2023 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships

2023 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Live Updates | Day 3

2023 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Live Updates | Day 3

NCAA D1 Track & Field Championships 2023 results and live updates from Michael A. Myers Stadium in Austin, Texas.

Jun 10, 2023 by Jennifer Zahn
2023 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Live Updates | Day 3

The country’s best collegiate track and field athletes are converging deep in the heart of Texas this week at the 2023 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships at the University of Texas, and FloTrack is on site at Michael A. Myers Stadium to provide coverage all week across our site, apps, and social channels—follow along here:

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Refresh this page often—we'll keep this article updated with context and results as events progress during the day! 


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Team scores after day one: 

  1. Arkansas, 21 points
  2. Stanford, 18 points
  3. Arizona, 16 points
  4. LSU, 15 points
  5. Harvard, 13 points
  6. Minnesota, 11 points
  7. South Alabama, 10 points
  8. BYU, 9.5 points
  9. Akron, 8 points
  10. Virginia, 8 points

Team projections after day one: 

  1. Arkansas, 56 points
  2. Florida, 55 points
  3. Georgia, 43 points
  4. Stanford, 43 points
  5. LSU, 33 points
  6. Washington, 31.5 points
  7. Texas Tech, 29.5 points
  8. Alabama, 27 points
  9. Arizona State, 27 points
  10. BYU, 24.5 points

High Jump Final (7:30 p.m. CT)

The 2023 indoor champion repeated as the outdoor champion this year as Romain Beckford of South Florida skyrocketed to 2.27m (7-5.25) for the high jump title. 

Top 10 Results:

  1. Romaine BECKFORD, South Florida: 2.27m (7-5¼) PB
  2. Vernon TURNER, Oklahoma: 2.27m (7-5¼)
  3. Roberto VILCHES, Missouri: 2.24m (7-4¼) SB
  4. Slavko STEVIC, SE Louisiana: 2.16m (7-1)
  5. Shaun MILLER JR., Ohio State: 2.16m (7-1)
  6. Trey ALLEN, Louisville: 2.16m (7-1)
  7. Tony JONES, Miss State: 2.16m (7-1)
  8. Tyus WILSON, Nebraska: 2.16m (7-1)
  9. Elias GERALD, USC: 2.16m (7-1)
  10. Johnathan JONES, Little Rock: 2.16m (7-1)

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Discus Final (7:35 p.m. CT)

Senior Turner Washington of Arizona State unloaded a monster throw on his final attempt of the competition to win his second straight men's discus title at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Mike A. Myers Stadium.

Washington opened an early lead in the competition with his third throw of 64.25m/210-9. But Roje Stonja of Arkansas whirled a 65.55m/215-0 in Round 4 to take control. Down to the final throw of his career, Washington muscled out a throw of 66.22m/217-3 to capture the title, touching off a raucous celebration.


  1. Turner WASHINGTON, Arizona State: 66.22m
  2. Roje STONA, Arkansas: 65.55m
  3. Mykolas ALEKNA, California: 63.25m
  4. Claudio ROMERO, LSU: 62.67m
  5. Kevin NEDRICK, Liberty: 61.93m
  6. Milton INGRAHAM, Florida State: 61.44m
  7. Dallin SHURTS, BYU: 61.27m
  8. Elijah MASON, Washington: 61.10m
  9. Alan DE FALCHI, Alabama: 60.44m
  10. Zorawar OTAL, Duke: 60.07m

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4x100m Relay Final (8:02 p.m. CT)

We're looking at an INSANE upset as Texas Tech downed LSU with a time of 37.93 to the Tigers' 38.05!!! That time is an NCAA Championships meet record, but it'll have to stand up to what appears to be a potential officials' review for the first handoff.

It did not, and LSU become the de facto winners in 38.05. 


  1. LSU: 38.05
  2. Florida: 38.26
  3. Florida State: 38.29
  4. Arizona State: 38.54 SB
  5. Alabama State: 38.79
  6. Louisville: 38.81
  7. Iowa: DNF
  8. Georgia: DNF
  • Texas Tech: DQ

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Triple Jump Final (8:10 p.m. CT)

Jaydon Hibbert of Arkansas recorded 10 crucial points for the Razorbacks as he smashed the competition with a 17.56m (57-7½) leap—No. 3 all-time collegiately—to add another NCAA title to his resume after winning indoors this year. 

