2019 Big Ten Outdoor Championships
May 10-12
Iowa City, IA

FloTrack will provide LIVE track coverage and archived field event coverage of the 2019 Big Ten Outdoor Championships in Iowa City, IA.

FRIDAY, MAY 10, 2019 (TIMES CT) 
NoonDecathlon 100-meters
12:15 PMHeptathlon 100-meter hurdles
12:45 PMDecathlon long jump
12:50 PMHeptathlon high jump
2:00 PMDecathlon shot put
2:45 PMDecathlon high jump
2:50 PMHeptathlon shot put
4:00 PMHeptathlon 200-meters
5:00 PMDecathlon 400-meters
Field Events 
NoonMen's hammer (trials and finals)
12:30 PMMen's pole vault (trails and finals)
2:30 PMWomen's hammer (trials and finals)
4:30 PMMen's javelin (trials and finals)
6:15 PMWomen's javelin (trials and finals)
Track Events 
5:35 PMMen's 400-meter hurdles (trials)
5:55 PMWomen's 400-meter hurdles (trials)
6:15 PMMen's 200-meters (trials)
6:30 PMWomen's 200-meters (trials)
6:45 PMMen's 1500-meters (trials)
7:05 PMWomen's 1500-meters (trials)
7:30 PMMen's 10,000-meters
8:15 PMWomen's 10,000-meters
9:30 AMDecathlon 110-meter hurdles
10:10 AMDecathlon discus
10:15 AMHeptathlon long jump
11:20 AMDecathlon pole vault
11:30 AMHeptathlon javelin
1:15 PMDecathlon javelin
1:45 PMHeptathlon 800-meters
3:10 PMDecathlon 1500-meters
Field Events 
1:20 PMMen's long jump (trials and finals)
2:00 PMMen's shot put (trials and finals)
4:00 PMMen's high jump (trials and finals)
4:30 PMWomen's pole vault (trials and finals)
4:30 PMWomen's shot put (trials and finals)
4:35 PMWomen's long jump (trials and finals)
Track Events 
4:00 PMMen's 400-meters (trials)
4:15 PMWomen's 400-meters (trials)
4:30 PMMen's 100-meters (trials)
4:45 PMWomen's 100-meters (trials)
5:00 PMMen's 110-meter hurdles (trials)
5:15 PMWomen's 100-meter hurdles (trials)
5:30 PMMen's 800-meters (trials)
5:55 PMWomen's 800-meters (trials)
6:30 PMMen's 3,000-meters steeplechase
6:45 PMWomen's 3,000-meters steeplechase
SUNDAY, MAY 12, 2019 (TIMES CT) 
Field Events 
11:00 AMMen's triple jump (trials and finals)
11:00 AMWomen's discus (trials and finals)
12:30 PMWomen's high jump (trials and finals)
1:30 PMWomen's triple jump (trials and finals)
1:30 PMMen's discus (trials and finals)
Track Events 
12:45 PMMen's 4x100-meter relay (finals)
12:55 PMWomen's 4x100-meter relay (finals)
1:05 PMMen's 1,500-meters (finals)
1:15 PMWomen's 1,500-meters (finals)
1:25 PMMen's 110-meter hurdles (finals)
1:35 PMWomen's 100-meter hurdles (finals)
1:40 PMMen's 400-meters (finals)
1:45 PMWomen's 400-meters (finals)
1:50 PMMen's 100-meters (finals)
1:55 PMWomen's 100-meters (finals)
2:03 PMMen's 800-meters (finals)
2:08 PMWomen's 800-meters (finals)
2:18 PMMen's 400-meter hurdles (finals)
2:28 PMWomen's 400-meter hurdles (finals)
2:35 PMMen's 200-meters (finals)
2:42 PMWomen's 200-meters (finals)
2:49 PMMen's 5,000-meters (finals)
3:11 PMWomen's 5,000-meters (finals)
3:33 PMMen's 4x400-meter relay (sections if necessary)
3:45 PMWomen's 4x400-meter relay (sections if necessary)