2023 DI NCAA Outdoor Championships

2023 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Live Updates | Day 2

2023 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Live Updates | Day 2

NCAA D1 Track & Field Championships 2023 results and live updates from Michael A. Myers Stadium in Austin, Texas.

Jun 9, 2023 by Jennifer Zahn
2023 NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships Live Updates | Day 2

The country’s best collegiate track and field athletes are converging deep in the heart of Texas this week at the 2023 NCAA Division I Outdoor Track & Field Championships at the University of Texas, and FloTrack is on site at Michael A. Myers Stadium to provide coverage all week across our site, apps, and social channels—follow along here:

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Refresh this page often—we'll keep this article updated with context and results as events progress during the day! 

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Day 2: Thursday, June 8 (Women's Events + Decathlon)

NOTE: Due to lightning delays, the start times for several events were impacted and moved up—see here for detail. The start times below will be kept up to date.

Hammer Final (4:30 p.m. CT)

Stephanie Ratcliffe of Harvard won the women’s hammer throw at the NCAA Outdoor Track & Field Championships at Mike A. Myers Stadium with a throw of 73.63 meters. Ratcliffe, a sophomore, won the title on her first throw by more than a meter, setting a new personal best and had the top mark of the collegiate season. That mark is also the Australian national record, Harvard school record, and Ivy League record.

Top 10:

  1. Stephanie Ratcliffe, Harvard: 73.63m
  2. Madi Malone, Auburn: 72.37m
  3. Anna Purchase, California: 71.47m
  4. Emma Robbins, Kansas State: 69.89m
  5. Tara Simpson-Sullivan, Rice: 67.00m
  6. Shey Taiwo, Ole Miss: 66.99m
  7. Elisabet Rut Runarsdottir, Texas State: 66.98m
  8. Taylor Gorum, Alabama: 66.60m
  9. Shelby Moran, Oregon: 66.28m
  10. Ana da Silva, Georgia: 64.60m

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Javelin Final (8:15 p.m. CT)

Nebraska continued its strong showing in the throws at this meet with Rhema Otabor winning the title in a new personal-best and collegiate leading mark of 59.49m/195-2, and teammate Maddie Harris taking fourth in the women's javelin.

Top 10:

  1. Rhema OTABOR, Nebraska [JR]: 59.49m (195-2), 1 (1) PB CL
  2. Lianna DAVIDSON, Texas A&M [SO]: 58.78m (192-10), 2 (1) PB
  3. Katelyn FAIRCHILD, Texas A&M [SO]: 57.97m (190-2), 2 (3) PB
  4. Maddie HARRIS, Nebraska [JR]: 57.26m (187-10), 2 (2)
  5. Skylar CICCOLINI, Missouri [SO]: 56.03m (183-10), 2 (4) SB
  6. Sophia RIVERA, Missouri [SR]: 55.92m (183-5), 1 (2)
  7. Federica BOTTER, UCLA [SR]: 55.79m (183-0), 1 (3)
  8. Madison WILTROUT, North Carolina [SR]: 55.04m (180-7), 2 (5)
  9. Megan ALBAMONTI, Delaware [SR]: 54.46m (178-8), 2 (6)
  10. Stella WEINBERG, Florida State [SO]: 52.45m (172-1), 2 (7) PB

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Pole Vault Final (8:15 p.m. CT)

Julia Fixsen of Virginia Tech won the women's pole vault title at the 2023 NCAA Outdoor Championships on Thursday, clearing 4.45m/14-7.25. Fixsen, a sophomore, set a personal best with her winning jump.

Nastassja Campbell of Washington was the runner-up, also clearing 4.45m/14-7.25. Gennifer Hirata of South Dakota was third, making a height of 4.40m/14-5.25.

Top 10:

  1. 1. Julia Fixsen, Virginia Tech: 4.45m
  2. 2. Nastassja Campbell, Washington: 4.45m
  3. 3. Gennifer Hirata, South Dakota: 4.40m
  4. 4. Sevanna Hanson, Arizona State: 4.30m
  5. 5. Sydney Horn, High Point: 4.30m
  6. 6. Marleen Mulla, South Dakota: 4.30m
  7. 6. Sara Borton, Washington: 4.30m
  8. 8. Kenna Stimmel, Virginia Tech: 4.30m
  9. 9. Rachel Vesper, High Point: 4.15m
  10. 9. Olivia Lueking, Oklahoma: 4.15m
  11. 9. Amari Turner, California: 4.15m

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4x100m Relay Semifinals (7:32 p.m. CT)

Texas broke its own collegiate record for the third time this season in 41.55 as it dominated the semifinals of the 4x100m relay and led nine teams in advancing to the finals. Kentucky qualified in second with 42.30, while Ohio State was third with 42.68.


