picture of 2018 DI NCAA West Preliminary Round

May 25-27, 2018

FloTrack will provide coverage of the 2018 DI NCAA West Preliminary Round in Sacramento, CA.

NOTE: FloTrack's live coverage will focus primarily on the track events

All Times Pacific

DayStart TimeThursday Running EventsRnd
Thursday4:30 PMMen 400 M HurdlesFirst Round
Thursday5:00 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesFirst Round
Thursday5:30 PMMen 1500 MFirst Round
Thursday6:00 PMWomen 1500 MFirst Round
Thursday6:30 PMMen 100 MFirst Round
Thursday6:55 PMWomen 100 MFirst Round
Thursday7:20 PMMen 400 MFirst Round
Thursday7:45 PMWomen 400 MFirst Round
Thursday8:10 PMMen 800 MFirst Round
Thursday8:35 PMWomen 800 MFirst Round
Thursday9:00 PMMen 10000 MSemifinal
Thursday9:40 PMWomen 10000 MSemifinal
DayStart TimeThursday Field EventsRnd
Thursday12:00 PMMen HammerFirst Round
Thursday12:00 PMWomen JavelinFirst Round
Thursday4:00 PMWomen High JumpFirst Round
Thursday4:30 PMWomen Shot PutFirst Round
Thursday4:30 PMMen Long JumpFirst Round
Thursday4:30 PMMen Pole VaultFirst Round
Thursday7:30 PMWomen Long JumpFirst Round
DayStart TimeFriday Running EventsRnd
Friday4:30 PMMen 110 M HurdlesFirst Round
Friday5:00 PMWomen 100 M HurdlesFirst Round
Friday5:30 PMMen 400 MQuarterfinal
Friday5:45 PMWomen 400 MQuarterfinal
Friday6:00 PMMen 100 MQuarterfinal
Friday6:15 PMWomen 100 MQuarterfinal
Friday6:30 PMMen 800 MQuarterfinal
Friday6:45 PMWomen 800 MQuarterfinal
Friday7:00 PMMen 400 M HurdlesQuarterfinal
Friday7:15 PMWomen 400 M HurdlesQuarterfinal
Friday7:30 PMMen 200 MFirst Round
Friday7:55 PMWomen 200 MFirst Round
Friday8:20 PMMen 3000 M SteeplechaseQuarterfinal
Friday9:00 PMWomen 3000 M SteeplechaseQuarterfinal
DayStart TimeFriday Field EventsRnd
Friday12:00 PMMen DiscusFirst Round
Friday4:30 PMWomen DiscusFirst Round
Friday4:30 PMWomen Pole VaultFirst Round
DayStart TimeSaturday Running EventsRnd
Saturday6:00 PMMen 4x100 M RelayQuarterfinal
Saturday6:15 PMWomen 4x100 M RelayQuarterfinal
Saturday6:30 PMMen 1500 MQuarterfinal
Saturday6:45 PMWomen 1500 MQuarterfinal
Saturday7:05 PMMen 110 M HurdlesQuarterfinal
Saturday7:20 PMWomen 100 M HurdlesQuarterfinal
Saturday7:35 PMMen 200 MQuarterfinal
Saturday7:50 PMWomen 200 MQuarterfinal
Saturday8:05 PMMen 5000 MSemifinals
Saturday8:45 PMWomen 5000 MSemifinals
Saturday9:25 PMMen 4x400 M RelayQuarterfinal
Saturday9:45 PMWomen 4x400 M RelayQuarterfinal
DayStart TimeSaturday Field EventsRnd
Saturday12:00 PMWomen HammerFirst Round
Saturday12:00 PMMen JavelinFirst Round
Saturday4:00 PMMen High JumpFirst Round
Saturday4:30 PMMen Shot PutFirst Round
Saturday4:30 PMWomen Triple JumpFirst Round
Saturday7:30 PMMen Triple JumpFirst Round