2019 MEAC Outdoor Championships
May 2-4
Greensboro, NC

FloTrack will provide LIVE coverage (final day track events only) of the 2019 MEAC Outdoor Championships in Greensboro, NC.

DayTime (ET)EventPrelim/Final
THU1:00 p.m.Men's Decathlon 
THU1:15 p.m.Women's Heptathlon 
THU2:30 p.m.Men's DiscusTrials & Final
THU4:30 p.m.Women's High JumpFinal
THU4:30 p.m.Women's DiscusTrials & Final
THU5:30 p.m.Women's 400-Meter HurdlesPrelim
THU5:50 p.m.Men's 400-Meter HurdlesPrelim
THU6;00 p.m.Men's High JumpFinal
THU6:10 p.m.Women's 200 MetersPrelim
THU6:30 p.m.Men's 200 MetersPrelim
THU7:00 p.m.Women's 10,000 MetersFinal
THU7:45 p.m.Men's 10,000 MetersFinal
DayTime (ET)EventPrelim/Final
FRI9:00 a.m.Men's Decathlon 
FRI9:00 a.m.Women's Heptathlon 
FRI11:30 a.m.Women's Long JumpTrials & Final
FRI11:30 a.m.Women's Shot PutTrials & Final
FRI2:00 p.m.Men's Long JumpTrials & Final
FRI2:00 p.m.Men's Shot PutTrials & Final
FRI2:50 p.m.Women's 100-Meter HurdlesPrelim
FRI3:10 p.m.Men's 110-Meter HurdlesPrelim
FRI3:20 p.m.Women's 400 MetersPrelim
FRI3:20 p.m.Women's HammerTrials & Final
FRI3:40 p.m.Men's 400 MetersPrelim
FRI4:00 p.m.Women's 100 MetersPrelim
FRI4:15 p.m.Men's 100 MetersPrelim
FRI4:30 p.m.Women's 800 MetersPrelim
FRI4:50 p.m.Men's 800 MetersPrelim
FRI5:35 p.m.Women's 3,000-Meter SteeplechaseFinal
FRI5:35 p.m.Men's HammerTrials & Final
FRI6:00 p.m.Men's 3,000-Meter SteeplechaseFinal
DayTime (ET)EventPrelim/Final
SAT9:00 a.m.Women's Pole VaultTrials & Final
SAT10:00 a.m.Men's Triple JumpTrials & Final
SAT10:00 a.m.Women's JavelinTrials & Final
SAT11:00 a.m.Men's Pole VaultTrials & Final
SAT1:00 p.m.Women's Triple JumpTrials & Final
SAT1:00 p.m.Men's JavelinTrials & Final
SAT1:00 p.m.Women's 4x100-Meter RelayFinal
SAT1:10 p.m.Men's 4x100-Meter RelayFinal
SAT1:15 p.m.Women's 1,500 MetersFinal
SAT1:25 p.m.Men's 1,500 MetersFinal
SAT1:40 p.m.Women's 100-Meter HurdlesFinal
SAT1:50 p.m.Men's 100-Meter HurdlesFinal
SAT2:00 p.m.Women's 400 MetersFinal
SAT2:05 p.m.Men's 400 MetersFinal
SAT2:15 p.m.Women's 100 MetersFinal
SAT2:25 p.m.Men's 100 MetersFinal
SAT2:30 p.m.Women's 800 MetersFinal
SAT2:35 p.m.Men's 800 MetersFinal
SAT2:55 p.m.Women's 400-Meter HurdlesFinal
SAT3:05 p.m.Men's 400-Meter HurdlesFinal
SAT3:15 p.m.Women's 200 MetersFinal
SAT3:20 p.m.Men's 200 MetersFinal
SAT3:35 p.m.Women's 5,000 MetersFinal
SAT4:00 p.m.Men's 5,000 MetersFinal
SAT4:35 p.m.Women's 4x400-Meter RelayFinal
SAT4:55 p.m.Men's 4x400-Meter RelayFinal