2017 FloXC Redshirt Freshmen Rankings

2017 FloXC Redshirt Freshmen Rankings

Honorable Mention: Jack Yearian (Oregon), Dan Schaffer (Binghamton), Isaac Cortes (Stanford), Jack Manderscheid (Minnesota), Luke Meade (Furman), Joe Dragon (Syracuse), Anna Vess (NC State), Ariel Keklak (Wake Forest), Olivia Sargent (Virginia), Ben Butler (OK State), Jonathan Lomogda (Yale), Brayden Law (Michigan State), Kent Hall (Georgetown)

Check out our official FloXC Rankings for the top redshirt freshmen heading into the 2017 NCAA cross country season. All the athletes listed below did not compete last year and will be making their NCAA cross country debuts this fall.

Note: A majority of these athletes were members of the 2016 U.S. high school graduating class. There are a few exceptions with international athletes as well as athletes returning from Mormon mission.

RankAthleteTeamXC '15Mile3K3K SC5K
1Amon KemboiCampbellInt'l4:05.37*8:02.04-13:47.77
2Madie BoremanColorado27th NXN4:40.38*-9:46.48-
3Jacob HeslingtonBYUMission4:06.91A8:30.06A8:43.2314:09.48
4Blaise FerroNAU20th NXN4:11.16*--14:09.72
5Eduardo HerreraColorado5th NXN4:04.998:04.96--
6Jackson MestlerOregon22nd FL4:09.06*8:08.168:59.6214:21.61
7Eric van der ElsUConn18th FL4:01.01*8:20.11-14:41.05
8Alek ParsonsStanford3rd NXN-8:18.81-14:10.33
9Sophie EckelNew MexicoInt'l-9:40.8010:47.6116:08.09
10Connor DunneColoradoN/A4:04.59---
11Phillip RochaColorado2nd FL4:13.798:16.099:08.0414:34.71
12Maryjeanne GilbertNotre Dame2nd FL---16:28.74
13Clayson ShumwayBYUMission4:11.05A8:32.86A8:47.18-
14Ryan SmeetonOK StateInt'l4:10.108:12.998:54.37-
15Eion NohillyGeorgetown12th FL-NE-8:44.939:01.66-
16Stephanie JenksCalifornia16th FL4:42.169:24.67-16:37.50
17Cole SpencerCalifornia18th NXN4:10.748:10.44--
18Jack SalisburyGeorgetown14th NXN-NE4:04.20---
19Ryan SchweizerNotre Dame25th NXN-HL4:05.10---
20Conner MantzBYUMission4:07.63--14:24.33
21Micaela DeGeneroMichiganN/A4:42.22---
22Garek BielaczycTexas4th FL-8:43.72--
23Brody SmithUtah State12th NXN4:08.30*8:19.04-14:30.93
24Isaac HardingMichigan23rd FL-8:20.20-14:21.65
25Tim BasonNC State35th NXN4:10.40*8:21.219:12.63-

*1500m conversion

Breaking down BYU's three Mormon mission athlete's eligibility:

No. 3 Jacob Heslington

'12 H.S. Senior Year

'13 Mission Year One

'14 Mission Year Two

'15 Redshirt

'16 Medical Redshirt

'17 NCAA Freshman

No. 13 Clayson Shumway

'13 H.S. Senior Year

'14 Mission Year One

'15 Mission Year Two

'16 Redshirt

'17 NCAA Freshman

No. 20 Conner Mantz

'14 H.S. Senior Year

'15 Mission Year One

'16 Mission Year Two

'17 NCAA Freshman