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Drew Hunter's Primary Focus This Year: Competing

Drew Hunter's Primary Focus This Year: Competing

With two very good recent efforts under his belt, Drew Hunter might be en route to a career year. What's next? Ride the wave.

Apr 13, 2024 by Cory Mull

BOSTON -- Drew Hunter is currently on a pretty good run of form. There might be few people who are happier about that situation than him. 

The Virginia native traveled to California in March and logged a U.S. Olympic Trials standard at 10,000 meters, clocking a time of 27:38.87, which was good enough to win him his heat. 

On Saturday, he followed that effort up with a runner-up finish at 5,000 meters in the Boston 5K, a road race two days out from the Boston Marathon during marathon weekend, and pocketed a time of 13:39 -- a new personal best on the road, surpassing his best of 13:53 from 2021. Cooper Teare won the race in 13:38.

This was all good news for Hunter, 26, who should be heading into the peak of his career. But maybe not for the reasons you might think. That's because not too long ago, Hunter told reporters on Saturday, he couldn't even put together a solid block of training. 

"I had some weird health issues," said the adidas-backed Tinman Elite athlete, who opened up his year with a ninth-place 10K finish at the U.S. Cross Country Championships in 29:38 on grass. "I couldn't train. My back was seizing and cramping. I couldn't do two miles of volume before things cramped. That put me in a box. I had to run the 1,500m." 

"I was straight to quality. I couldn't handle volume. I couldn't handle mileage." 

There's definitely some truth to that. A year ago, Hunter ran just twice over the 1,500m or mile distances, coming up with DNFs both times in July and August. The year prior, he had raced six times at the 3K or 5K distances. But it had been three to four years since Hunter last set a PR in the 5K. 

Four years, in fact, had been the timeline since his last PR on the track in 13:17.55. 

But at this point, things seemed to have changed. Hunter entered his first track 10K at The TEN in March and absolutely crushed it, earning a spot on the line for the Trials. 

That's all well and good, but he isn't taking it. 

"There's no pass to the Olympics in that," he said. "It was great for experience. I definitely see a future in that sort of race. But when there are three guys at the standard already, it doesn't make any sense. They can finish 10th (at the Trials) and still make the team."

For the time being, then, Hunter is still a 1,500m guy. 

And yet, with a new wave of confidence, Hunter could double up his path to the U.S. team. He said he's eyeing up a mark in the 5K in May and will give the standard of 13:25 a shot at the LA Grand Prix. 

"If we get the standard there, then maybe we can choose one event," he said. 

Deeper than that, he said Saturday, are his intentions for the rest of 2024 season. After training limitations set back his race plans over the last few years, Hunter is all about being well-rounded.

"When I'm at my best, I can run a great 800m and a great 10K," he said. 

Hunter's performance at The TEN, he said, allowed him to believe in the work that had been done across 2024. "The result was just me manifesting trying to win the race. It took 27:38 to do that."

He tried to perfect that structure on Saturday. "Same thing today," he said. "That's how I'm going to race better." 

While Hunter came up short against Teare, though he said he wasn't fretting about it. He still has time to become the best version of himself in June. "I just want to run my best race at Trials," he said. "Simple as that." 

Complete List Of Boston Marathon Runners

The full list of Boston Marathon runners can be found on the Boston Marathon website. 

When Is The 2024 Boston Marathon?

The race begins at 9 a.m. EST on April 15. 

How To Watch The Boston Marathon In The United States

The Boston Marathon is being broadcast on ESPN2 from 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. EST The race will also be available on ESPN+ in the United States. 

How To Stream The Boston Marathon In Australia

The Boston Marathon is streaming on FloTrack and the FloSports app in Australia. Coverage of the race, highlights and breaking news will be available on both platforms. Coverage in Australia begins at midnight on April 16. 

Boston Marathon 2024 Course

Here's the course for the Boston Marathon.

Has Anyone Ever Won The Boston Marathon Three Straight Years?

Yes. The last runner to win the Boston Marathon three years in a row was Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot of Kenya from 2006-2008. His countrymen Cosmas Ndeti won the marathon from 1993-1995 and American runner Bill Rodgers won the marathon from 1978-1980. 

Here's the full list of three-peat Boston Marathon Men's Open Winners: 

  • Robert Kipkoech Cheruiyot of Kenya, 2006-2008
  • Cosmas Ndeti of Kenya, 1993-1995
  • Bill Rodgers, United States, 1978-1980
  •  Clarence H. DeMar, United States, 1922-1924

Here's the full list of three-peat Boston Marathon Women's Open Winners: 

  • Fatuma Roba, Ethiopia, 1997-1999
  • Uta Pippig, Germany, 1994-1996

Boston Marathon Results

Results from the race can be found on the Boston Marathon website.

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