2016 Boston Marathon & B.A.A. 5k/Mile

LIVE UPDATES: 2016 Boston Marathon

LIVE UPDATES: 2016 Boston Marathon

BOSTON PRE RACE CONTENTBOSTON RESULTS Follow along below for live play-by-play updates of the 2016 Boston Marathon!Updates will start at 8:30am CT (Women be

Apr 18, 2016 by Meg Bellino
LIVE UPDATES: 2016 Boston Marathon


Follow along below for live play-by-play updates of the 2016 Boston Marathon!

Updates will start at 8:30am CT (Women begin 9:30am ET, men 10:00am ET)

Prize Money for winner = $150,000
Boston Course Records - Men's 2:03:02 Geoffrey Mutai, 2011 | Women's 2:18:57 Rita Jeptoo, 2015

1 Women: 6:05 
Men: 4:52
Conservative start. Elite women bunched together as they run down the hilly terrain. American Neely Gracey-Spence in front of the pack.

Big pack of 20 men through one mile. Shingo Igarashi through 1 mile around 4:40. Bold strategy. Getting great television time.
2 Women: 5:47
Men: 5:03 (Igarashi)
Latvian Jelena Prokopcuka leading the pack as the pace drops dramatically. She's only one in the front as Africans are packed together. Americans Neely Gracey-Spence and Sarah Crouch in the mix, as well.

Large pack a ways behind Igarashi. Pack about 20 yards behind.
3 Women: 5:53
5k: 18:22
Projected Finish: 2:34:52
Men: 5:02 (Igarashi)
5k: 15:48
Projected Finish: 2:13:18
Prokopcuka still leading this very conservative start, the East African favorites looking like they want this pace to pick up.

Igarashi still has a lead but it's clear that the pack is gaining on him. This was fun while it lasted.
4 Women: 5:38 
Men: 5:10
Buzunesh Deba trots ahead to the lead trying to pick up this incredibly conservative race. About 10 women in a pack follow. Americans Gracey and Crouch off the pack for a it but the hills bring them back in. Deba and Daska sharing water.

20:02 for Shingo, but the pack has now closed in and there's about ~17 to 20 men in place.
5 Women: 5:54
Men: 5:12
Spence-Gracey is in the lead. Pace is sporadic but she looks calm. 2:33 pace, something she could run for her debut. When will this pace really pick up?

Around 16 men in the lead pack. No clear leader or moves behind besides passing Shingo.
6 Women: 5:48
10k: 36:20
Projected Finish: 2:33:21
Men: 4:59
10k: 31:23
Projected Finish: 2:12:26
Large pack of 15 women. 35:05 through 6 miles.

30:18 through 6 miles. Still a large pack of competitors together.
7 Women: 5:39
Men: 4:55
40:44 through 7 miles, Joyce Chepkirui leading the pack.

Things are getting interesting as Lonyangaia, 2:07 PB, attempting to get things moving. Men are beginning to string out.
8 Women: 5:38
Men: 5:02
Tirfi Tsegaye, who set a 2:19 PB in Dubai this January, in the lead. Considering the Americans who ran the February Oly Trials aren't racing, it's interesting that she's here in Boston just +3 months after a sub 2:20 marathon. But it was either here or London for a spot on the Ethiopian Olympic team. Americans Spence-Gracey and Crouch around 25 seconds behind pack.

40:15, and just went we thought it was getting interesting, there's about 14 men together again. Lonyangaia led through split.
9 Women: 5:37
Men: 5:11

Deribe Robi leading the way, but Hayle and Kiprop just a step behind. Lelisa Desisa (2x winner) chilling in the middle of the pack. Still around 2:12 pace.
10 Women: 5:51
Men: 5:21
Valentine Kipketer in the lead with a pack around 8 women.

Solonei De Silva in the lead, pace really beginning to string out.
11 Women: 5:26
Men: 5:08

1:03:16 cumulative. This pace is fluctuating with the hills.

Robi, Tsegay, Feleke in the lead.
12 Women: 5:50
Men: 5:02
Buzunesh Deba back in the lead after falling out of top 10 for some time. She was third last year.

Robi still leads, but unlike the women's race the men are still packed together (around 18 of them)
13 (& Half Marathon) Women: 5:44 (1:14:50)
Half Marathon: 1:15:25
Projected Finish: 2:31:07
Men: 5:14
Half Marathon: 1:06:48
Projected Finish: 2:13:35
10 women in contention. Spence-Gracey and Crouch about 24 second behind.

Nobody making any crazy movesi in this 2:13 pace.
14 Women: 5:25
Men: 5:11
Joyce Chepkirui leads pack of around 8 women.

1:11:21 for the men. Still a large pack of competitors. Nobody breaking away yet.
15 Women: 6:12
Men: 5:21
1:26:27 on the clock. Women's pack dwindled down to 6 women. Deba getting dropped.

Lelisa Desisa to the front! Trying to break this race open, or separate the weak from the expereinced.
16 Women: 5:00
Men: 4:33
AND THEN THERE WERE 4! Chepkirui, Tsegaye, Kipketer, Daniel dropped the competition. Dropped a 17:20 5k. ~ 2:30 pace. 3 Kenyans and Tsegaye is the lone Ethiopian, this is not what we expected.

Desisa has big lead with Hayle right beside him.
17 Women: 5:44
Men: 4:46
Lead pack of 4 battling the hills together. Americans Sarah Crouch and Neely Grace-Spencey running together projected to finish around 2:34.

Really started to HAMMER now! Desisa and Hayle together.
18 Women: 5:45
Men: 4:57
Tsegaye making strong statement for Ethiopian Olympic committee

Hayle and Desisa together. Hayle looked as if he told Desisa to to take the lead for a bit. The 2 Ethiopians battling it out together.
19 Women: 5:30
Men: 5:03
Women drop another 17:20 5k, 2:20~ pace. Kipketer, Chepkirui and Tsegaye in the mix. Those 3 have dropped Daniel.

Desisa leads Hayle now. (Briefly)
20 Women: 5:49
Men: 5:04
1:54:15 for the women. Still 3 ladies battling it out together.

1:41:05~ through 20 miles. Still, Hayle and Desisa working together to swap leads.
21 Women: 6:03
Men: 5:27
A little bit more "Heartbreak" for Kipketer as she falls off Chepkirui and Tsegaye's pace up Heartbreak Hill. But just as they hit 21

22 Women: 
Men: 5:09
And Kipketer has dropped again. I think she's going to have to hold on for third. Chepkirui was 10th here last year in her Boston Marathon debut. Now she's walking away as a WINNER or RUNNER-UP.

35k for the men: 1:50:24 and it's STILL Hayle and Desisa. Wesley Korir in 3rd but about 20 seconds back.
23 Women: 
Men: 5:07
2:16 into the women's race and Atsede Baysa (ETH) surges (I MEAN SPRINTS) from out of NOWHERE into second! Chepkirui dropped by Tsegaye and Tsegaye looks panicked!
24 Women: 5:17
Men: 4:56
Baysa now surging away. She hasn't won a big marathon since 2012 in Chicago.
25 Women: 5:38
Men: 4:54
There's absolutely NOTHING in Baysa's way! 

At 40k, Hayle begins to MOVE on Desisa. Desisa has nothing left. He keeps turning around to see if anyone is around but it's clear he is done.
26 Women:
Baysa is 100% going to dominate.
Finish Atsede Baysa wins unofficially 2:19:18. Ethiopia goes 1-2 as Tirfi Tsegaya finishes runner-up, Joyce Chepkirui third.

Lemi Barhanu Hayle wins his first Boston Marathon in 2:12:44.