Ultimate Event Rankings

100/110m Hurdles Ultimate Rankings

Who are the top high hurdlers of all-time, regardless of gender? 

How does Allen Johnson's hurdle career compare to Sally Pearson's? Liu Xiang's to Gail Devers'? 

These were just some of the questions we set out to answer by calculating FloTrack’s 100/110m Hurdles Ultimate Rankings, a points-based system that factors in three elements of an athlete’s résumé to determine greatness in track and field: 

- Medals 

- PR ranking all-time (scored through top 20 all-time)

- Total number of top 20 all-time performances 

Using this formula, the goal was to form a baseline where men and women could be compared on an equal playing field. The result was the definitive list of the top 20 high hurdlers in world history.

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