2018 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships

NCAA Day 4 Recap: Freshmen Show Out, USC Closes Hayward With A Roar

NCAA Day 4 Recap: Freshmen Show Out, USC Closes Hayward With A Roar

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Jun 9, 2018 by Kevin Sully
NCAA Day 4 Recap: Freshmen Show Out, USC Closes Hayward With A Roar

The track world says farewell today to Hayward Field. The venerable venue that has stood for 99 years is set for demolition in the coming weeks. But before it is replaced by the new stadium that will host the 2021 World Championships, there is one more day of the 2018 NCAA Championships. The women's finals will have a tough time living up to the show that the men put on yesterday, but if this season is an indication, the collegians are capable of a level of one-upmanship that has led to shattered records and dramatic races. 

Like yesterday, there is rain in the forecast. That didn't slow Michael Norman, Rai Benjamin, and company yesterday. It is cooler today so we will see how that factors into the competition. Keep this page refreshed for updates on every event from Day 4 at Hayward Field, as the women's final day of competition goes down. 


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Running Events

Women's 4x100m Relay Final | 3:32 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Mikiah Brisco gets LSU off to a fantastic start, eating into the stagger around the first curve. Oregon has a great second leg from Lauren Rain Williams and moves the Ducks into a good position. LSU has a comfortable lead into the third leg and will give Aleia Hobbs a lead.

As expected, Hobbs gets the stick for the Tigers and never looks back. Oregon and USC are in a close race for second. Ariana Washington passes Twanisha Terry in the final 20 meters to get second for the Ducks to the delight of the home crowd.  

Final Results:

1. LSU 42.25

2. Oregon 43.06

3. USC 43.11

4. Kentucky 43.49

5. Auburn 43.76

6. Alabama 44.05

7. Texas A&M 44.26

8. Florida State 44.30

Women's 1500m Final | 3:41 PM PT

Play-By-Play: From the gun, the pace is fast with Elinor Purrier and Jessica Hull in first and second. They cross 400 meters in 64.8 seconds with the entire pack intact for now. The pack passes 800m in 2:13.5. The first semifinal heat with Purrier and Hull was fast, but not this fast. 

Hiltz moves up at the bell in 3:04 and it looks like seven women are in contention (Purrier, Hull, Hiltz, Rivers, Pocratsky, Aragon and Cranny). Purrier passes 1200 meters in 3:20.5 and Hull is still on her shoulder. Inside the final 200 meters and Purrier is still holding the inside rail. Finally, with 150 meters remaining Purrier slides back and Hull launches to the front. Hull has a straight line to the finish in front of the home crowd. Cranny, Aragon and Hiltz are giving chase. Hiltz swings wide and is closing ground, but there's not enough room, Jessica Hull wins in 4:08.75, the 10th fastest collegiate mark of all-time. 

Final Results:

1. Jessica Hull, Oregon: 4:08.75 (#10 all-time)

2. Nikki Hiltz, Arkansas: 4:09.14

3. Elise Cranny, Stanford: 4:09.49

4. Christina Aragon, Stanford: 4:09.59

5. Rachel Pocratsky, Virginia Tech: 4:10.86

6. Taryn Rawlings, Portland: 4:11.37

7. Elinor Purrier, New Hampshire: 4:11.56

8. Danae Rivers, Penn State: 4:12.36

Women's 3K Steeplechase Final | 3:54 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Boise State's Allie Ostrander will try to defend her title from 2017 and she is a heavy favorite. Her semifinal heat on Thursday gave no reason to think of her otherwise. 

Ostrander stays with the pack in the early laps and is running in the front alongside Grayson Murphy. With five laps to go, Ostrander gets to the front and Paige Stoner of Syracuse moves in behind her. Charlotte Prouse of New Mexico moves into third place inside of four laps remaining, ahead of Murphy and behind Stoner. With three laps remaining, Ostrander is in front with Stoner in second. Then, a distinguishable gap has formed back to Prouse, who is by herself in third place. Stoner is hanging tough as Ostrander hasn't been able to shake her yet. 

The first separation for Ostrander comes with around 600 meters remaining and she widens the gap to 25 meters and growing. She takes the bell at 8:25 (75.7 last lap), with Stoner and Prouse now in a tight battle for second and third. Ostrander's lead is multiplying with every stride. Prouse passes with 200 meters. There's no drama in the final 100 meters as Ostrander wins the race, Prouse takes second, Stoner third and Michigan's Claire Borchers kicks very hard to get up for fourth place. Prouse, Stoner and Borchers all set personal bests. 