Top 10 Results:

  1. Jaydon HIBBERT, Arkansas: 17.56m (57-7½) -0.3 2 (1) FR
  2. Russell ROBINSON, Miami (Fla.): 16.94m (55-7) +1.1 2 (2)
  3. Jeremiah DAVIS, Florida State: 16.67m (54-8¼) +1.2 2 (4)
  4. Sean DIXON-BODIE, Florida: 16.61m (54-6) +0.3 2 (3)
  5. Salif MANE, Fairleigh Dickinson: 16.46m (54-0) +1.6 2 (6)
  6. Owayne OWENS, Virginia: 16.36m (53-8¼) +1.1 2 (5)
  7. Malik CUNNINGHAM, Villanova: 16.17m (53-¾) +1.0 1 (1) PB
  8. Astley DAVIS, Southern Utah: 16.17m (53-¾) +0.9 1 (2) PB
  9. Praise ANIAMAKA, Purdue: 16.10m (52-10) +0.4 1 (3) PB
  10. Brandon GREEN, Oklahoma: 16.06m (52-8¼) +1.0 2 (7) PB

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1500m Final (8:12 p.m. CT)

The Huskies' pack mentality pulled Nathan Green and Joe Waskom to a 1-2 finish, respectively, in the men's 1500m. Their compatriot Luke Houser finished 10th. Fouad Messaoudi, considered a favorite by many as the reigning indoor champion in the event, ended up in ninth.


  1. Nathan GREEN, Washington [SO]: 3:42.78
  2. Joe WASKOM, Washington [JR]: 3:42.93
  3. Adam SPENCER, Wisconsin [SO]: 3:42.98
  4. Anass ESSAYI, South Carolina [SO]: 3:43.31
  5. Isaac BASTEN, Drake [JR]: 3:43.33
  6. Jesse HUNT, North Carolina [SR]: 3:43.40
  7. Ezekiel ROP, Iowa State [JR]: 3:43.59
  8. Evan DORENKAMP, Penn State [JR]: 3:44.20
  9. Fouad MESSAOUDI, Oklahoma State [SO]: 3:44.41
  10. Luke HOUSER, Washington [JR]: 3:44.61
  11. Liam MURPHY, Villanova [SO]: 3:45.72
  12. Ethan STRAND, North Carolina [FR]: 3:47.01

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3000m Steeplechase Final (8:24 p.m. CT)

Facility records going down everywhere here at Mike A. Myers Stadium! BYU's Kenneth Rooks turns in a terrific 8:26.17 amid rather hot and humid conditions to take the title over Montana State's Duncan Hamilton, who led the NCAA this season entering this meet with a time of 8:25.17.


  1. Kenneth ROOKS, BYU [JR]: 8:26.17 FR
  2. Duncan HAMILTON, Montana State [SR]: 8:32.18
  3. Victor KIBIEGO, UTEP [FR]: 8:32.49
  4. Nathan MOUNTAIN, Virginia [SO]: 8:35.99
  5. Matthew WILKINSON, Minnesota [SR]: 8:36.12
  6. Abdelhakim ABOUZOUHIR, Eastern Kentucky [JR]: 8:36.19
  7. Victor SHITSAMA, Oklahoma State [SR]: 8:36.79
  8. Derek JOHNSON, Virginia [JR]: 8:37.29
  9. Ed TRIPPAS, Washington [SR]: 8:39.63
  10. Peter HEROLD, UCLA [JR]: 8:43.68
  11. Carson WILLIAMS, Furman [JR]: 8:53.75
  12. Kevin ROBERTSON, Syracuse [JR]: 9:04.02

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110m Hurdles Final (8:42 p.m. CT)

PRs all around for the top five! It was a tight race as Arkansas' Phillip Lemonious led the charge in 13.24, collecting 10 critical points for Arkansas. 

