picture of 2020 Dartmouth Relays

Completed, Jan 11-12, 2020

FloTrack will provide LIVE coverage (high school track events only) of the 2020 Dartmouth Relays in Hanover, NH.

Results provided by Lancer Timing

Saturday Field Events

Boys Long Jump Unseeded
Girls Long Jump Unseeded
Boys Triple Jump Unseeded
Girls Triple Jump Unseeded
Boys Shot Put Unseeded
Girls Shot Put Unseeded
Boys High Jump Unseeded
Girls High Jump Unseeded

Saturday Running Events

Boys 1 Mile Run Unseeded
Girls 1 Mile Run Unseeded
Boys 2 Mile Run Unseeded
Girls 2 Mile Run Unseeded
Boys 4x200 M Relay
Girls 4x200 M Relay
Boys 1000 M Run
Girls 1000 M Run
Boys Distance Medley
Girls Distance Medley
Boys 1600 Sprint Medley
Girls 1600 Sprint Medley

Sunday Field Events

Boys Long Jump Championship
Girls Long Jump Championship

Boys Triple Jump Championship
Girls Triple Jump Championship

Boys Shot Put Championship
Girls Shot Put Championship

Girls Weight Throw
Boys Weight Throw

Girls High Jump Championship
Boys High Jump Championship

Girls Pole Vault
Boys Pole Vault

Saturday Running Events

Boys 55 M Hurdles Prelims
Girls 55 M Hurdles Prelims
Boys 55 M Dash Prelims
Girls 55 M Dash Prelims
Girls 55 M Hurdles Semis
Boys 55 M Hurdles Semis
Girls 55 M Dash Semis
Boys 55 M Dash Semis
Boys 400 M Dash
Girls 400 M Dash
Boys 300 M Dash
Girls 300 M Dash
Boys 55 M Hurdles Finals
Girls 55 M Hurdles Finals
Boys 55 M Dash Finals
Girls 55 M Dash Finals
Boys 800 M Run
Girls 800 M Run
Boys 600 M Run
Girls 600 M Run
Boys 1 Mile Run Championship
Girls 1 Mile Run Championship
Boys 2 Mile Run Championship
Girls 2 Mile Run Championship
Boys 4x800 M Relay
Girls 4x800 M Relay
Boys 4x400 M Relay
Girls 4x400 M Relay