Final Results:

1. Allie Ostrander, Boise State: 9:39.28

2. Charlotte Prouse, New Mexico: 9:45.45

3. Paige Stoner, Syracuse: 9:46.98

4. Claire Borchers, Michigan: 9:48.33

5. Val Constein, Colorado: 9:48.40

6. Grayson Murphy, Utah: 9:48.80

7. Courtney Coppinger, Kansas: 9:49.04

8. Cierra Simmons, Utah State: 9:49.33

Women's 100m Hurdles Final | 4:12 PM PT

Play-By-Play: This race will be run on the east side of the track to take advantage of the strong winds that are blowing from the south.  After two different call-ups, this race finally gets underway in cold and wet conditions. 

Devynne Charlton of Purdue and Kentucky's Jasmine Camacho-Quinn get off to good starts, but it looks like it's Charlton who has the lead at the midway point of the race. In the final two hurdles, however, Camacho-Quinn takes over. She cruises past Charlton to take the victory in 12.70.

Final Results:

1. Jasmine Camacho-Quinn, Kentucky: 12.70

2. Devynne Charlton, Purdue: 12.77

3. Cortney Jones, Florida State: 13.04

4. Pedrya Seymour, Texas: 13.04

5. Janeek Brown, Arkansas: 13.05

6. Tonea Marshall, LSU: 13.09

7. Alaysha Johnson, Oregon: 13.22

8. Rushelle Burton, Texas: 13.51

Women's 100m Final | 4:22 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Just like the 100m hurdles, this race is being run on the backstretch. Aleia Hobbs comes in as the huge favorite and she backs that up from the gun. She explodes out of the blocks and is never challenging, running 11.01 in a deluge (and a headwind . of .7 m/s). Auburn's Natalliah Whyte and USC's Twanisha Terry take second and third.  

Final Results:

1. Aleia Hobbs, LSU: 11.01

2. Natalliah Whyte, Auburn: 11.24

3. Twanisha Terry, USC: 11.39

4. Jonielle Smith, Auburn: 11.40

5. Shania Collins, Tennessee: 11.41

6. Mikiah Brisco, LSU: 11.44

7. Deanna Hill, USC: 11.45

8. Ariana Washington, Oregon: 11.50

Women's 400m Final | 4:32 PM PT

Play-By-Play:  Georgia's Lynna Irby is out like it's a 200m and has already made up the stagger on Brionna Thomas down the backstretch. With 200 meters remaining, she's clearly in the lead with Kendall Ellis in second place. 

Irby has a gigantic advantage heading into the final 100 meters, Ellis cuts into only marginally and Irby tears through the line in 49.80, the second fastest time ever in the NCAA and a championship meet record. Ellis runs 50.19 for second and Thomas puts up a personal best of 50.78 in third. Oregon's Mackenzie Dunmore was running in about fifth place when she fell to the track. She finished the race at the urging of her coach, Robert Johnson, who was trackside. 

Final Results:

1. Lynna Irby, Georgia: 49.80

2. Kendall Ellis, USC: 50.19

3. Brionna Thomas, Purdue: 50.78

4. Sharrika Barnett, Florida: 51.16

5. Chloe Abbott, Purdue: 51.87

6. Briyahna Desrosiers, Oregon: 52.10

7. Rachel Misher, LSU: 52.23

8. Makenzie Dunmore, Oregon: 1:49.13

Women's 800m Final | 4:44 PM PT

Play-By-Play: The entire field is bunched together after a first 200m of 28.1 seconds. As they pass through the homestretch, there are women running well out into lane two. At the bell, Jazmine Fray is in the lead, with a first lap split of 1:00.88. On the backstretch, Olivia Baker makes a big move from last place into mid-pack. Siofra Cleirigh Buttner of Villanova finds herself in front after an inside pass, but everyone is still in this race.

Sammy Watson and Abike Egbeniyi emerge in front with 100 meters remaining. Watson looks like she has plenty left and she extends her lead. Egbeniyi gives chase but is too far back and can't quite get Watson at the line. Taylor runs for third on the inside. Watson's last lap was 63.13 seconds. Indoor champion Sabrina Southerland was not a factor in the final 100 meters. 

Final Results:

1. Sammy Watson, Texas A&M: 2:04.21

2. Abike Egbeniyi, Middle Tennessee State: 2:04.33

3. Ashley Taylor, Northern Arizona: 2:05.01

4. Siofra Cleirigh Buttner, Villanova: 2:05.73

5. Olivia Baker, Stanford: 2:06.18

6. Martha Bissah, Norfolk State: 2:06.79

7. Sabrina Southerland, Oregon: 2:06.99

8. Jazmine Fray, Texas A&M: 2:07.34

Women's 400m Hurdles Final | 4:57 PM PT

Play-By-Play: The rain and hail have relented for the moment, but these are still far from ideal conditions. There's lots of water on the track and the temperature is positively chilly for Sydney McLaughlin's run at her first NCAA title. By 200 meters she's made up the stagger on the entire field and is only chasing history. 