  1. Texas: 41.55
  2. Kentucky: 42.30
  3. Ohio State: 42.68
  4. LSU: 42.84
  5. USC: 42.88
  6. Georgia: 42.93
  7. Oregon: 43.09
  8. Arkansas: 43.10
  9. Baylor: 43.15

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1500m Semifinals (7:46 p.m. CT)

Sophie O'Sullivan paced the field just like she did during the season as the 2023 NCAA leader in this event as she finished in the top spot with 4:09.81. She was followed by Maia Ramsden of Harvard with a PR, then Margot Appleton of Virginia, and Katelyn Tuohy of NC State, who will attempt the ambitious 1500m/5K double this week in a bid to become the second woman to do it in history and the first to complete the double in the same day. 

Tuohy had control of the race heading into the final turn, but O'Sullivan made a decisive move to get ahead of her and when Tuohy tried to respond and swing around down the straight, Appleton was right next to her and she found herself boxed in. The top runners finished five-wide in the first section. 

A protest is currently underway for heat one. 


  1. Sophie O’Sullivan, Washington: 4:09.58
  2. Maia Ramsden, Harvard: 4:09.81
  3. Margot Appleton, Virginia: 4:09.824
  4. Katelyn Tuohy, NC State: 4:09.829
  5. Klaudia Kazimierska, Oregon: 4:09.84
  6. Abbe Goldstein, New Mexico: 4:10.81
  7. Maddy Elmore, Oregon: 4:11.49
  8. Billah Jepkurui, Oklahoma State: 4:17.76
  9. Olivia Howell, Illinois: 4:18.24
  10. Shannon Flockhart, Providence: 4:18.28
  11. Izzy Thornton-Bott, Oregon: 4:18.30
  12. Melissa Riggings, Georgetown: 4:18.46

3000m Steeplechase Semifinals (8:02 p.m. CT)

Olivia Markezich of Notre Dame leads the qualifiers in 9:40.81 from section 2. BYU's Lexy Halladay-Lowry's 9:42.35 PR was good for third overall from the same section. The Wolfpack will see two of their own in the final in Elise Thorner (7th overall) and Maisie Grace (11th overall).


  1. Olivia Marquezich, Notre Dame: 9:40.81
  2. Greta Karinauskaite, CBU: 9:40.87
  3. Lexy Halladay-Lowry, BYU: 9:42.35
  4. Ceili McCabe, West Virginia: 9:48.53
  5. Kayley Delay, Washington: 9:50.08
  6. Kaylee Mitchell, Oregon State: 9:51.46
  7. Elise Thorner, New Mexico: 9:51.56
  8. Pauline Meyer, Arkansas State: 9:51.86
  9. Grace Fetherstonhaugh, Oregon State: 9:52.02
  10. Angelina Ellis, Butler: 9:52.13
  11. Maisie Grice, New Mexico: 9:52.14
  12. Calli Doan, Liberty: 9:52.15

100m Hurdles Semifinals (8:32 p.m. CT)

Alia Armstrong of LSU and Ackera Nugent of Arkansas weren't in the same race, but they finished with nearly equally impressive times as they went 12.54 and 12.55, respectively.


  1. Alia Armstrong, LSU: 12.54
  2. Ackera Nugent, Arkansas: 12.55
  3. Talie Bonds, Arizona: 12.75
  4. Grace Stark, Florida: 12.751
  5. Masai Russell, Kentucky: 12.754
  6. Aasia Laurencin, Michigan: 12.80
  7. Alexis Glasco, Coastal Carolina: 12.90
  8. Rayniah Jones, UCF: 12.902
  9. Paula Salmon, N. Carolina A&T: 12.905

100m Semifinals (8:46 p.m. CT)

Texas enjoyed a 1-2-3-4 sweep in heat one as Julien Alfred led her her teammates in qualifying for the final in the sole sub-11-second performance of the night. 


