picture of 2021 UIL Outdoor Championships

Completed, May 6-8

FloTrack will provide LIVE coverage of the 2021 UIL Outdoor Championships in Austin, TX.

Thursday, May 6th

3A & 4A 3200m ONLY 9:00am

3A & 4A Field Events 9:00am

3A & 4A Running Events 5:00pm

Friday, May 7th

2A & 5A 3200m ONLY 9:00am

2A, 5A & WC Field Events 9:00am

2A, 5A & WC Running Events 5:00pm

Saturday, May 8th

1A & 6A 3200m ONLY 9:00am

1A & 6A Field Events 9:00am

1A & 6A Running Events 5:00pm

* All dates, times, and materials are subject to change.