  1. Phillip LEMONIOUS, Arkansas [JR]: 13.24 PB
  2. De' Vion WILSON, Houston [JR]: 13.26 PB
  3. Jaheem HAYLES, Syracuse [JR]: 13.28 PB
  4. Omotade OJORA, USC [SR]: 13.29 PB
  5. Giano ROBERTS, Clemson [SR]: 13.31 PB
  6. Darius LUFF, Nebraska [JR]: 13.38
  7. Connor SCHULMAN, Texas A&M [JR]: 13.47
  8. Rasheem BROWN, Tennessee [SR]: 13.50 PB
  • Cameron MURRAY, NC State [SR]: DNF

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100m Final (8:52 p.m. CT)

Courtney Lindsey avenged his fallen 4x100m relay squad after they were disqualified earlier today, earning the NCAA 100m title in 9.89 in a very close finish that saw LSU's Godson Oghenebrume go 9.90 and Houston's Shaun Maswanganyi go 9.91 (the rivalry lives on!). PJ Austin, the top qualifier and NCAA leader heading into the final, finished fifth in 9.97. LSU picked up 12 points here with Da'Marcus Fleming finishing fourth.


  1. Courtney LINDSEY, Texas Tech [SR]: 9.89 PB =CL
  2. Godson OGHENEBRUME, LSU [SO]: 9.90 PB
  3. Shaun MASWANGANYI, Houston [JR]: 9.91 PB
  4. Da'Marcus FLEMING, LSU [JR]: 9.97 (9.964) PB
  5. PJ AUSTIN, Florida [SR]: 9.97 (9.969)
  6. Udodi ONWUZURIKE, Stanford [SO]: 9.98
  7. Micah WILLIAMS, Oregon [JR]: 9.99 SB
  8. Favour ASHE, Auburn [SO]: 10.02
  9. Cole BECK, Virginia Tech [SR]: 10.05

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400m Final (9:02 p.m. CT)

Another 1-2 punch at the top of the podium, but this time for Florida, as Emmanuel Bamidele, 44.24 (collegiate lead, PR), and Ryan Willie, 44.25 (PR), finished right next to each other. 

Notably, the much-favored Elija Godwin was a DNS. 


  1. Emmanuel BAMIDELE, Florida [SO]: 44.24 PB CL
  2. Ryan WILLIE, Florida [JR]: 44.25 PB
  3. Emmanuel BYNUM, Tennessee [JR]: 44.49 PB
  4. Justin ROBINSON, Arizona State [SO]: 44.51 PB
  5. Dubem NWACHUKWU, Arizona State [SR]: 44.92
  6. Reheem HAYLES, N. Carolina A&T [SO]: 45.22
  7. JeVaughn POWELL, Florida [JR]: 45.32
  8. Gamali FELIX, Arizona State [JR]: 45.34
  • Elija GODWIN, Georgia [SR]: DNS

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800m Final (9:14 p.m. CT)

WILL SUMNER!!! From seventh indoors to a national champion, No. 2 NCAA Championships performer all time, and current No. 3 in the world with an outstanding 1:44.26 for Georgia! The Bulldog gunned it from... well, the gun! And never looked back. 


  1. Will SUMNER, Georgia [FR]: 1:44.26 PB CL FR
  2. Yusuf BIZIMANA, Texas [JR]: 1:45.74 PB
  3. Handal ROBAN, Penn State [FR]: 1:45.95 PB
  4. Abdullahi HASSAN, Wisconsin [JR]: 1:46.30
  5. Conor MURPHY, Virginia [JR]: 1:46.43 PB
  6. Mehdi YANOURI, Oklahoma State [JR]: 1:46.50 PB
  7. Aidan MCCARTHY, Cal Poly [SO]: 1:46.78
  8. Tiarnan CRORKEN, Ole Miss [SR]: 1:46.81 PB
  9. Crayton CARROZZA, Texas [JR]: 1:47.23

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400m Hurdles Final (9:27 p.m. CT)

The theme of the night is apparently 1-2 punches, as Alabama delivered another one with Chris Robinson in 48.12—a collegiate lead and facility record—and Corde Long, who are both juniors with shiny new PRs. 

