2018 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships

2018 NCAA DI Championships Day 3 Recap: Trojans Rewrite Record Books

2018 NCAA DI Championships Day 3 Recap: Trojans Rewrite Record Books

Play-by-play of Day 3 at the 2018 NCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field Championships.

Jun 9, 2018 by Johanna Gretschel
2018 NCAA DI Championships Day 3 Recap: Trojans Rewrite Record Books

The NCAA DI Outdoor Track & Field Championships are here! Keep this page refreshed for updates on every event from Day 3 at Hayward Field, as the men's final day of competition goes down. 


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Running Events

Men's 4x100m Relay Final | 5:32 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Reigning NCAA champions Houston about to get us started. If they want a chance at winning the overall team crown, they need to capture the title here.

They got it done! NEW NCAA record for the Cougars with a mark of 38.17! The previous meet record of 38.23 by Texas Christian had stood for 29 years—since 1989. TCU actually ran 38.04 in 1998, but that record appears to have been vacated. 

Final Results:

1. Houston, 38.17
2. Ohio State, 38.75
3. Florida, 38.89
4. Arkansas, 39.01
5. Florida State, 39.37
6. Southern Miss, 39.49
7. Northwestern State, 39.63
8. North Carolina A&T, DNF

Men's 1500m Final | 5:42 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Josh Kerr said after Wednesday's prelim that he wanted to break his own collegiate record again today. There's some stumbling early on but no one falls though the track looks super-slick from the rain. Ciattei of VA Tech takes the field through 300m in 45/400m in 1:01.62.

Ciattei, Kiprotich up front and Josh Kerr was briefly boxed in but now trying to navigate his way back to the outside. Sam Prakel moving up too. 2:06.79 through 800m.

Bell lap - Ciattei, Kiprotich, Domanic, Kerr is hanging out in sixth and he's gonna have to move up! Domanic of Ole Miss goes for it on the backstretch and Kerr is finally getting out of the pack to go with him—but Domanic is moving well! Could he do what Rebels' teammate Craig Engels couldn't do last year and take the W??? 

At 200m to go, it's Domanic and Kerr running stride-for-stride but the New Mexico Lobo and two-time NCAA champ starts his signature surge as they head into the final straight. He has a slight gap on Ciattei and Domanic but now Oliver Hoare from Wisconsin is MOVING AND HOLY.... 3:44.77, IT'S HOARE FOR THE WIN!

Ciattei takes second and Kerr must settle for third.

Final Results:

1. Oliver Hoare, Wisconsin, 3:44.77
2. Vincent Ciattei, Virginia Tech, 3:45.02
3. Josh Kerr, New Mexico, 3:45.02
4. Robert Domanic, Ole Miss, 3:45.47
5. Sam Worley, Texas, 3:45.67
6. Sam Prakel, Oregon, 3:45.73
7. Justine Kiprotich, Michigan State, 3:45.75
8. Cameron Griffith, Arkansas, 3:45.75
9. Amos Bartelsmeyer, Georgetown, 3:46.54
10. Diego Zarate, Virginia Tech, 8:46.55
11. Mike Marsella, Virginia, 3:52.39
12. Mick Stanovsek, Oregon, 3:56.12

Men's 3K Steeplechase Final | 5:54 PM PT

Play-By-Play: The men's steeple is one of the more wide-open events of the weekend, so this should be fun. Brian Barraza of Houston is our early leader, perhaps buoyed by the Cougars' NCAA record and win in the 4x1.

One lap in, Barraza clocks about 66 and has already put a few meters on the field. Jamaine Coleman of Eastern Kentucky runs in second, with another slight gap to Matt Owens of BYU and John Rice of Texas.

Barraza split 3:20 through 1200m and still maintains a few meters lead over Coleman, who in turn has a few meters on the pack, which Steven Fahy of Stanford now leads. Obsa Ali of Minnesota runs next to Fahy. About 4:33 through 1600m and the only thing that's changed is the chase pack has narrowed to three men: Fahy, Ali and Aidan Tooker of Syracuse.

