFinalsStart ListResult
FRI1:15 PMHeptathlon High JumpFinalsStart ListResult
SAT10:30 AMHeptathlon 60 M HurdlesFinalsStart ListResult
SAT11:30 AMHeptathlon Pole VaultFinalStart ListResult
SAT3:30 PMHeptathlon 1000 MFinalsStart ListResult

Heptathlon Spreadsheet

DayStartSaturday Women's EventsRndStart ListResult
SAT1:00 PMWomen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
SAT3:45 PMWomen Triple JumpFinalStart ListResult
SAT4:00 PMWomen Shot PutFinalStart ListResult
SAT4:00 PMWomen 1 MileFinalStart ListResult
SAT4:10 PMWomen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
SAT4:20 PMWomen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
SAT4:30 PMWomen 800 MFinalStart ListResult
SAT4:40 PMWomen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
SAT4:50 PMWomen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
SAT5:00 PMWomen 3000 MFinalStart ListResult
SAT5:20 PMWomen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult
DayStartSaturday Men's EventsRndStart ListResult
SAT1:00 PMMen High JumpFinalStart ListResult
SAT6:45 PMMen Triple JumpFinalStart ListResult
SAT7:00 PMMen Shot PutFinalStart ListResult
SAT7:00 PMMen 1 MileFinalStart ListResult
SAT7:10 PMMen 60 MFinalStart ListResult
SAT7:20 PMMen 400 MFinalsStart ListResult
SAT7:30 PMMen 800 MFinalStart ListResult
SAT7:40 PMMen 60 M HurdlesFinalStart ListResult
SAT7:50 PMMen 200 MFinalsStart ListResult
SAT8:00 PMMen 3000 MFinalStart ListResult
SAT8:20 PMMen 4x400 M RelayFinalsStart ListResult

Event Info
FloTrack will provide on-site coverage of the 2023 DI NCAA Indoor Championships in Albuquerque, NM.