His showmanship wasn't limited to the track... check out his silly celly:


  1. Chris ROBINSON, Alabama [JR]: 48.12 PB CL FR
  2. Corde LONG, Alabama [JR]: 48.53 PB
  3. Nathaniel EZEKIEL, Baylor [SO]: 48.54
  4. Caleb DEAN, Texas Tech [JR]: 48.56
  5. Rasheeme GRIFFITH, Tennessee [JR]: 49.17
  6. Caleb CAVANAUGH, Georgia [JR]: 49.20
  7. Cass ELLIOTT, Washington [SR]: 49.21 (49.206)
  8. James SMITH II, Texas A&M [JR]: 49.21 (49.210) PB
  9. Craig SADDLER II, North Carolina [JR]: 49.70

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200m Final (9:37 p.m. CT)

And DOWN does the 200m facility record as Udodi Onwuzurike of Stanford crushes a 19.84 half-lap for the gold!!! Four men went sub-20 as Courtney Lindsey of Texas Tech, today's 100m champion, went 19.86, followed by his teammate Terrence Jones in 19.87, and Robert Gregory of Florida in 19.89.


  1. Udodi ONWUZURIKE, Stanford [SO]: 19.84
  2. Courtney LINDSEY, Texas Tech [SR]: 19.86 PB
  3. Terrence JONES, Texas Tech [JR]: 19.87 PB
  4. Robert GREGORY, Florida [SO]: 19.89 PB
  5. Tarsis OROGOT, Alabama [SO]: 20.03
  6. Shaun MASWANGANYI, Houston [JR]: 20.07
  7. David DUNLAP, Northern Arizona [SR]: 20.16 PB
  8. Cameron MILLER, Louisville [SO]: 20.30
  9. Javonte HARDING, Tennessee [JR]: 20.90

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5000m Final (9:55 p.m. CT)

KY ROBINSON!!!! The Stanford junior comes back 48 hours after winning the 10,000m to crush the 5,000m and successfully complete the championship double with a 55.54 final lap. He's the first to double-title in the 5,000m/10,000m since Edward Cheserek. 


  1. Ky ROBINSON, Stanford [JR]: 14:04.77
  2. Graham BLANKS, Harvard [SO]: 14:06.53
  3. Jackson SHARP, Wisconsin [JR]: 14:06.77
  4. Luke TEWALT, Wake Forest [SO]: 14:07.18
  5. Parker WOLFE, North Carolina [SO]: 14:07.50
  6. Charles HICKS, Stanford [JR]: 14:09.03
  7. Carter SOLOMON, Notre Dame [SO]: 14:09.57
  8. Nico YOUNG, Northern Arizona [JR]: 14:10.17
  9. Brian FAY, Washington [SR]: 14:11.13
  10. James MWAURA, Gonzaga [SR]: 14:11.82
  11. Casey CLINGER, BYU [JR]: 14:12.54
  12. Yaseen ABDALLA, Tennessee [JR]: 14:14.16
  13. Toby GILLEN, Saint Louis [SO]: 14:14.36
  14. Simon BEDARD, Butler [SR]: 14:19.10
  15. Sam GILMAN, Air Force [SR]: 14:19.91
  16. Nicholas BENDTSEN, Princeton [SO]: 14:22.79
  17. Chandler GIBBENS, Kansas [JR]: 14:24.71
  18. Antonio LOPEZ SEGURA, Virginia Tech [SR]: 14:27.70
  19. David MULLARKEY, Florida State [SO]: 14:28.89
  20. Eli BENNETT, Air Force [JR]: 14:30.36
  21. Zach FACIONI, Wake Forest [SR]: 14:37.57
  22. Matt STRANGIO, Portland [SO]: 14:45.44
  23. Brian MASAI, Akron [FR]: 14:49.31
  • Dylan JACOBS, Tennessee [SR]: DNS

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4x400m Relay Final (10:21 p.m. CT)


The Gators threw down an eye-popping 2:57.74 performance, and they were challenged mightily by Arizona State, which made a major bid down the homestretch but finished just short in 2:57.78.