Two laps to go—Barraza still leads (69-second for his most recent split), but Ali and Fahy have caught Coleman. Ali is now making a move into second and let's see if he can get this group up to Barraza, who has run entirely unchallenged so far.

Bell lap—Barraza has three seconds on Coleman in second place, but OH NO!!!! tragedy strikes, the Houston senior trips on the hurdle on the curve. He is struggling to get up and even keep running and is now completely out of contention. Gahhhh you hate to see that :(

Ali of Minnesota pulls into the lead over Coleman on the backstretch and uses the water jump to gain some ground. He will win in 8:23.23, with a 64.49 closer.

Final Results:

1. Obsa Ali, Minnesota, 8:32.23
2. Jamaine Coleman, Eastern Kentucky, 8:33.52
3. Steven Fahy, Stanford, 8:34.52
4. Aidan Tooker, Syracuse, 8:35.41
5. Andrew Gardner, Washington, 8:37.07
6. Matt Owens, BYU, 8:38.09
7. Clayson Shumway, BYU, 8:40.15
8. Riley Osen, Portland, 8:41.24
9. Noah Affolder, Syracuse, 8:43.72
10. Brian Barraza, Houston, 8:44.42
11. Max Benoit, Michigan State, 8:47.15
12. John Rice, Texas, 8:52.81

Men's 110m Hurdles Final | 6:12 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Grant Holloway of Florida gets out of the blocks on a jetpack, half a stride ahead of the entire field after the first hurdle. Midway through the race though, Damion Thomas of LSU and David Kendziera of Illinois make up ground to challenge the defending NCAA champion and at the finish, it's too close to call!

After a tense moment, Holloway emerges the slight winner in 13.42 (-1.1) ahead of the brilliant Kendziera, who runs 13.43.

Final Results:

1. Grant Holloway, Florida, 13.42 (-1.1)
2. David Kendziera, Illinois, 13.43
3. Damion Thomas, LSU, 13.45
4. Trey Cunningham, Florida State, 13.64
5. Antoine Lloyd, Nebraska, 13.94
6. Ruebin Walters, Alabama, 13.95
7. Luke Siedhoff, Nebraska, 13.99
8. John Burt, Texas, 14.01

Men's 100m Final | 6:22 PM PT

Play-By-Play: 19 points on the board for Houston as Cameron Burrell and Elijah Hall go 1-2!!! Raheem Chambers of Auburn gets out really well in lane 1, but Hall, Burrell and Andre Ewers of FSU bypass him in the latter stages. Mario Burke gets a point on the board for the Cougars as well in eighth place. Houston definitely needed a run like that after Barraza's fall in the steeple.

In the post-race interview, Burrell dedicates the win to Barraza. Very classy. This is Burrell's first individual NCAA title; he won the 4x1 and was runner-up in the 100m and the 60m to Christian Coleman last year.

Final Results:

1. Cameron Burrell, Houston, 10.13 (-0.9)
2. Elijah Hall, Houston, 10.17
3. Andre Ewers, Florida State, 10.19
4. Cravon Gillespie, Oregon, 10.27
5. Raheem Chambers, Auburn, 10.33
6. McKinely West, Southern Miss, 10.36
7. Cejhae Greene, Georgia, 10.37
8. Mario Burke, Houston, 10.41

Men's 400m Final | 6:32 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Are we going to see a sub-44 today? It might be too wet and cold for anyone to challenge Fred Kerley's barely year-old NCAA record of 43.70, but this is an insanely fast crew. It took sub-45 to make the final for the first time in NCAA history.

NEVERMIND!!!! 43.62 FOR MICHAEL NORMAN!!!! Holy shit—the sophomore from USC not only blew away Kerley's college record, but shattered the one and only Michael Johnson's facility record at Hayward Field of 43.74, set back in 1993. Insanity. 

Kahmari Montgomery from Houston got out super quick but on the curve, the leaders settled to Norman vs. Auburn duo Akeem Bloomfield and Nathon Allen, the latter of whom ran NCAA #1 44.28 at SECs.

