picture of Lewis Kent

Lewis Kent Crushes Beer Mile World Record (4:51.90)!

Nov 17, 2015

Watch Lewis Kent throw down a 4:51.90 beer mile, which, if ratified by the experts at BeerMile.com, would break the previous world record of 4:54.4 held by 2014 World Beer Mile Champion Corey Gallagher. Kent broke the then-beer mile world record in August with a time of 4:55.8. Gallagher responded to the performance by lowering the time again in October. The Western Ontario athlete competed at the 2014 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships in Austin where he finished fifth in a then-personal best of 5:32. Since December 2014, Kent has been on a mission to break and improve the beer mile world record. Kent also won the Beer Mile World Classic in San Francisco last August. He will return to Austin in two weeks to take on the record and the world title on December 1 at the 2015 FloTrack Beer Mile World Championships. Video courtesy of Philippe Parrot-Migas