  1. FLORIDA: 2:57.74
  2. ARIZONA STATE: 2:57.78
  3. UCLA: 2:59.82
  4. ALABAMA: 3:00.81
  5. TEXAS A&M: 3:00.90
  6. BAYLOR: 3:01.63
  7. GEORGIA: 3:03.22
  8. ARKANSAS: 3:03.66
  • CLEMSON: DNF (Did Not Finish)

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Jenelle Rogers of Ball State used a personal-best in the 200m to vault into the lead after the first day of competition in the women's heptathlon at the  NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Mike A. Myers Stadium.

Rogers, a junior, ran 23.59 in the final event of the day, obliterating her previous best of 25.23 to pick up 1020 points and push her four-event score to 3840. Rogers threw 15.55m/51-0.25 on her last throw in the shot put to pick up 898 points, high jumped 1.72m/5-7.75 for 879 points, and ran 13.55 in the 100m hurdles for 1043 points.

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Day One Top 10 Standings:

1Jenelle ROGERS384013.551.7215.5523.59---
2Beatrice JUSKEVICIUTE367513.341.6913.6323.90---
3Allie JONES366513.071.6912.4323.60---
4Jadin O'BRIEN360013.901.6914.3224.32---
5Pippi Lotta ENOK356713.761.7512.2224.20---
6Kristine BLAZEVICA355913.471.7212.8324.76---
7Sterling LESTER355413.361.6611.8323.52---
8Avery MCMULLEN354713.531.7511.4124.18---
9Kristen O'HANDLEY352314.001.6912.2923.56---
10Alaina BRADY345513.361.6612.6225.12---

NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships 2023 Schedule 

Here’s the schedule for college track and field’s outdoor championships: 

Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
8:02 PM4x100 RelayFinalMen
8:12 PM1500 MetersFinalMen
8:24 PM3000 SteeplechaseFinalMen
8:42 PM110 HurdlesFinalMen
8:52 PM100 MetersFinalMen
9:02 PM400 MetersFinalMen
9:14 PM800 MetersFinalMen
9:27 PM400 HurdlesFinalMen
9:37 PM 200 MetersFinalMen
9:43 PM200 MetersHeptathlonWomen
9:55 PM5000 MetersFinalMen
10:21 PM4x400 RelayFinalMen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
7:30 PMHigh JumpFinalMen
7:35 PMDiscusFinalMen
8:10 PM Triple JumpFinalMen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
2:45 PM100 HurdlesHeptathlonWomen
3:45 PMHigh JumpHeptathlonWomen
5:45 PM Shot PutHeptathlonWomen
9:43 PM200 MetersHeptathlonWomen

Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
8:02 PM4x100 RelayFinalWomen
8:12 PM1500 MetersFinalWomen
8:24 PM3000 SteeplechaseFinalWomen
8:42 PM100 HurdlesFinalWomen
8:52 PM100 MetersFinalWomen
9:02 PM400 MetersFinalWomen
9:14 PM800 MetersFinalWomen
9:27 PM400 HurdlesFinalWomen
9:37 PM 200 MetersFinalWomen
9:43 PM800 MetersHeptathlonWomen
9:55 PM5000 MetersFinalWomen
10:21 PM4x400 RelayFinalWomen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
7:30 PMHigh JumpFinalWomen
7:35 PMDiscusFinalWomen
8:10 PM Triple JumpFinalWomen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
4:00 PMLong JumpHeptathlonWomen
5:15 PMJavelinHeptathlonWomen
9:43 PM 800 MetersHeptathlonWomen

What Channel Is The 2023 NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships On?

The NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships are on ESPN2. Coverage for the first day begins at 7:30 p.m. ET Wednesday. Thursday coverage is at 8:30 p.m., Friday at 9 p.m. and Saturday at 9 p.m. ET.

The entire meet, including afternoon events, is streaming on ESPN+. 

Where Is The 2023 NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships? 

The 2023 NCAA Track and Field Championships are in Austin, Texas. The 2024, 2025 and 2026 meets will be in Eugene, Oregon, at Hayward Field. 

How Did Athletes Qualify For the 2023 NCAA Track and Field Outdoor Championships?

Athletes qualify to the Championships through performance in the First Rounds. Twelve competitors from each individual event and twelve teams from each relay event advance from each First Round site. The individual event student-athletes and relay teams accepted into Championships competition based on their performance at the First Rounds will be announced and posted on NCAA.com the week prior to Championships competition.