Norman's time is a huge PB from his prior best of 44.40 and stands as the fastest time in the world this year. Steven Gardiner of the Bahamas is the only other man to dip under 44 (43.87 SB). 

Let this one simmer: his 43.62 is the fifth-fastest time in U.S. history and sixth-fastest in world history.

Final Results:

1. Michael Norman, USC, 43.61
2. Akeem Bloomfield, Auburn, 43.94
3. Nathon Allen, Auburn, 44.13
4. Mar'yea Harris, Iowa, 45.00
5. Tyrell Richard, South Carolina State, 45.10
6. Obi Igbokwe, Arkansas, 45.16
7. Kahmari Montgomery, Houston, 45.75
8. Wil London, Baylor, 46.20

Men's 800m Final | 6:44 PM PT

Play-By-Play: We saw one huge favorite topple in the men's 1500m... could the same happen to collegiate record holder Michael Saruni of UTEP in the 800m?

It's actually Devin Dixon of Texas A&M up front, 24.4 for the opening 200m—um, that's fast—51.09. Just after the bell, Isiah Harris of Penn State makes a huge surge for the lead and summons Saruni out of the pack. It's Harris vs. Saruni now, they split 1:17.4 at 600m, and Saruni pulls ahead going into the homestretch and it looks like this thing is probably over but, guess again, IT'S NOT! Harris goes full Oliver Hoare mode and surges past Saruni with 50m to go and the UTEP sophomore can't come back! 

After finishing runner-up at nationals probably four or five times, Harris has won his NCAA title!

Arop from Mississippi State gets by Saruni for second place and the collegiate record holder must settle for third.

Final Results:

1. Isaiah Harris, Penn State, 1:44.76
2. Marco Arop, Miss State, 1:45.25
3. Michael Saruni, UTEP, 1:45.31
4. Bryce Hoppel, Kansas, 1:45.67
5. Devin Dixon, Texas A&M, 1:45.86
6. Jonah Koech, UTEP, 1:46.23
7. Robert Ford, USC, 1:46.72
8. Robert Heppenstall, Wake Forest, 1:47.14

Men's 400m Hurdles Final | 6:57 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Quick turnaround here for Illinois' David Kendziera, who was runner-up to Grant Holloway in the 110m hurdles about 45 minutes ago. The huge favorite here is USC's Rai Benjamin; maybe teammate Norman's big performance in the flat 400m will give him some fire to throw down a fast time.

YES IT DID!!!! Rai Benjamin just threw down 47.02, a new collegiate record and the second-fastest time in world history!

The junior from USC looked unbelievably smooth moving down that final stretch. So he ties Edwin Moses as the second-fastest man in world and U.S. history. The world and American record is 46.78, run by Kevin Young in 1992. MAN who knew we'd literally see a performance to rival Norman's in the 400m...blown away right now.

Benjamin was second at NCAAs last year while competing for UCLA.

Final Results:

1. Rai Benjamin, USC, 47.02
2. Kenny Selmon, North Carolina, 48.12
3. David Kendziera, Illinois, 48.42
4. Kemar Mowatt, Arkansas, 48.83
5. Taylor McLaughlin, Michigan, 49.59
6. Jacob Smith, Northern Iowa, 50.60
7. Maksims Sincukovs, Arizona, 50.63
8. Infinite Tucker, Texas A&M, 50.76

Men's 200m Final | 7:07 PM PT

Play-By-Play: It's weird to see a 200m final with no Houston Cougars after Eli Hall broke the American record indoors, but here we are. This is pretty wide open but I'm picking Big 12 champ Divine Oduduru for the win...

And the Texas Tech sophomore Odurudu nabs the win in 20.28! He was runner-up to Hall indoors, so it's good to see him stay consistent this spring.