McLaughlin is making it look so easy as she races down the homestretch. She doesn't break form and crosses the line in 53.96. The mark is outside the meet and Hayward Field records, but is plenty good enough for a national championship. Anna Cockrell of USC runs a personal best of 55.71 to take second while Kymber Payne places third in 56.88.  

Final Results:

1. Sydney McLaughlin, Kentucky: 53.96

2. Anna Cockrell, USC: 55.71

3. Kymber Payne, LSU: 56.88

4. Symone Black, Purdue: 57.22

5. Ranae McKenzie, Kansas State: 57.67

6. Nikki Stephens, Florida: 57.80

7. Emma Spagnola, Minnesota: 58.61

8. Ariel Jones, Texas: 59.92

Women's 200m Final | 5:07 PM PT

Play-By-Play: It was 30 minutes ago that Georgia's Lynna Irby, lit the track on fire with her #2 NCAA 400m mark of 49.80. Now she's back to face-off against a tough 200m field. 

Harvard's Gabrielle Thomas runs strong out of the gate and is close to Irby coming off the curb. But's not just a two-person race--USC's Anglerne Annelus is moving up to challenge both women. Thomas and Annelus are so close as they come across the line and it is Annelus with a narrow win and a big upset--a 22.76 into a 2.3 m/s headwind. Irby takes third to cap off a successful day for the freshman.

Final Results:

1. Anglerne Annelus, USC: 22.76

2. Gabrielle Thomas, Harvard: 22.86

3. Lynna Irby, Georgia: 22.92

4. Ka'Tia Seymour, Florida State: 23.10

5. Kortnei Johnson, LSU: 23.20

6. Ashley Henderson, San Diego State: 23.34

7. Deanna Hill, USC: 23.53

8. Shania Collins, Tennesse: 24.01

Women's 5K Final | 5:25 PM PT

Play-By-Play: There are storylines aplenty here with Allie Ostrander going for a same-day double and Sharon Lokedi trying to complete the distance double that many thought would be in the hands of Karissa Schweizer. Speaking of Schweizer, she will be trying to end her career with another championship after taking third in Thursday's 10K final. 

New Mexico's Weini Kelati and Ednah Kurgat go the front and they are followed by Lokedi, Charlotte Taylor and Schweizer as they pass through 1000m in just under 3:11. Kurgat is now at the front as all 24 women are still in this race. 

With six laps remaining, Schweizer works to get herself out of a box and moves aside Kurgat and Kelati. The lap splits have settled around 78 seconds. Schweizer is placed directly on Kurgat's should with five laps remaining, but literally, every member of this field is in contention. 

Kurgat doesn't look like she minds giving up the lead, but nobody wants to take it. The lap from 2000m to 1600m was run in 76 seconds, faster than they've been running but not enough to do serious damage to any of the favorites. 

With 1400m remaining they start to get going as runners have drifted off the back as they pass three laps to go. The last 400m was 73.7 with Kurgat, Schweizer, Kelati and Furman's Allie Buchalski in the first four positions. 

800m remaining and there are 13 runners in the main pack, 72.8 for the last 400m. Vanessa Fraser has moved up into fifth. 

With 600m to go, Schweizer takes the lead. Fraser follows as Kurgat drops back. Fraser moves past Schweizer before the bell, but Schweizer isn't giving in. Oregon's Lilli Burdon is making a move into third. All of these women are flat out now. Schweizer mounts a final stand as she passes the water pit and goes past Fraser. Burdon is makes a big charge, but Schweizer is in command. Down the homestretch, Schweizer pulls away and takes the win and gets redemption.

Buchalski comes back and chases down Fraser and Burdon to take second. Burdon gets third and Fraser takes fourth.  

Final Results:

1. Karissa Schweizer, Missouri: 15:41.18

2. Allie Buchalski, Furman: 15:42.77

3. Lilli Burdon, Oregon: 15:43.22

4. Vanessa Fraser, Stanford: 15:43.77

5. Amy-Eloise Neale, Washington: 15:44.41

6. Ednah Kurgat, New Mexico: 15:46.31

7. Jessica Drop, Georgia: 15:46.39

8. Allie Ostrander, Boise State: 15:46.50

9. Weini Kelati, New Mexico: 15:46.57

10. Erika Kemp, North Carolina State: 15:48.62

Women's 4x400m Relay Final | 5:51 PM PT

Play-By-Play: The stakes couldn't be higher for two teams in the final race at Hayward Field. If USC wins the 4x400m, they win the meet. If they don't, the title goes to Georgia. Georgia was in the same situation last year, needing a team to lose the 400m for them to win. It didn't work for them as Oregon beat (ironically) USC to take the title. Let's see what happens this year. 