  1. Julien Alfred, Texas: 10.99
  2. Rosemary Chukwuma, Texas Tech: 11.01
  3. Kevona Davis, Texas: 11.04
  4. Jacious Sears, Tennessee: 11.06
  5. Kennedy Blackmon, Oklahoma: 11.07
  6. Kaila Jackson, Georgia: 11.08
  7. Ezinne Abba, Texas: 11.11
  8. McKenzie Long, Ole Miss: 11.13
  9. Dajaz Defrand, Florida State: 11.165

400m Semifinals (9 p.m. CT)

WOW. Britton Wilson made 49.36, a meet and facility record, look casual as she seemingly jogged her way toward the top qualifying spot from heat two. She will go on to attempt the nearly unspeakable 400m/400m hurdles double—which no one has ever conquered—this week, and she sure looks fit enough for the task. Rhasidat Adeleke turned the other sub-50 performance of the night with 49.86 in heat one. 


  1. Britton Wilson, Arkansas: 49.36
  2. Rhasidat Adeleke, Texas: 49.86
  3. Nickisha Pryce, Arkansas: 50.304
  4. Jan’Taijah Jones, USC: 50.310
  5. Talitha Diggs, Florida: 50.35
  6. Ziyah Holman, Michigan: 50.40
  7. Rosey Effiong, Arkansas: 50.69
  8. Jermaisha Arnold, Texas A&M: 50.80
  9. Tierra Robinson-Jones, Texas A&M: 51.20

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Long Jump Final  (9 p.m. CT)

Ackelia Smith of Texas rallied on her final attempt in the opening round to stay alive and then again on her final jump to win the women's long jump title, denying Florida's Jasmine Moore a chance at a jumps double.


  1. Ackelia Smith, Texas: 6.88m
  2. Alyssa Jones, Stanford: 6.86m
  3. Jasmine Moore, Florida: 6.66m
  4. Alysah Hickey, Oregon: 6.48m
  5. Claire Bryant, Florida: 6.44m
  6. Charisma Taylor, Tennessee: 6.41m
  7. Emilia Sjostrand, San Jose St.: 6.31m
  8. Synclair Savage, Louisville: 6.30m
  9. Joniar Thomas, Texas A&M: 6.27m
  10. Velecia Williams, Nebraska: 6.15m

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800m Semifinals (9:14 p.m. CT)

Puns aside, LSU's Michaela Rose crushing a 2:00.31 facility record was a solid statement, followed by runner-up Valery Tobias of Texas delivering 2:00.68 also from section three. 


  1. Michaela Rose, LSU: 2:00.31
  2. Valery Tobias, Texas: 2:00.68
  3. Dorcus Ewoi, Campbell: 2:01.12
  4. Claire Seymour, BYU: 2:01.24
  5. Meghan Hunter, BYU: 2:01.53
  6. Roisin Willis, Stanford: 2:02.04
  7. Katherine Mitchell, Boston College: 2:02.18
  8. Gabija Galvydyte, Oklahoma State: 2:03.01
  9. Aurora Rynda, Michigan: 2:03.368

400m Hurdles Semifinals (9:30 p.m. CT)

Surprise, surprise... Britton Wilson, who is somehow completely resistant to lactic acid, made 54.67 look pedestrian as she completed yet another incredible step toward making her 400m/400m hurdles double a reality. Chastity Pickett of Campbell, who finished second overall and second to Wilson in 55.62 in heat one, opted to gun it in the beginning to put a gap on Wilson, which ultimately paid off with a PR and entry to the final.


  1. Britton Wilson, Arkansas: 54.67
  2. Chastity Pickett, Campbell: 55.62
  3. Savannah Sutherland, Michigan: 55.70
  4. Masai Russell, Kentucky: 55.74
  5. Brooke Overholt, Vanderbilt: 55.77
  6. Abbey Glynn, Colorado: 55.94
  7. Sydney Townsend, Houston: 55.95
  8. Shani’a Bellamy, LSU: 55.99
  9. Lashanna Graham, Clemson: 56.02

Shot Put Final (9:30 p.m. CT)

While laboring through the waves of bureaucracy to come to the United States from Sweden during the pandemic, Axelina Johansson never allowed the frustrations to dampen her dream of becoming a champion athlete.

After finishing third a year and second indoors, the Nebraska junior finally realized her dream of reaching the top of the podium, winning the women's shot put title with a facility-record throw of 19.28m/63-3.25

Top 10:

  1. Axelina Johansson, Nebraska: 19.28m
  2. Jorinde van Klinken, Oregon: 18.48m
  3. Rosa Santana, UNLV: 18.37m
  4. Alida van Daalen, Florida: 18.20m
  5. Jaida Ross, Oregon: 18.11m
  6. Mallory Kauffmann, Penn State: 18.00m
  7. Josie Schaefe, Wisconsin: 17.95m
  8. Hannah Hall, Miami (Fla.): 17.94m
  9. Veronica Fraley, Vanderbilt: 17.84m
  10. KeAyla Dove, North Texas: 17.54m

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200m Semifinals (9:44 p.m. CT)

Texas's Julien Alfred expounded on her case for doubling in the 100m and 200m with a narrow 22.32 victory over her teammate Kevona Davis. The Longhorns also advanced Lanae Thomas.


