NAU: Running With The Boys

Where The Boys Ran: The Trails Featured In "Running With The Boys"

Where The Boys Ran: The Trails Featured In "Running With The Boys"

Mapping out where the NAU Lumberjacks trained in our docuseries Running With The Boys.

Jan 8, 2020 by Lincoln Shryack

One of the cooler features of our recent series following the Northern Arizona men’s cross country team, Running With The Boys, was the inside glimpse at many of the unique places where the Lumberjacks train. Our cameras followed Mike Smith’s team from the mountainous trails of their home base in Flagstaff, Arizona, to their workouts on the road before and after meets in Madison, Wisconsin, and Terre Haute, Indiana.

With the help of Google maps, now you can recreate these runs on your own. Here’s where the runs featured in our series took place:

“700 Run” at Coconino National Forest aka “Moto City”

Seen In: Episode 1

The Lumberjacks unexpectedly run into a motocross event during a long run at Coconino National Forest.

Foxglenn Park (Soccer Fields)

Seen In: Episode 1

A speed session in and around youth soccer practices at Foxglenn Park in Flagstaff turns into a monsoon in episode 1.

Waterline Trail at Coconino National Forest

Seen In: Episode 1

This view is a runner’s paradise. NAU knocked out an 18-mile run here.

Swalls Drive In Terre Haute (Next To Lavern Gibson Cross Country Course)

Seen In: Episode 3

This gravel road is adjacent to the Lavern Gibson Championship Cross Country Course in Terre Haute. The runners not racing the John McNichols Invitational— Drew Bosley, Geordie Beamish and Blaise Ferro, among others— run an early season tempo effort highlighted in episode three.

Glacial Drumlin State Trail In Madison

Seen In: Episode 3

The day after the Nuttycombe Invitational in Madison, Wisconsin, NAU gets in some mileage on a 50-mile trail that runs throughout the state of Wisconsin.

Buffalo Park (8-Mile “Sub-T” Workout)

Seen In: Episode 4

As Mike Smith points out in episode four, three Lumberjack practices conflicted with community events during our filming. The third and final incident occurs during a late season sub-threshold workout at Buffalo Park as NAU runs a hard effort around the Dowelloween Monster Dash.