Final Results:

1. Divine Oduduru, Texas Tech, 20.28
2. Andre Ewers, Florida State, 20.29
3. Kendal Williams, Georgia, 20.32
4. Jaron Flournoy, LSU, 20.43
5. Rodney Rowe, North Carolina A&T
6. Mustaqeem Williams, Tennessee, 20.62
7. Kenzo Cotton, Arkansas, 20.73
8. McKinely West, Southern Miss, 20.84

Men's 5K Final | 7:25 PM PT

Play-By-Play: A slew of NCAA champions headline the men's 5K field and any one of them could certainly win. Grant Fisher of Stanford is the reigning outdoor champion, Justyn Knight of Syracuse won the indoor 5K and Andy Trouard of NAU outkicked Knight for the indoor 3K title. It would definitely be an upset if someone besides those three guys wins the title, but it's not out of the question. After all, we've already seen upsets in every single men's distance event at these Championships...

400m: 67.5, Vincent Kiprop, Amon Kemboi, Clayton Young, Zach Perrin

800m: 2:21.2, big change-ups in the order as Perrin leads Sean McGorty

Now Trouard is taking things into his own hands, a la NAU teammates Tyler Day and Matthew Baxter in Wednesday night's 10K

1200m: missed the cumulative time but they just sped up from 73 to 65 in the last lap. Zach Perrin is back up front. Lots of switching up the lead so far.

1600m: 4:39ish, looks like Rory Linkletter of BYU up front now leading Perrin, Rockhold of CO Statae, Kemboi and everyone else close behind

2K: 5:47, Linkletter, Kipkoech, Perrin, Young

2400m: 6:55 (68.1 split), Kipkoech is trying to make moves but Linkletter still leads for now

2800m: Kipkoech of Campbell is now a stride ahead of Linkletter, who runs side-by-side with teammate Young. McGorty in fourth. The three guys in this race who have won NCAA titles are hanging out in the middle-back of the pack

3200m: 9:11ish. Amon Kemboi of Campbell now leads with Kipkoech in second place. McGorty, Linkletter, Young just behind.

Two laps to go: Kemboi and Kipkoech with McGorty in second and now Fisher, Knight and Trouard are in striking distance. Now McGorty takes the lead! Kemboi in second, Fisher in third.

63.7 for that last lap, fastest so far - McGorty, Kemboi, Fisher, Knight, Troaurd, Maggard

Bell lap—positions stay the same but with 200m to go, Fisher goes by Kemboi and everyone is kicking but McGorty is still in front! On the homestretch, Knight and Trouard pull up to Fisher and McGorty is still a stride ahead and he is going to win! Knight just barely gets by Fisher for runner-up honors, and Trouard holds on for fourth.

56.53 closer for McGorty! 13:54.81 winning time! He's been runner-up twice at the NCAA Championships (2016 indoor 3K, 2016 outdoor 5K) and redshirted last spring with injury, so this is definitely a feel-good win for track fans!

Final Results:

1. Sean McGorty, Stanford, 13:54.81
2. Justyn Knight, Syracuse, 13:55.03
3. Grant Fisher, Stanford, 13:55.04
4. Andy Trouard, NAU, 13:55.46
5. Amon Kemboi, Campbell, 13:56.37
6. Dillon Maggard, Utah State, 13:57.40
7. Edwin Kurgat, Iowa State, 13:58.01
8. Rory Linkletter, BYU, 13:58.20

Men's 4x400m Relay Final | 7:51 PM PT

Play-By-Play: After the day USC's had, there's a pretty good chance we see another collegiate record go down to close this thing out. The time we're watching is 2:59.59, set by LSU in 2005.

Texas A&M is the first to hand off, closely followed by USC—looks like Rai Benjamin on the second leg. Remember that he actually had the fastest split on USC's winning indoor relay. (45.9 opening split for USC's Ricky Morgan).

Benjamin easily hands off with a nice lead to Zach Shinnick. 43.7 for Rai!!

Texas A&M, LSU and Florida are starting to close in on Shinnick but he will hold them off to get the stick to Norman in first. Now for the fireworks! 