  1. Julien Alfred, Texas: 22.321
  2. Kevona Davis, Texas: 22.328
  3. Caisja Chandler, USC: 22.37
  4. McKenzie Long, Ole Miss: 22.38
  5. Lanae Thomas, Texas: 22.42
  6. Talitha Diggs, Florida: 22.45
  7. Jacious Sears, Tennessee: 22.49
  8. Karimah Davis, Kentucky: 22.62
  9. Kennedy Blackmon, Oklahoma: 22.69

Decathlon 1500m (9:56 p.m. CT) & Final Results

COLLEGIATE RECORD! Texas's Leo Neugebauer's grand total of 8836 points stands above all other NCAA and Mike A. Myers facility performances, and runner-up Kyle Garland of Georgia helped push him there. 

After trading leads with Garland through the first six events, Neugebauer began to build separation and leads with 8205 points through nine events in his quest to win the decathlon title in front of a home crowd on Day 2. 

Neugebauer, a junior, wrapped up the first day of competition with a personal-best in the 400m, concluding the first day with a five-event score of 4591 points, 21 more than Garland.

Although the two remained fairly close throughout the next day, the pole vault gave Neugebauer the edge he was seeking as he earned a 205-point lead over Garland with a PR of 5.21m. He continued his lifetime-best tear in the javelin, and was ultimately victorious despite Garland's season-best effort with a 4:43.27 to Neugebauer's 4:48.00.

Top 10:

  1. Leo Neugebauer, Texas: 8836
  2. Kyle Garland, Georgia: 8630
  3. Austin West, Iowa: 8054
  4. Till Steinforth, Nebraska: 7991
  5. Heath Baldwin, Michigan State: 7919
  6. Yariel Soto Torrado, Arkansas: 7917
  7. Jack Turner, UTSA: 7851
  8. Ben Barton, BYU: 7815
  9. Grant Levesque, Rice: 7739
  10. Daniel Spejcher, Arkansas: 7688

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10,000m Final (10:08 p.m. CT)

Utah Valley junior Everlyn Kemboi blazed through her final lap in 68 seconds to reset the Mike A. Myers facility record and earn her NCAA title in 32:39.08. The occasion marked Utah Valley's first-ever NCAA track and field title.

Top 10:

  1. Everlyn KEMBOI, Utah Valley [JR]: 32:39.08
  2. Emily VENTERS, Utah [SR]: 32:47.70
  3. Mercy CHELANGAT, Alabama [SR]: 32:49.62
  4. Amelia MAZZA-DOWNIE, New Mexico [JR]: 32:51.90
  5. Hilda OLEMOMOI, Alabama [SO]: 32:58.81
  6. Cailie LOGUE, Iowa State [SR]: 33:06.86
  7. Amanda VESTRI, Syracuse [SR]: 33:11.69
  8. Kelsey CHMIEL, NC State [JR]: 33:14.09
  9. Annamaria KOSTARELLIS, Baylor [SR]: 33:21.34
  10. Aubrey FRENTHEWAY, BYU [SR]: 33:45.29

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4x400m Relay Semifinal (10:48 p.m. CT)

Texas's squad, which entered the meet with the fastest time of the season (3:23.27), won't make an appearance in the final after being DQ'd. This will take 10 potential points off the board for the Longhorns, but they should still comfortably attain the team title. Arkansas’ depth in the 400m will make them tough to beat in this event—in the semifinals, they cruised to a 3:25.91. 


  1. Arkansas: 3:25.91
  2. Texas A&M: 3:27.05
  3. USC: 3:27.88
  4. Baylor: 3:28.76
  5. Duke: 3:28.84
  6. Oregon: 3:28.85
  7. Ohio State: 3:29.01
  8. Georgia: 3:29.90
  9. Kentucky: 3:29.95

NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships 2023 Schedule 

Here’s the schedule for college track and field’s outdoor championships: 

Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
6:32 PM4x100 RelaySemifinalMen
6:46 PM1500 MetersSemifinalMen
7:02 PM3000 SteeplechaseSemifinalMen
7:32 PM110 HurdlesSemifinalMen
7:46 PM100 MetersSemifinalMen
8:00 PM400 MetersSemifinalMen
8:14 PM800 MetersSemifinalMen
8:30 PM400 HurdlesSemifinalMen
8:44 PM200 MetersSemifinalMen
8:56 PM400 MetersDecathlonMen
9:08 PM10,000 MetersFinalMen
9:48 PM4x400 RelaySemifinalMen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
2:30 PM*HammerFinalMen
5:30 PMJavelinFinalMen
6:30 PMPole VaultFinalMen
8:00 PMLong JumpFinalMen
8:30 PM Shot PutFinalMen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
2:30 PM100 MetersDecathlonMen
3:10 PMLong JumpDecathlonMen
4:25 PMShot PutDecathlonMen
5:40 PMHigh JumpDecathlonMen
8:56 PM 400 MetersDecathlonMen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
7:32 PM4x100 RelaySemifinalWomen
7:46 PM1500 MetersSemifinalWomen
8:02 PM3000 SteeplechaseSemifinalWomen
8:32 PM100 HurdlesSemifinalWomen
8:46 PM100 MetersSemifinalWomen
9:00 PM400 MetersSemifinalWomen
9:14 PM800 MetersSemifinalWomen
9:30 PM400 HurdlesSemifinalWomen
9:44 PM 200 MetersSemifinalWomen
9:56 PM1500 MetersDecathlonMen
10:08 PM10,000 MetersFinalWomen
10:48 PM4x400 RelaySemifinalWomen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
3:30 PM*HammerFinalWomen
6:45 PMJavelinFinalWomen
7:30 PMPole VaultFinalWomen
9:00 PMLong JumpFinalWomen
9:30 PM Shot PutFinalWomen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
12:00 PM110 HurdlesDecathlonMen
12:50 PMDiscusDecathlonMen
2:00 PMPole VaultDecathlonMen
4:30 PMJavelinDecathlonMen
9:56 PM1500 MetersDecathlonMen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
8:02 PM4x100 RelayFinalMen
8:12 PM1500 MetersFinalMen
8:24 PM3000 SteeplechaseFinalMen
8:42 PM110 HurdlesFinalMen
8:52 PM100 MetersFinalMen
9:02 PM400 MetersFinalMen
9:14 PM800 MetersFinalMen
9:27 PM400 HurdlesFinalMen
9:37 PM 200 MetersFinalMen
9:43 PM200 MetersHeptathlonWomen
9:55 PM5000 MetersFinalMen
10:21 PM4x400 RelayFinalMen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
7:30 PMHigh JumpFinalMen
7:35 PMDiscusFinalMen
8:10 PM Triple JumpFinalMen

Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
2:45 PM100 HurdlesHeptathlonWomen
3:45 PMHigh JumpHeptathlonWomen
5:45 PM Shot PutHeptathlonWomen
9:43 PM200 MetersHeptathlonWomen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
8:02 PM4x100 RelayFinalWomen
8:12 PM1500 MetersFinalWomen
8:24 PM3000 SteeplechaseFinalWomen
8:42 PM100 HurdlesFinalWomen
8:52 PM100 MetersFinalWomen
9:02 PM400 MetersFinalWomen
9:14 PM800 MetersFinalWomen
9:27 PM400 HurdlesFinalWomen
9:37 PM 200 MetersFinalWomen
9:43 PM800 MetersHeptathlonWomen
9:55 PM5000 MetersFinalWomen
10:21 PM4x400 RelayFinalWomen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
7:30 PMHigh JumpFinalWomen
7:35 PMDiscusFinalWomen
8:10 PM Triple JumpFinalWomen


Time (CT)EventRoundDivision
4:00 PMLong JumpHeptathlonWomen
5:15 PMJavelinHeptathlonWomen
9:43 PM 800 MetersHeptathlonWomen

What Channel Is The 2023 NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships On?

The NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships are on ESPN2. Coverage for the first day begins at 7:30 p.m. ET Wednesday. Thursday coverage is at 8:30 p.m., Friday at 9 p.m. and Saturday at 9 p.m. ET.

The entire meet, including afternoon events, is streaming on ESPN+. 

Where Is The 2023 NCAA Track And Field Outdoor Championships? 

The 2023 NCAA Track and Field Championships are in Austin, Texas. The 2024, 2025 and 2026 meets will be in Eugene, Oregon, at Hayward Field. 

How Did Athletes Qualify For the 2023 NCAA Track and Field Outdoor Championships?

Athletes qualify to the Championships through performance in the First Rounds. Twelve competitors from each individual event and twelve teams from each relay event advance from each First Round site.