picture of 2022 Under Armour Sunset Tour #2

Jul 10, 2022

FloTrack will provide LIVE coverage of the 2022 Under Armour Sunset Tour #2 in Los Angeles, CA. Stream or cast from your desktop, mobile or TV. Now available on Roku, Fire TV, Chromecast and Apple TV. Don’t forget to download the FloSports app on iOS or Android! If you can’t watch live, catch up with the replays! Video footage from the event will be archived and stored in a video library for FloTrack subscribers to watch for the duration of their subscription.

7:00pm - MONDO Men’s Shot Put

7:05pm - MONDO Women’s 100m Hurdles

Danielle Beattie Nadine Visser, Mackenzie Hill

7:15pm - UNDER ARMOUR Women’s 100m

Lela Buchanan, Destiny Smith-Barnett, Ashley Henderson, Alexandra Burghardt

7:20pm - GLUKOS Men’s 400m

Alex Beck, Will London, Michael Chioze

7:25pm - Women’s 800m - Section 2

Yasmine Hernandez, Claudia Saunders, Abbey Caldwell, Danae Rivers, Mallory King, Yolanda Ngarambe, Molly Sughroue, HongJiao WU

7:32pm - PACERS Women’s 800m

Nikki Hiltz, Linsday Butterworth, Hanna Hermansson, Brenna Detra, Olivia Baker, Addy Townsend, Sadi Henderson, Emily Richards, Sammy Watson

7:40pm - Men’s 800m - Section 2

Jacob Robison, Mehdi Yanouri, Abraham Tesfamarian, Grant Grosvenor, Charles Schimukowa, Luca Chatham, Josh Hoey

7:47pm - PACERS Men’s 800m

Vince Crisp, Christian Harrison, Festus Lagat, CJ Jones, Isaiah Jewett, Paul Ryan, Isaiah Harris, Neil Gourley

7:55pm - UNDER ARMOUR All Out Mile

Alejandro Martinez Ambrosio. Christopher Morzenti, Cade Burks, Colin O'Mara, Craig Lautenslager, Clayton VanDyke, Johnny Minen, Sergio Miranda, GuangWei Li, Shimales Abebe

8:05pm - UNDER ARMOUR Women’s Mile

Elly Henes, Dani Jones, Taryn Rawlings, Emily Lipari, Carina Viljoen, Katie Follett, Nikki Hiltz, Allie Wilson, Sarah Lancaster, Katrina Coogan, Jennifer Martinez

8:15pm - UNDER ARMOUR Men’s Mile

Rheinhardt Harrison, Charlie Dannatt, Austen Dalquist, Sam Tanner,  Sam Parsons, Eduardo Rodriguez, Brian Llamas, Aaron Ahl, Drew Hunter, Joey Berriatua, Cameron Proceviat

8:25pm - FITNESS BANK Women’s 200m

Lela Buchanan, Michelle-Lee Ahye, Ella Connolly, Ashley Henderson, Alexandra Burghardt

8:30pm - FITNESS BANK Men’s 200m

Cesar Ramirez, Michael Ohloze, Marcus Parker, Will London

8:45pm - Nick Symmonds World Record attempt