Purdue gets a strong first two legs from Chloe Abbott and Brionna Thomas and they lead ahead of Florida and USC. Sydney McLaughlin, running third for Kentucky, gets the baton in sixth place. Purdue maintains their lead on the third leg, but USC's Deanna Hill makes up a huge amount of ground to move the Trojans into great position. At the exchange, Hill and Kendall Ellis have a mix-up and it costs the Trojans time and puts them in fifth place. Kentucky moved up to third behind Purdue and Oregon by virtue of a 50.03 Syndey McLaughlin split.

Purdue's Jahneya Mitchell has a sizeable lead, but Ellis is giving chase. She was the anchor leg last year that got edged by Oregon's Raevyn Rogers. That result prevented Georgia from getting the team title. This year, she's trying to keep the Bulldogs from getting it again.

With 100 meters, USC looks clear for second, but Ellis has a lot of ground to cover. And now she goes. Purdue's lead shrinks with every stride. At the line, Ellis moves past Mitchell and USC wins. What a finish!  It came down to the final stride and Kendall Ellis had just enough, they take the race and the team title. 

Final Results:

1. USC: 3:27.06

2. Purdue: 3:27.13

3. Oregon: 3:28.36

4. Kentucky: 3:30.52

5. Florida: 3:30.73

6. LSU 3:32.08

7. Ohio State: 3:32.25

8. Baylor: 3:32.63

Field Events

Women's High Jump Final | 2:50 PM PT

Play-By-Play: In a tight competition where three women all cleared 1.82m, UT-Arlington's Alexus Henry won on misses, making history as her school's first female champion.

Final Results:

1. Alexus Henry, UT-Arlington: 1.82m

2. Erinn Beattie, UC Davis: 1.82m

2. Loretta Blaut, Cincinnati: 1.82m

4. Shelley Spires, Air Force: 1.78m

4. Megan McCloskey, Penn State: 1.78m

6. Zarriea Willis, Texas Tech: 1.78m

7. Tatiana Gusin, Georgia: 1.78m

8. Andrea Stapleton, BYU: 1.78m

8. Stephanie Ahrens, Nebraska-Omaha: 1.78m

Women's Discus Final | 2:55 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Valarie Allman of Stanford's second round throw of 59.20m held up until the final round when first, Shadae Lawrence of Kansas State and then Maggie Ewen pulled out clutch throws in their last opportunities. Ewen leaves the meet with titles in the shot put and discus, a feat only four other women have accomplished.

Final Results:

1. Maggie Ewen, Arizona State: 60.48m

2. Shadae Lawrence, Kansas State: 59.68m

3. Valarie Allman, Stanford: 59.20m

4. Laulauga Tausaga, Iowa: 56.07m

5. Gabi Jacobs, Missouri: 55.47m

6. Calea Carr, Arkansas State: 54.67m

7. Obiageri Amaechi, Princeton: 54.16m

8. Katelyn Daniels, Michigan State: 53.84m

Women's Triple Jump Final | 3:30 PM PT

Play-By-Play: Kenturah Orji pulled off the jump double at this meet, sweeping the long jump and triple jump. She also won the triple jump for the fourth year in a row, capping off an amazing career at Georgia. 

Final Results:

1. Kenturah Orji, Georgia: 14.04m

2. Yanis David, Florida: 13.95m

3. Marie-Josee Ebwea-Bile, Kentucky: 13.66m

4. Jessie Maduka, UCLA: 13.65m

5. Eszter Bajnok, Virginia Tech: 13.42m

6. Jahisha Thomas, Iowa: 13.39m

7. Jehvania Whyte, Northern Illinois: 13.36m

8. Darrielle McQueen, Florida: 13.31m

Women's Heptathlon 

After a close, two-day battle Wisconsin's Georgia Ellenwood takes the title with 6146 points, the first heptathlon title in school history. Georgia's Louisa Grauvogel set a personal best of 6074 to take second. 

Final Results:

1. Georgia Ellenwood, Wisconsin: 6146

2. Louisa Grauvogel, Georgia: 6074

3. Madeline Holmberg, Penn State: 5833

4. Kendall Gustafson, UCLA: 5800

5. Amanda Froeynes, Florida: 5794

6. Alissa Brooks-Johnson: 5789

7. Nina Schultz, Kansas State: 5778

8. Tyra Gittens, Texas A&M: 5748

Team Score

USC wins in a thrilling team competition where two points separated the top three teams. It was a see-saw battle the final day with six teams entering Saturday with a path to victory. USC rebounded from qualifying none of their high hurdles to the final and scrapped together 53 points to just edge Georgia. Key to their effort was sprinter Anglerne Annelus, who took a surprise victory in the 200m. 

Final Results

1. USC: 53

2. Georgia: 52

3. Stanford: 51

4. Kentucky: 46

5. Florida: 42

6. LSU: 41

7. Oregon: 39

8: Purdue: 34