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Everything you didn't know about Neely Spence-Gracey

Apr 14, 2013

There's more to Neely Spence-Gracey than meets the eye. Did you know she grew up in Amish and Mennonite country? Did you know she was raised as a Quaker? What about the fact that she started to figure out "this internet thing" when she arrived at Shippensburg University? What about her tough road back from a stress fracture that she picked up in Edinburgh? What about the fact that she's not one to shy away from sharing her goals? Like, running multiple IAAF "A" standards and making the World Championship team? (Note: This was filmed before Spence-Gracey competed at the World Cross Country Championships in Bydgoszcz, Poland. The top 15 finishers were awarded the IAAF "A" standard for 10,000m... Spence-Gracey finished 13th). Sponsor: Brooks