45.86 for Shinnick

44.94 for Florida (I believe that's Grant Holloway)

Norman is looking smooth but Devin Dixon is closing in! Final stretch - it's Norman! 2:59.0!!!!! They get the collegiate record! 43.62 split! WOW. Props to the Trojans for giving us a great show tonight!

Final Results:

1. USC, 2:59.00
2. Texas A&M, 2:59.91
3. LSU, 3:00.56
4. Florida, 3:01.83
5. Houston, 3:04.03
6. Arkansas, 3:04.53
7. Baylor, 3:04.54
8. Stanford, 3:05.50

Field Events

Men's High Jump Final | 5:00 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Kansas State freshman Tejaswin Shankar, who hails from India, won his first NCAA title by being the sole man in the competition to clear 2.24m/7-4.25. At that point, the contest was down to just four men: Shankar, Shelby McEwen of Alabama, Keenon Laine of Georgia and Trey Culver of Texas Tech. Shankar missed his first two attempts at the height but secured the title on his final jump.

Final Results:

1. Tejaswin Shankar, Kansas State, 2.24m
2. Shelby McEwen, Alabama, 2.21m
3. Keenon Lane, Georgia, 2.21m
4. Trey Culver, Texas Tech, 2.21m
5. Antonios Merlos, Georgia, 2.18m
6. Vernon Turner, Oklahoma, 2.18m
7. Earnie Sears, USC, 2.18m
8. Jhonny Victor, Florida, 2.18m

Men's Discus Final | 5:05 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Luke Vaughn of Memphis won his first NCAA title as a redshirt senior who had not even qualified for the Championships since 2015, when he finished 14th. He is the first NCAA champion in track and field for Memphis since 1981, and the first to win a throws title in program history. He secured the win on his third throw with a mark of 60.41m/198-2, as no one else would throw further than 194 feet.

Final Results:

1. Luke Vaughn, Memphis, 60.41m
2. Greg Thompson, Maryland, 58.96m
3. Brian Williams, Ole Miss, 58.62m
4. Kord Ferguson, Alabama, 58.42m
5. Reno Tuufuli, Iowa, 57.61m
6. Ashmon Lucas, Purdue, 56.88m
7. David Lucas, Penn State, 56.87m
8. Nicholas Percy, Nebraska, 56.72m

Men's Triple Jump Final | 5:40 PM PT

Play-By-Play: In his first appearance at an NCAA Championships, Texas A&M sophomore Tahar Triki earned an eighth-place finish in the long jump and his first national title in the triple jump tonight in Eugene. The native of Algeria clinched the win on his second jump, netting a mark of 16.79m/55-1. Odaine Lewis of Texas Tech came pretty close, but would settle for second with a mark of 16.73m.

Final Results:

1. Tahar Triki, Texas A&M, 16.79m
2. Odaine Lewis, Texas Tech, 16.73m
3. KeAndre Bates, Florida, 16.63m
4. Scotty Newton, TCU, 16.47m
5. Chengetayi Mapaya, TCU, 16.42m
6. Christian Edwards, Alabama, 16.37m
7. Darius Armstead, Sacramento State, 16.17m
8. Clayton Brown, Florida, 16.10m

Women's Heptathlon | 12:30 PM PT

Standings after Day 1:

1. Louisa Grauvogel, Georgia, 3752
2. Georgia Ellenwood, Wisconsin, 3668
3. Tyra Gittens, Texas A&M, 3548
4. Aliyah Whisby, Kennesaw State, 3522
5. Michelle Atherley, Miami, 3481
6. Madeline Holmberg, Penn State, 3467
7. Nina Schultz, Kansas State, 3452
8. Kendall Gustafson, UCLA, 3440

Team Score

Georgia clinches the team title after the men's 5K! The Bulldogs score 52 points to win the first outdoor team gold in program history.

Final Results:

1. Georgia, 52 points
2. Florida, 42 points
3. Houston, 35 points
4. USC, 34 points
5. Alabama, 33 points
5. Alabama, 33 points