picture of 2018 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships

FloTrack will provide coverage of the 2018 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships in Eugene, OR.

DayStart TimeWednesday Running EventsRnd
Wednesday4:32 PMMen 4x100 M RelaySemis
Wednesday4:46 PMMen 1500 MSemis
Wednesday5:02 PMMen 3000 M SteeplechaseSemis
Wednesday5:32 PMMen 110 M HurdlesSemis
Wednesday5:46 PMMen 100 MSemis
Wednesday6:00 PMMen 400 MSemis
Wednesday6:14 PMMen 800 MSemis
Wednesday6:30 PMMen 400 M HurdlesSemis
Wednesday6:44 PMMen 200 MSemis
Wednesday7:08 PMMen 10000 MFinal
Wednesday7:48 PMMen 4x400 M RelaySemis
DayStart TimeWednesday Field EventsRnd
Wednesday2:00 PMMen HammerFinals
Wednesday5:00 PMMen Pole VaultFinals
Wednesday5:45 PMMen JavelinFinals
Wednesday6:00 PMMen Long JumpFinals
Wednesday6:40 PMMen Shot PutFinals
DayStart TimeThursday Running EventsRnd
Thursday4:02 PMWomen 4x100 M RelaySemis
Thursday4:16 PMWomen 1500 MSemis
Thursday4:32 PMWomen 3000 M SteeplechaseSemis
Thursday5:02 PMWomen 100 M HurdlesSemis
Thursday5:16 PMWomen 100 MSemis
Thursday5:30 PMWomen 400 MSemis
Thursday5:44 PMWomen 800 MSemis
Thursday6:00 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesSemis
Thursday6:14 PMWomen 200 MSemis
Thursday6:38 PMWomen 10000 MFinal
Thursday7:18 PMWomen 4x400 M RelaySemis
DayStart TimeThursday Field EventsRnd
Thursday1:30 PMWomen HammerFinals
Thursday4:30 PMWomen Pole VaultFinals
Thursday5:15 PMWomen JavelinFinals
Thursday5:30 PMWomen Long JumpFinals
Thursday6:10 PMWomen Shot PutFinals
DayStart TimeDecathlonRnd
Wednesday12:30 PMDecathlon 100 MFinals
Wednesday-Decathlon Long JumpFinals
Wednesday-Decathlon Shot PutFinals
Wednesday-Decathlon High JumpFinals
Wednesday6:56 PMDecathlon 400 MFinals
Thursday10:00 AMDecathlon 110 M HurdlesFinals
Thursday-Decathlon DiscusFinals
Thursday-Decathlon Pole VaultFinals
Thursday-Decathlon JavelinFinals
Thursday6:26 PMDecathlon 1500 MFinals
DayStart TimeFriday Running EventsRnd
Friday5:32 PMMen 4x100 M RelayFinal
Friday5:42 PMMen 1500 MFinal
Friday5:54 PMMen 3000 M SteeplechaseFinal
Friday6:12 PMMen 110 M HurdlesFinal
Friday6:22 PMMen 100 MFinal
Friday6:32 PMMen 400 MFinal
Friday6:44 PMMen 800 MFinal
Friday6:57 PMMen 400 M HurdlesFinal
Friday7:07 PMMen 200 MFinal
Friday7:25 PMMen 5000 MFinal
Friday7:51 PMMen 4x400 M RelayFinal
DayStart TimeFriday Field EventsRnd
Friday5:00 PMMen High JumpFinals
Friday5:05 PMMen DiscusFinals
Friday5:40 PMMen Triple JumpFinals
DayStart TimeSaturday Running EventsRnd
Satuday3:32 PMWomen 4x100 M RelayFinal
Saturday3:41 PMWomen 1500 MFinal
Saturday3:54 PMWomen 3000 M SteeplechaseFinal
Saturday4:12 PMWomen 100 M HurdlesFinal
Saturday4:22 PMWomen 100 MFinal
Saturday4:32 PMWomen 400 MFinal
Saturday4:44 PMWomen 800 MFinal
Saturday4:57 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesFinal
Saturday5:07 PMWomen 200 MFinal
Saturday5:25 PMWomen 5000 MFinal
Saturday5:51 PMWomen 4x400 M RelayFinal
DayStart TimeSaturday Field EventsRnd
Saturday3:00 PMWomen High JumpFinals
Saturday3:05 PMWomen DiscusFinals
Saturday3:40 PMWomen Triple JumpFinals
DayStart TimeHeptathlonRnd
Friday12:30 PMHeptathlon 100 M HurdlesFinals
Friday-Heptathlon High JumpFinals
Friday-Heptathlon Shot PutFinals
Friday7:13 PMHeptathlon 200 MFinals
Saturday11:30 AMHeptathlon Long JumpFinals
Saturday-Heptathlon JavelinFinals
Saturday5:13 PMHeptathlon 800 MFinals