picture of 2022 USATF Outdoor Championships

FloTrack will provide on-site interviews at the 2022 USATF Outdoor Championships in Eugene, OR. (no race replays/live stream)

THU4:00 p.m.Men's 800First Round
THU4:25 p.m.Women's 800First Round
THU4:50 p.m.Women's 400HFirst Round
THU5:00 p.m.Women's HTFinal
THU5:15 p.m.Women's LJFinal
THU5:15 p.m.Women's 100First Round
THU5:40 p.m.Men's 100First Round
THU5:45 p.m.Men's DTFinal
THU6:05 p.m.Men's 3K SCFirst Round
THU6:35 p.m.Men's 1500First Round
THU6:53 p.m.Women's 1500First Round
THU7:11 p.m.Women's 400First Round
THU7:36 p.m.Men's 400First Round
THU8:00 p.m.FloTrack Podcast LIVE SHOW 
FRI5:10 p.m.Women's 100HFirst Round
FRI5:35 p.m.Women's 100Semi-Final
FRI5:45 p.m.Men's LJFinal
FRI5:50 p.m.Men's 100Semi-Final
FRI5:55 p.m.Women's PVFinal
FRI6:05 p.m.Women's 3K SCFirst Round
FRI6:15 p.m.Women's HJFinal
FRI6:35 p.m.Men's 400HFirst Round
FRI6:42 p.m.Men's SPFinal
FRI6:45 p.m.Women's DTFinal
FRI7:04 p.m.Women's 400HSemi-Final
FRI7:21 p.m.Women's 100Final
FRI7:30 p.m.Men's 100Final
FRI7:46 p.m.Men's 800Semi-Final
FRI8:02 p.m.Women's 800Semi-Final
FRI8:25 p.m.Women's 400Semi-Final
FRI8:46 p.m.Men's 400Semi-Final
FRI9:00 p.m.FloTrack Podcast LIVE SHOW 
SAT11:30 a.m.Women's JTFinal
SAT11:45 a.m.Men's 200First Round
SAT12:00 p.m.Men's PVFinal
SAT12:10 p.m.Women's 200First Round
SAT12:15 p.m.Men's HTFinal
SAT12:30 p.m.Women's TJFinal
SAT12:35 p.m.Men's 110HFirst Round
SAT1:04 p.m.Women's 100HSemi-Final
SAT1:22 p.m.Men's 400HSemi-Final
SAT1:40 p.m.Women's 1500Final
SAT1:52 p.m.Men's 1500Final
SAT2:04 p.m.Men's 3K SCFinal
SAT2:21 p.m.Women's 400Final
SAT2:31 p.m.Men's 400Final
SAT2:41 p.m.Women's 100HFinal
SAT2:51 p.m.Women's 400HFinal
SAT4:00 p.m.FloTrack Podcast LIVE SHOW 
SUN10:30 a.m.Women's 5KFinal
SUN10:53 a.m.Men's 5KFinal
SUN11:15 a.m.Men's TJFinal
SUN11:15 a.m.Women's 3K SCFinal
SUN11:25 a.m.Men's HJFinal
SUN11:30 a.m.Men's 200Semi-Final
SUN11:35 a.m.Men's JTFinal
SUN11:45 a.m.Women's 200Semi-Final
SUN12:00 p.m.Women's SPFinal
SUN12:00 p.m.Men's 110HSemi-Final
SUN1:04 p.m.Men's 800Final
SUN1:14 p.m.Men's 400HFinal
SUN1:24 p.m.Women's 800Final
SUN1:34 p.m.Men's 200Final
SUN1:44 p.m.Women's 200Final
SUN1:54 p.m.Men's 110HFinal
SUN3:00 p.m.FloTrack Podcast LIVE SHOW