Nike Oregon Project post-record repeats


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​The workout above is from 2014.

Article below ​by Dennis Young
​ from August 2016

The rarest of things in running media emerged today: genuinely new information about Galen Rupp. John Branch has a great profile of Rupp and Alberto Salazar out in ​Runner's World ​on the eve of the Rio Olympics​. Among the new tidbits: ​

-Rupp is doing incredibly difficult workouts, as ever. Branch details a workout where Rupp does 8x1 mile, with the first four in 4:25 in flats and the next four in 4:21 in spikes, followed by 2x300 in 42 seconds. That particular workout was in the middle of a 145 mile week.

-Salazar has gotten Rupp to lose upper-body weight. From the article:

""What do you see that's different?" Salazar asks me...

"He's thinner up top," I report.

At that, Salazar beams. He turns to Dave McHenry, D.P.T., physical therapist and strength coach of the NOP. "He noticed right away!" Salazar exclaims. McHenry also beams.

Salazar explains that last summer, after Rupp's disappointing performance at the IAAF World Championships in Beijing, Salazar determined that the runner was carrying too much bulk and muscle in his upper body. "It was restricting his stride," Salazar says. "He couldn't achieve full extension. So we basically stopped doing upper-body strength work. Galen has gotten much more fluid, much more flexible."

-Rupp is more introspective than we normally see him, telling Branch "Alberto will joke sometimes, 'I liked it better when you were a kid and you never questioned me.'" Salazar also says that Rupp's wife is pregnant with her third child and due in October.

-Branch also gets the man who was the cross country coach at Rupp's high school to deliver a colorful simile that seems like an accurate description of Salazar:

"Indeed, such was the articulate force of his rebuttal that I almost thought that Salazar, a competitor with a cellular aversion to losing, had been waiting for years for such charges to be filed, so that he could slam them back in his accusers' faces. "Alberto is like the pit boss in an Indy 500 crew," says Dave Frank, cross-country coach of Central Catholic High School in Portland, where Salazar met Rupp in 2000. "If the rules say that a tire can't exceed a certain width, that pit boss is going to have tires that are built to that limit, and not a millimeter less. The pit boss would never think he was cheating by pushing the rules to the limit, and neither would Alberto."

The profile is a good look at the late-prime Rupp. Go read the whole thing.

The above workout was at Boston University on January 16, 2014:
Galen Rupp - 13:01 American Record
Cam Levins - 13:19 Canadian Record
Mary Cain - 2:39.2 World Junior Record

Just minutes after their record performances, the Nike Oregon Project went to work on the BU Indoor track for a hard session of 400/800s.

Workout: Cain and Moser: 4 x 800 (2:20-2:25) 4 x 400 (57-60) Rupp and Levins: 2 x 800/400 (2:00/54) 2-3 x 400 (54s) (Levins does three)